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From the Heart - TheStreet — The world, as we know it, has changed. That's how it feels. As I make calls to friends and sources, to see what they're hearing, the reaction is one of numbness and fear. Numbness about what has happened. Fear of the uncertainty. Everybody, it seems, knows somebody, directly or indirectly, who is most likely gone.
Sep 11, 2015

I was living in San Diego watching CNBC…every year on this day at this time we remember.…

Save This Column and Don't Use It Until the Market Crashes / Also, where one contrarian is putting his money — If the stock market posts a 30 percent loss or greater, I will move into more aggressive stock funds, such as small- company, growth and aggressive growth funds. Nor will I become a "safety first" investor under emotional duress so that I decide to sell stock funds and buy money market funds.
Aug 21, 2015

How to survive a market meltdown? I wrote this in 1995… and this in 2013 This time different?

Keurig shares take a big hit — CNBC contributor Herb Greenberg of Pacific Square Research, discusses the outlook for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a stock he has hated.

Mattel Has Nobody to Blame but Itself for The Learning Co. Fiasco — From the "never mind that note earlier today that said I wouldn't write until Tuesday" department: Every now and then, a company that has been a long-term target of criticism by short-sellers for accounting gimmickry gets out of a jam by getting itself acquired by another company.

Parting advice - MarketWatch — SAN DIEGO (MarketWatch) -- After nearly 34 years as a journalist, the entrepreneur deep inside has finally won and I'm leaving to start a research firm. It is a natural progression after spending most of my career covering business, much of that writing a stocks-related column that specialized in prodding the underbellies of companies.
Jul 14, 2015

I re-read this great @herbgreenberg column to remember why stocks do what they do. —>… Like $INSY today @BoydRoddy

Jul 14, 2015

RT @adamfeuerstein: I re-read this great @herbgreenberg column to remember why stocks do what they do. —>… Like $INS…

Proof the stock market has gone nuts — That post that Hain Foods would buy Boulder Brands within a month was merely one Mergerize member's speculation. It's based on nothing and it's the ultimate in maddening crowds becoming delusional, as we speak. Created several months ago by the same people who launched Estimize, which crowdsources earnings estimates, the site simply says: "Sign up to contribute your M&A predictions."
May 26, 2015

Proof the market has gone nuts and that the maddening crowds have become delusional, my latest cc @LDrogen

May 28, 2015

No, what’s interesting is that these $BDBD’s gluten-free seg has grown JUST 4% over 9 months…

Fake Press Release in Sino-Forest Battle — To show how nasty the emotions around these battleground stocks can get: Today a press release allegedly from the SEC said that Sino-Forest critic Muddy Waters Research and its founder, Carson Block, had been charged with stock manipulation. The press release was posted on a website called, which posts press releases for free.
May 14, 2015

Speaking of fake press releases, there was this beauty regarding @muddywatersre during the Sino-Forest battle:

Greenberg: Questioning ITT’s Share Repurchases — For example: ITT Education's board in recent weeks okayed the purchase of five million shares. This makes zero sense to me because the company has told investors it really doesn't know how it'll be affected by new Education Department rules, a giant chunk of which are expected to be published any day now.
May 12, 2015

One of the great examples of buybacks to bury a story: $ESI circa @2010 (via yours truly)

My Lunch With 2 Fraudsters: Food for Thought for Investors — My lunch with two crooks: "Hi Sammy, it's great to see you." Barry Minkow gave Sam E. Antar a hug as we walked to our table at a fish restaurant overlooking the San Diego Bay.
Mar 13, 2015

I must be connected to Minkow! Here’s my WSJ piece — My lunch with 2 fraudsters: Minkow and @SamAntar… #classic

Does Anyone Still Care About Value? "YOU CAN ONLY WORK WITH MIRRORS FOR SO LONG" — (FORTUNE Magazine) - I've been feeling increasingly irrelevant lately, and can you blame me? I attempt to write a regular column based on traditional fundamentals in a world in which traditional fundamentals no longer appear to apply.
Mar 03, 2015

Proof that I really am a broken record — or broken clock!: My March 1999 column in Fortune:…

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Oct 07, 2015

My advice to companies: Whatever u do DON’T go into the blame game. If you are right shorts will ultimately go away.…

Oct 07, 2015

I was in Beijing a few years go. Half the China World Hotel was hopeful NuSkin wannabes. Wonder where they are today!

Oct 07, 2015

RT @themoneygame: Howard Marks will bet you 2 barrels of oil you don't know what the price of one barrel will be next year

Oct 07, 2015

Just counting the minutes b4 Office for Mac 2016 crashes on El Capitan. Increased incidents of docs going black. Clock ticking….

Oct 06, 2015

2. May not matter to people on the GF fad diets, if they still exist, but a big deal to those for health reasons who need GF to be GF!

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