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My Lunch With 2 Fraudsters: Food for Thought for Investors — My lunch with two crooks: "Hi Sammy, it's great to see you." Barry Minkow gave Sam E. Antar a hug as we walked to our table at a fish restaurant overlooking the San Diego Bay.

Does Anyone Still Care About Value? "YOU CAN ONLY WORK WITH MIRRORS FOR SO LONG" — (FORTUNE Magazine) - I've been feeling increasingly irrelevant lately, and can you blame me? I attempt to write a regular column based on traditional fundamentals in a world in which traditional fundamentals no longer appear to apply.

Greenberg: Dangers Lurk in Chinese Reverse Mergers — My interest, all found in company documents and/or Internet searches, include: L&L was founded in 1995 as Royal Coronado, a shell looking for business. While not technically a reverse merger, it has similar attributes. It has morphed into a coal mining company in China.

Bull Market Rewriting Rules On P/e Multiples — Momentum The New Criterion NEW YORK - Who says this market is overvalued? With projections that the bull market will continue well into the future, why worry about price-earnings multiples--a stock`s price divided by its earnings per share--that are hovering near all-time highs? That`s bear talk.

The Hole in Dunkin' Donuts Unappetizing Stock -- and Even a 'Cronut' Can't Help — NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Everybody has an opinion on why Dunkin' Brands has become an unappetizing stock. On Twitter , my friend Jim Cramer says it's because"people have turned on doughnuts." Must Read: Cramer: What Stocks You Can Still Buy in This Rally Others say its menu is too narrow.

Twitter in breakdown mode? — Twitter stock is down 30 percent in the past 3 months alone, CNBC contributor Herb Greenberg and the Fast Money traders, discusses the issues with Twitter's platform.

Herb Greenberg: What's Next for Valeant After Its Botched Bid for Allergan — NEW YORK ( Real Money) -- One of my rules of roll-ups is that only so many companies can be rolled up. And when the rolling up stops, the resetting begins -- and all roll-ups eventually reset.

Greenberg: And the Worst CEO of 2013 Is...? — This year's winner (or loser) is longtime Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries. Just as last year's pick was obvious -- Andrew Mason of Groupon , who has since left the job -- so is Jeffries, who brilliantly built the company into what it is today, only to (and this is my opinion) fall into the classic trap of being blinded by his own success.

Herb Greenberg Says Investors Should Heed the Warnings on Rio Tinto — NEW YORK ( Real Money) -- For years, "this market," as it is always referred to, has been about instant returns. Investors, for reasons we can debate, have become conditioned to that. The downside for anybody who has a public view of more than a few minutes, or weeks, is public mockery or flat-out attempts discrediting the critics.

Herb Greenberg on the Sad Reality About Online Shopping — NEW YORK ( Real Money) -- My family, like many, has been shopping online for years, much of it though Amazon , but also trying and buying from plenty of others. We have a baseline on something that has simply become a way of life.
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Mar 26, 2015

On @cnbc from 4-5 et w/ @Kelly_Evans @saraeisen @michaelsantoli w special guest h-fund mgr, the gr8 John Levin

Mar 26, 2015

Why in Germany and other countries don’t they put a flight attendant in the cockpit when one pilot leaves? They do here.

Mar 25, 2015

Poll: Big debate here in the @cnbc newsroom w/ me @TheDomino and many others ... men: do u wear an undershirt (or t-shirt) or none?

Mar 25, 2015

Meanwhile, which is worse: Sitting on a plane talking to your seat mate or sitting next to someone for 5 hours pretending they don’t exist?

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