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Quitting EU wouldn’t solve housing crisis — Myth: Quitting EU would solve housing crisis InFact: Bad policies are the main reason why Britain doesn't have enough homes. While Brexit might cut migration a bit, it would destroy wealth that could be used to build new houses. More information A common Brexiteer refrain is that uncontrolled migration is putting a strain on housing.

This House Believes We Should Leave the European Union — Speakers for the motion , Writer and Political Blogger Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Speakers against the motion , Columnist and Author of The In/Out Question; Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of InFacts Katrin Flikschuh, Professor of Political Theory (LSE) Chair Danielle Sands, Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Culture at Royal Holloway and Forum for European Philosophy Fellow On June 23, voters in the will make a decision regarding their willingness to share or pool some of the UK's sovereignty with the twenty-seven other member states of the European Union.

Mervyn King, Lawson and Lamont: wrong then, wrong now — Of all the disreputable arguments in the Brexit debate, perhaps the lowest is the charge that supporters of EU membership are the same as the people who wanted Britain to join the euro. The catchphrase "wrong then, wrong now" diverts important arguments about factual issues such as trade, jobs and sovereignty into attacks on the psychologies or judgments of particular individuals.

Brexiteers want it both ways on worker rights — Eurosceptics dangle the prospect of big savings from less red tape if we leave the EU. Workers' rights would seem to be high on the list. After all, Michael Gove, the Vote Leave campaign chair, describes EU employment laws as " excessive " and says they should have been devolved to national control.

InFacts 5 Presidents won't drag UK into EU superstate — Myth: Five Presidents' report mean UK will be dragged into an EU superstate if we vote Remain. InFact: Not only is it doubtful that the euro zone will create a superstate - even if it did, the UK wouldn't be part of it.

Introducing Moris Goveson: Boris and Gove’s Ever Closer Union — Boris Johnson and Michael Gove's latest articles read like they were written from the same crib-sheet. Sadly, "Moris Goveson" is no more accurate than either of its constituent parts . 1. Euro pains not our pains 2. Federalist bogeyman 3. No EU tyranny 4. No lost veto 5. Something, not nothing 6.

Gove scaremongers on migration free-for-all — Michael Gove attempted to bring the Brexit debate back to migration today. In a Times article, he argues that the EU has launched a " free-for-all" by inviting Turkey to join. He worries that "public services such as the NHS will face an unquantifiable strain".

Michael Gove’s Brexit blackmail would fail - as soon as we left, the EU would unite against Britain — At present, the UK is pretty good at getting its way in the EU, despite lacking a veto. This is because we form alliances. But you can bet that, as soon as we started implementing Gove's plan, the rest of the EU would unite in a solid phalanx against us.

Gove’s blackmail scheme would backfire horribly — Michael Gove thinks he's come up with a clever plan. If we vote to leave the EU, the justice secretary will use Britain's veto to force the rest of the EU to give us good divorce terms. In fact, such a ploy would lead to a bloody battle, clobbering the economy and poisoning relations with our partners.

Brexiteers face climate change dilemma — Many Brexiteers won't be pleased that 150 countries will be in New York today to sign the UN's Paris climate deal . Some Leave campaigners are climate change sceptics. UKIP's 2015 election manifesto proposed scrapping the 2008 Climate Change Act , which commits Britain to cut carbon emissions.
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May 01, 2016

Happy Greek Easter everybody. Καλό Πάσχα.Happy Greek Easter everybody. Καλό Πάσχα.

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