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I teach journalism at NYU, direct the Studio 20 program there, critique the press and try to understand digital logic. I also advise media companies sometimes.

chrisamico's blurblog

chrisamico.newsblur.com — Schools are now treating mass shootings like tornadoes and earthquakes - disasters beyond their control that students must be prepared for at all costs. A new survey from the Education Department found that 70 percent of schools practice school shooting drills, up from 53 percent in 2008. They\'re m

chrisamico's blurblog

chrisamico's blurblog

chrisamico.newsblur.com — There is no guaranteed "role." That's a fiction you and your colleagues created to keep the game the same every four years. So Role in the process... Says who? The political system evolves, man. You're supposed to be our guides to that. You see, this is the problem right here.

On the Deep Grammar of the White House Correspondents Association Dinner

commondreams.org — Have you ever come to know members of a family who collaborate in staying silent about something bad that happened in the past, something no one wants to talk about because to talk about it would probably tear the family apart? The innocent would have to accuse the guilty.

Rolling Stone’s ‘A Rape on Campus.’ Notes and comment on Columbia J-school’s investigation.

redef.com — 'The most consequential decision Rolling Stone made was right at the beginning: to settle on a narrative and go in search of the story that would work just right for that narrative.' Here's the text itself: Rolling Stone and UVA: The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism Report: An anatomy of a journalistic failure.

Tech reporters blew the Meerkat story but, no, I can't name a single one because fear!

storify.com — Because when I 'm told that Meerkat's 'success' was the creation of a handful of West Coast tech bloggers who managed to lure major newspapers into covering a phenomenon that did not exist... I want to know who was involved in that, and which pieces are being referenced.

chrisamico's blurblog

chrisamico.newsblur.com — By Wes Lindamood Screenshots from Lost and Found, the story of amateur photographer Charles Cushman In September of 2012, Claire O'Neill and I published a story about an amateur photographer named Charles Cushman. Cushman was a rare character for a couple of reasons.

chrisamico's blurblog

chrisamico.newsblur.com — It's the end of Winter 2015 and, well, we don't need to tell you that it has snowed a bit. Last Sunday we celebrated breaking the all-time seasonal snowfall record with 108.6 inches. Below is an animated map of SNODAS-modeled snow depth during the heart of this winter, when we saw approximately 300 feet of snow fall in the span of three weeks.

Newsroom engagement shark

"He's running as a..."

storify.com — Okay, so according to this "as a...." way of thinking, Romney ran as a conservative in 2008. He ran as a center-right (but severely conservative, in his own words) candidate in 2012. And in 2016 he will run as a.... Who knows, right? The world is his messaging oyster.
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May 29, 2015

"I will have slipped away and my successor, Katharine Viner, will have materialised at the helm." theguardian.com/media/2015/may…

May 29, 2015

Washington Post digital subscription: $99. Throw in the Sunday print edition that you don't want: $39. subscribe.washingtonpost.com/acquisition/ac…

May 29, 2015

You're going to let me start reading the article, then force me to stop, then make me watch a video ad? And BMW is paying you for this?

May 29, 2015

Gawker workers debate forming a union in a Gawker comment thread. gawker.com/i-m-voting-no-… I found it interesting.

May 28, 2015

RT @daveweigel: Why the hell would Clinton aides need anonymity to say “everything’s going great?” Anonoflation is out of control.

May 28, 2015

@skippychmiel True. I was stretching the concept to cover the case. Maybe it's a poor descriptor.

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