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In covering politics, a little speculation ain’t a bad thing

blogs.reuters.com — With the great burden of the 2014 campaign season largely behind us, and commercial haulers queuing to feed the countless tons of now-obsolete political coverage to the nation's landfills, it's a good time to visit Tom Wicker's timeless confession about the nature of political journalism.

Matt Bai’s ‘All the Truth Is Out,’ About Gary Hart

nytimes.com — "This whole business of '87 is flypaper to me," Gary Hart said. "I want to get ­unstuck." Hart's self-image - of being glued to a pest-strip and pleading for release - remains accurate, even though he offered it in an interview a dozen years ago.

Book Review - 'A Bomb in Every Issue - How the Short, Unruly Life of Ramparts Magazine Changed America,' by Peter Richardson - Review - NYTimes.com

nytimes.com — Ramparts stands with a handful of 20th-century American magazines - Playboy, the Harold Hayes-era Esquire, Rolling Stone, Spy and Wired - whose glory days continue to influence editors. Each of these magazines not only grabbed the zeitgeist but shaped it.

Our appetite for fake Ebola stories and other bunk

blogs.reuters.com — As if the genuine horrors of Ebola weren't enough, a website called the National Report has taken to ginning up hoax "reports" about the disease. Over the past month, the site has published at least seven fake stories about Ebola, including one reporting that authorities quarantined the entire town of Purdon, Texas.

Ben Bradlee, the last giant standing

blogs.reuters.com — One of the great payoffs of having lived a long life arrives on the day the newspapers publish your obituary. By out-lasting your competitors and foes, the storyline naturally bends your way. Time blurs precise recollection in favor of generous feelings, which we tend to bestow upon most famous survivors, no matter what sort of lives they lived.

GamerGate: We now know what evil lurks in the heart of man - or trolls

blogs.reuters.com — For the purposes of this column, all you need to know about "GamerGate" is that it has earned writer Anita Sarkeesian, game entrepreneur Brianna Wu, and developer Zoe Quinn violent threats from anonymous Internet sources (here's coverage in the New York Times , Reason ,the Washington Post , Vox, Huffington Post, the Guardian , and Gawker, if you want to know more).

How scandals play out in the press: White House security edition

blogs.reuters.com — No bungling bureaucracy will last very long once insiders start anonymously dishing dirt to the press, a lesson currently being taught to Secret Service Director Julia Pierson. Anonymous sources from the Secret Service, its alumni, and insiders who have been read-in on current investigations are taking the agency apart brick-by-brick this month with their leaks to the Washington Post about the White House fence-jumper and the White House shooter.

All in all, Eric Holder was just another brick in the wall

blogs.reuters.com — Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. first signaled his exit from office so long ago that every reporter and pundit who covers the Department of Justice has stockpiled enough copy assessing his tenure to fill a mattress. Like Derek Jeter, Holder announced his farewell tour this past February, telling the New Yorker 's Jeffrey Toobin that he would depart in 2014.

War without end: The U.S. may still be fighting in Syria in 2024, 2034, 2044 . . .

blogs.reuters.com — In a Pentagon briefing yesterday, Army Lieutenant General Bill Mayville called the cruise missiles and bombs flung at targets in Syria "the beginning of a credible and sustainable persistent campaign." How long will the campaign last? "I would think of it in terms of years," Mayville responded.

What do Miley Cyrus, Ricky Gervais and William Shatner have in common? Quitting Twitter.

blogs.reuters.com — Almost as much as celebrities love to tweet, they love to quit Twitter. And as much as they love to quit Twitter, they love to return to the social networking service. If Nexis can be trusted, the first high-profile Twitter quitter was Miley Cyrus, who very publicly ditched the service in October 2009 at the behest of her boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth.
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Oct 31, 2014

New @ReutersOpinion: In covering politics, a little speculation ain’t a bad thing reut.rs/1yMNHXZ

Oct 31, 2014

Simian courtship MT @katebolick just me, or is the woman in this ad being strong-armed/head-locked into marrying? pic.twitter.com/dcDUHuZcqd

Oct 31, 2014

Texas Tribune and New York Times break up amicably. (They had no children together.) bit.ly/1wNiLWg

Oct 31, 2014

Draw it! RT @WardSutton: Neil Young + Darryl Hannah = "A Man Needs A (Mer)Maid"?

Oct 31, 2014

Smut RT @geneweingarten: This is an understandable emoticon, right? ( * )

Oct 31, 2014

RT @pkafka: Future Of Journalism turns out to be underwritten by VCs, Wall Street data monopolist and cable TV networks. recode.net/2014/10/31/new…

Oct 31, 2014

Just tickets. @DKThomp: @jackshafer you mean tickets alone or tv revenue, too? including tv, it’s definitely doing the opposite of dying"

Oct 31, 2014

Is baseball dying question for @DKThomp: How about baseball box office corrected for inflation?

Oct 31, 2014

Write for Businessweek? RT @MrDanZak: In 29 states, workers can be fired for doing what @tim_cook did yesterday. washingtonpost.com/business/econo…

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