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Head of Sport, the Guardian and the Observer

Trends in American Philanthropy

ustrust.com — Many wealthy donors report that charitable giving - be it of money or time - is one of the most meaningful aspects of the wealth experience. As revealed in the 2014 U.S.
Nov 04, 2015

RT @USTrust: Many wealthy donors report that charitable #giving is one of the most meaningful aspects of the wealth experience. cards.twitter.com/cards/63osgd/1…

NRCC Announces 2016 Top Democrat Targets

nrcc.org — The National Republican Congressional Committee today announced its top Democrat targets for the 2016 election cycle. Despite yet another disastrous election in 2014, Nancy Pelosi continues to pull her smaller, weaker caucus to the left and the NRCC is committed to making sure that these Democrats are held responsible for their out-of-touch policies.

The House Democratic Caucus is the real “Factory of Sadness”

nrcc.org — The term "Factory of Sadness" is usually reserved for the Cleveland Browns and their recent history of front office incompetence and failures on the field. But after the past four years the "Factory of Sadness" moniker may be equally if not more appropriately applied to the House Democratic Caucus; the Browns appear to at least ...
Jan 07, 2015

S/o to this amazing NRCC release on Mike Polk's "Factory of Sadness," not sure the Browns are really improving though nrcc.org/2015/01/06/hou…

Former Guardian and Observer sports editor John Samuel dies

theguardian.com — John Samuel, the former sports editor of the Guardian and Observer who launched the careers of some of Britain's best-loved sportswriters, has died aged 86. Samuel, sports editor of the Observer from 1960-61 and the Guardian from 1968-86, had a 50-year career on Fleet Street and also worked for Reuters and the now-defunct Daily Herald, having started on the Brighton Evening Argus.
Nov 19, 2014

Former Guardian and Observer sports editor John Samuel dies via @guardian gu.com/p/43ey9

How Would You Spend $ean Eldridge's $4 Million Campaign Check?

nrcc.org — In case you missed it, the latest Siena public poll has $ean Eldridge down by 23 points to Chris Gibson (58%-35%). Eldridge is also viewed unfavorably (35%) by more people than view him favorably (33%). This is all despite the fact that he has spent $4 million of his own $700 million fortune.
Oct 29, 2014

#trollsohard RT @AndrewHClark: How Would You Spend $ean Eldridge’s $4 Million Campaign Check? nrcc.me/1thoAwj (cc @Bencjacobs) #ny19

Ranching and the Call of the Wild(life)

ustrust.com — The herds of longhorn cattle and sheep of the Old West may still roam the range, but these days they're more likely to be sharing the land with white-tailed deer and pronghorn antelope. The traditional American ranch has been undergoing something of a makeover - a rebranding, if you will.
Apr 08, 2014

@SarahNEmerson "@USTrust: Wildlife leases sometimes offer more income than grazing leases: go.ustrust.com/nzcb

Apr 12, 2014

RT “@USTrust: Ranching and the Call of the Wild(life) - #Wildlife leases can sometimes offer more income go.ustrust.com/nzcb#lvrj

Innovation: A Special Report

ustrust.com — This past September the United Nations-appointed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in its fifth assessment since 1990, reported that it is "extremely likely" (a 95% to 100% chance) that the global warming observed since the 1950s is caused by human activity.

QPR Tiger Feet 5's fundraising page

uk.virginmoneygiving.com — Fiona Hodgson, Tara O'Neill, Wendy Giger, Nick Reinis, Stephanie Samson, Peter McCarthy, Ian Prior, Robert Quinn, SIMON LANE, Ann Tommasi-Ward, Conor Mc Brearty, Ian Stenning, Jim Frayling, Alison Jamieson, Chris Charles, Laressa Kelly, Andy Evans, Peter Gough, Joel Davies, Daniel Laryea, Jasmine Sandalli, Martino Chevannes, Gary deCaires, paul finney, Leonie Lambert, Emily Foster, Steve Sayce, Harry Williams, Daniel Williams is raising money for QPR In The Community Trust.
Feb 18, 2014

RT @BroadcastMoose: Good luck to my friend @IJTaylor81 who's walking from #QPR to #Charlton to raise £ for the Downs Syndrome Tiger Cubs ht…

Feb 18, 2014

RT @IJTaylor81: I'm walking from #QPR to #Charlton to help raise £ for the Downs Syndrome Tiger Cubs - donate if you can http://t.co/nTLhhi…

Feb 18, 2014

RT @IJTaylor81: I'm walking from #QPR to #Charlton to help raise £ for the Downs Syndrome Tiger Cubs - donate if you can http://t.co/nTLhhi…

Feb 22, 2014

RT @chrischarles101: Walking from Loftus Rd to Charlton raising money for Tiger Cubs - QPR team for kids with Down's ayndrome http://t.co/…

How Annie Kuster's Benghazi Dodge Went Viral

nrcc.org — As of this post, the below video of Annie Kuster avoiding questions about Benghazi has "gone viral" and garnered over 176,000 views (sorry, its probably even more now - we can't keep up!). Here's how it happened: WMUR Political Reporter James Pindell tweets out the video and correctly predicts that the video is "viral bad."
Dec 10, 2013

RT @NRCC: From a single tweet to the blogs to Drudge to TV. How @RepAnnieKuster's #Benghazi went viral. nrcc.me/1iTvgfV

BREAKING NEWS: President Hires Ron Burgundy to Sell Obamacare

nrcc.org — The rollout of Obamacare has been an absolute disaster for President Obama and House Democrats. Plans are being cancelled, websites aren't working, and Democrats are running from the fallout. Things are so bad that the President had to create a "strike team" of House and Senate Democrats to sell the law to America.
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Nov 25, 2015

The Guardian's Xmas appeal this year is for refugees. This brilliant film explains why #WeStandTogether theguardian.com/society/2015/n…

Nov 25, 2015

RT @Robert___Harris: Well, Labour Party members wanted a final break with the sleek professionalism of New Labour, and now they sure have got it. Good luck

Nov 25, 2015

@jamesrbuk Looks like he's reading from something published in 1964

Nov 25, 2015

@festinagirl @DougallChops Essentially, where would you rather spend it? A few more medals or on our miserably decreipd public facilities

Nov 25, 2015

@shaggy84329 Yes, but up to them to decide, not Osbourne

Nov 25, 2015

@chiggi But what does 'admin budget' mean? All manner of back office savings made long ago

Nov 25, 2015

@shaggy84329 Doesn't really break down like that here. UK Sport sets spending priorities for elite sport only

Nov 25, 2015

@chiggi Council funding the big thing for grassroots sport in any case. Arts likewise

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