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Vulcan in Chief - WSJ

wsj.com — We thought the Boston Globe was a newspaper, but apparently it is a science-fiction fanzine. Get a load of this column by Joshua Green: Barack Obama took office vowing to usher in a post-partisan era that would drain the toxic anger of the Bush years and focus the country on practical, long-overdue reforms. Like Bush, he was no doubt sincere in wanting to unite the country.

Unconstitutional After All?

wsj.com — Next week the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments in one of the term's most-watched cases: King v. Burwell, which raises the question whether the Obama administration has been violating the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Classic Joke - WSJ

wsj.com — Striking a nuclear agreement with Iran is the idée fixe of President Obama's foreign policy, and that naturally has Israel, the most proximate target of the Tehran regime's hatred, worried. For his sins-and they are many-Secretary of State John Kerry finds himself having to defend the administration's position and denounce Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He Drives Them Crazy

wsj.com — A new nationwide survey of Republicans "finds a clear leader" in the 2016 presidential race "for the first time," announces Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm. "Scott Walker is at 25% to 18% for Ben Carson, 17% for Jeb Bush, and 10% for Mike Huckabee.

Helen Thomas Goes Home

wsj.com — An eerie silence descended on American journalism's attic Saturday morning. Elsewhere the house was loud with cries of mourning for 92-year-old Helen Thomas and of celebration for her life. This columnist was anything but an admirer of Thomas, and normally we'd give the subject a rest out of respect for the recently departed.

Golden Girl - WSJ

wsj.com — It occurs to us that the Democrats also are going to have to nominate a presidential candidate, so we thought we'd survey the field. There's Jim Webb, a one-term Virginia senator and the only Dem who's formed an exploratory committee. He's an interesting character-Marine veteran of Vietnam, Navy secretary under Reagan, Iraq war opponent from the start.

Let’s You and Him Fight

wsj.com — Scott Walker's manhood is under attack in the name of good manners and high-minded politics. "He displayed a cowardice unworthy of a man who would be president," opines the Washington Post's Dana Milbank, in a column cited in a Post editorial whose headline calls the Wisconsin governor "spineless."

Try Not to Think of Jihad

wsj.com — If he's lost Vox, he's lost Middle America. "Obama Should Stop Pretending Islamist Terrorism Has Nothing to Do With Islam," reads the headline posted yesterday. It's hardly an original argument, but it's remarkable coming from a liberal website whose specialty is sycophantic sophistry, and even more so because the author is Max Fisher.

The Democrats' Patriotism Problem (8/30/04)

jamestaranto.com — Contrast this with the way Republicans responded during the primary season when Democrats PRESIDENTIAL LEADERSHIP The Democrats' Patriotism Problem Whining about imagined attacks is not a winning approach.

Alma Nada - WSJ

wsj.com — "Several hundred students, professors and community activists converged at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Saturday to protest Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget cuts, a demonstration during which participants cheered for the end of democracy," reports David Hookstead, a student stringer for TheCollegeFix.com. "Several in the crowd also poked fun at the fact Walker never graduated from college.
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Feb 27, 2015

"Imagine Captain Kirk drivin' the Enterprise into a wormhole...standin' there sippin' on a Slurpee." wsj.com/articles/SB100…

Feb 27, 2015

I get an error message when I try to call up the NFIB v. Sebelius decision on the Supreme Court website. Is it still good law?

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