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The Music of La Mancha Screwjob

radiolab.org — (Illustration Credit: Matthew Kielty, Latif Nasser) Radiolab is a very musical show, and I sometimes get more credit for that than I deserve. For our last episode, which was about authenticity and realness (as filtered through professional wrestling and Cervantes), I put out a request on Facebook for songs that include the lyrics "is this real?"
Mar 04, 2015

For everyone who asked about the music at the end of La Mancha Screwjob - buff.ly/1Ef2jFx

Jad Abumrad - Tickets - Armstrong Hall - Colorado Springs, CO - October 13th, 2014

Oct 07, 2014

@ColoradoStateU Hey CSU, I'm coming 2 town in a few days to perform slash talk hope you can make it! - radiocoloradocollege.ticketfly.com/event/643883

Insect Army (Job van der Molen)

designandviolence.moma.org — From the curators: In preparation for "unforeseen enemy attacks," Dutch artist Job van der Molen has gradually created his own private insect militia, complete with laser guns, missile racks, and rocket launchers. A practitioner of the delicate process of taxidermy, Molen has weaponized a range of tiny insects, transforming them into six-legged war machines.
Feb 19, 2014

RT @desviolenz: Tx to @Radiolab's @JadAbumrad for his D&V post this week, responding in sound to Job van der Molen's "Insect Army" http://t…

Feb 19, 2014

I made a noisy little thing out of bee sounds for MOMA's Design & Violence exhibit and they just put it up! - buff.ly/1bMX3Mp

Feb 24, 2014

Wild. For MoMA's Design & Violence project, @JadAbumrad imagines the sound of an insect army. bit.ly/1hKSQv2 pic.twitter.com/t9ojckdJai

Digital Shamanism - Radiolab's Old-Fashioned, Newfangled Storytelling Magic

bigthink.com — Transcript Jad Abumrad: I do feel like the kind of storytelling that I do is somehow independent of the technology that delivers it. I mean, I do happen to work on the radio, and I'm a guy who likes sound, so, in that sense, this technology does suit me.
Aug 04, 2015

Cracking the code to a more diverse tech workforce. We need this for public radio and podcasting - buff.ly/1P3FruU

Aug 03, 2015

True Detective 2's maddeningly baroque plot condensed into a hilarious FAQ - buff.ly/1HmSDon (via @juliaturner)

Aug 03, 2015

"I wouldn't overestimate the effect of cleavage, but it's there." Thank you for that sentence, NYT - buff.ly/1hg3T0L

Aug 03, 2015

This South Korean neighborhood banned cars for a month — and people loved it buff.ly/1eNn0NN (via @edyong209)

Aug 02, 2015

When u give trees email addresses, humans become weird - buff.ly/1OHry4I

Aug 02, 2015

"Think of boredom as an internal alarm" (like pain) - buff.ly/1VTYYCC

Aug 01, 2015

A frightening and mesmerizing act of collecting music making - buff.ly/1JYaT9n

Aug 01, 2015

In our latest: a shrinking world without edits, in which @rkrulwich call @carlzimmer an asshole - buff.ly/1OVgEJp

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