Certified Broadcast Meteorologist for WABC-TV, Cornell University Alumnus, New Englander-Turned-New Yorker, Opinions My OwnCertified Broadcast Meteorologist for WABC-TV, Cornell University Alumnus, New Englander-Turned-New Yorker, Opinions My Own

Early LS Engines to a Front-Mount LS2 Cam Sensor

superchevy.com — View Full Gallery A big reason that the small-block Chevy was so popular with the Bow Tie crowd was because for decades it changed very little, making upgrades and interchangeability easy. The same can be said for the Gen III/IV LS engines, as the basic architecture has remained the same for nearly 20 years.

In search of the unwanted

sandiegoreader.com — Cupeño village of Cupa in 1902, now Warner Springs Last time: Part One: The blackest of crimes committed against Warner Ranch Indians "When Charles Fletcher Lummis stepped into the state of California," writes Frances E. Watkins, "he took the vast domain of the Pacific Coast for his own.

Guinea Pig Bucky: Truth speaker, future seer

sandiegoreader.com — Fuller made so many discoveries, and with such irrepressible genius, he's often included on those mythical "dinner lists" - which five people from history would you invite? The third of Thomas Pynchon's Proverbs for Paranoids in Gravity's Rainbow: "If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers."

Trashy enough? Yes.

sandiegoreader.com — Sean Murray as Frank N Furter Talk about gumption: Sean Murray, artistic director of a major local theater company, cavorts on stage in layers of splotchy make-up, a black leather bustier, fishnet stockings, with holes, and, for the final "floor show," pink high-heeled shoes. As Frank N.

Prison Reform: What a Senator Learned In a Year Behind Bars

rd.com — The first correctional officer I met at Federal Correctional Institution, Manchester, which is tucked into a desolate Kentucky mountain hollow, had two visible teeth. He was nearly impossible to understand. I came in with a young black guy who mumbled and a Chinese man who spoke broken English, but at least I could decipher their words.

This Manitoba Town Transformed an Obsolete Lagoon Using Bioremediation

This political scientist spent a year in prison. Here’s what he learned.

washingtonpost.com — On Oct. 1, a bipartisan group of senators introduced an omnibus bill that aims to yank our criminal justice system out of the "tough on crime" era that slammed shut the doors on a generation of offenders.

Absurdist inquisition

sandiegoreader.com — Richard Bairde, Max Macke, Matthew Henerson in The Birthday Party at New Fortune Theatre Moxie Theatre, 6663 El Cajon Boulevard, Suite N, Rolando $21 - $26 When a young actor, Harold Pinter needed a place to stay at a rainy, seaside town. A man in a pub suggested a nearby boarding house, but couldn't vouch for its cleanliness.

Little man with a big gun

sandiegoreader.com — Wallace Leach barged into the Occidental Hotel bar with a broken nose and a powerful thirst. He was in San Francisco on business, he said, but was out for revenge. He came to hire a professional boxer to smash Till Burnes's snout the way Burnes flattened his back in San Diego.

The Strange Case of Mr. Wallace Leach

sandiegoreader.com — "Hello, Judge," Leach called out. "Get on and ride." The sun over Coronado said 3 p.m. Wallace Leach bumbled out the side door of the Horton House bar and shielded his eyes from the glare.
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Apr 30, 2016

Soaking rain on Sunday, followed by a few more chances during the week. #abc7ny pic.twitter.com/pp4GQZuF1a

Apr 30, 2016

Expect plenty of clouds tonight with a little rain toward dawn. Not nice tomorrow! #abc7ny pic.twitter.com/kq9h4zx4OL

Apr 30, 2016

@Antjets2 As of now, we're going mostly cloudy with a high of 62. We have to watch some rain from a potential coastal low

Apr 30, 2016

@Antjets2 Not the entire week, but several opportunities for rainfall

Apr 30, 2016

Much-needed rainfall in your Accuweather Forecast on #abc7ny at 5! instagram.com/p/BE1nM3jEFgP/

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