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Benghazi, the Sequel

wsj.com — (Note: We're off on vacation and will return Friday, Jan. 2.) Galling as it may be, the suppression of "The Interview" is the least bizarre part of the whole kerfuffle (about which, if you need to get up to speed, see today's Wall Street Journal news article). The psychology is simple loss aversion.

‘He Must Have Loved Ones, Too’

wsj.com — "Two hostages and the gunman at the centre of a siege at a cafe in Sydney's CBD [central business district] were shot dead when armed police stormed the building," the Australian Broadcast Corp. reports. The victims were a 34-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman; the number of surviving hostages is "as yet unknown."

The Natives Are Restless

wsj.com — "A group of more than 300 hundred [sic; it's 300, not 30,000] former Obama staffers have written an open letter urging Elizabeth Warren to run for president of the United States," reports the Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper.

‘This Isn’t About Everyone’

Fail Mary - WSJ

wsj.com — Mary Landrieu isn't just expected to lose re-election in tomorrow's runoff. She's expected to be trounced so badly that presumably sympathetic journalists in search of analogies are settling for allusions to Hurricane Katrina and the Islamic State.

Running on Half-Empty

online.wsj.com — Remember when she was inevitable? Ladbroke's still rates Hillary Clinton a heavy favorite in 2016, paying 4 to 9 on a bet that she'll take the Democratic nomination and 11 to 8-slightly more than even money-that she'll be elected president. But if it were our intention to place a bet on Mrs.

The Disunited Party

Jonathan Who? - WSJ - WSJ

online.wsj.com — (Note: We'll be away tomorrow and next week, returning Monday, Nov. 24.) This is beginning to take on a man-bites-dog quality. More video has surfaced in which ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber acknowledges the dishonesty that underlies the law.

The Honest Man - WSJ - WSJ

online.wsj.com — "In less than a year Jonathan Gruber has gone from being cited [by Obama administration supporters] as an outstanding expert on health reform modeling to being downplayed as 'a private citizen' who misspoke," notes Breitbart.com's John Sexton. The evidence Sexton cites is striking.

ObamaCare Opportunity

online.wsj.com — Chances are you don't read a lot of liberal commentary; after all, that's our job. But if you did, you'd quickly get bored. For the past year or so, practically every other sentence has been "ObamaCare is working"-although since last week's election, one also hears the refrain "ObamaCare isn't going to be repealed."
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Dec 21, 2014

RT @lenadunham: Let's call a moratorium on dudes using girls' names at the end of sentences for punctuation and gravitas. It's like I KNOW WHO I AM BRO

Dec 21, 2014

RT @DanHannanMEP: Correction. While this is the longest night of the year, the longest night ever was in 1912. Vox has retracted the story.

Dec 20, 2014

“I’m so sorry. Were you involved with Rwanda?” “No, but it hurt and this really helped.” salon.com/2014/12/21/my_…

Dec 20, 2014

"They were playing ‘You Give Love A Bad Name.’ I’ve been cuddling ever since.” salon.com/2014/12/21/my_…

Dec 20, 2014

RT @kausmickey: Now that O's *down* he's going 2 punish the people who tormented him when he was *on top*? OK! #usuallyotherwayaround politico.com/magazine/story…

Dec 20, 2014

.@ChipAphelion They were wrong then and are right now, at least insofar as they're urging caution.

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