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Those damn beehives!

sandiegoreader.com — Back in 1888, Hattie "Ada" Dougherty had a ranch between Japatul and Sacatera, southeast of Alpine. She wanted to clear some land for ploughing but couldn't. Her neighbor, an old, unnamed man had some of his beehives on her property. She kindly asked the man to remove them. He said nothing.

San Diego Reader

sandiegoreader.com — Clara Foltz is credited with inventing the idea of a public defender. Clara Foltz must have lived at least nine lives. A descendant of Daniel Boone, she was a wife, until her husband abandoned her and their four children. She was the first woman to practice law in California, and in the 1920s, the first deputy district attorney in the U.S.

Point of no return

sandiegoreader.com — Erin McIntosh, Craig Jorczak, Melissa Fernandes, Judy Bauerlein, Andrew Oswald in The Whale at Cygnet. Lights come up, dimly, on a dingy brown old couch with a deep sag in the middle. Close by: a laptop, a TV-tray-like table with rollers, a low slung reading lamp, and a small bookcase behind.

Early San Diegans couldn’t celebrate without lots of noise

sandiegoreader.com — Kelly family at Rancho Agua Hedionda 1.) This photograph, taken in the late 1880s, was rare for its time. No male cradles a wide-brimmed hat in his arm. No one stares up, or dreamily off, as if posing as the person they wish to be.

An evening at Villa Montezuma; Coda

sandiegoreader.com — (The second in a two-part series. Part one was published March 18.) It's after midnight, February 15, 1888. The last of the guests are finally leaving Jesse Shepard's musicale at the Villa Montezuma. One- and two-horse carriages clop in the darkness.

Leave Tiger alone!

sandiegoreader.com — The "story" at this week's Masters is Tiger Woods. Can he make the cut? Can he win? Vegas now says 40-1. In the age of "right this minute" media mania, golf pundits question his "chipping yips," his physical drainage, even if he can still "fire up his glutes."

Brian Mackey’s acting bucket list

sandiegoreader.com — Brian Mackey as Hovstad in An Enemy of the People. I'm asking veteran local actors to name five dream roles and say why. The answers not only reveal aspirations, they may put an idea in the minds of artistic directors and producers - even choices that may seem outside the box.

Not for all their wealth

sandiegoreader.com — I found this in the San Diego Union, July 8, 1887, a reprint from the New York Mail and Daily Express. The best dressed character in the show spoke only ten lines. "Her costume was a perfect fit, and of rich material, and she wore superb jewelry."

An evening at Villa Montezuma

sandiegoreader.com — Between 1887 and 1889, Jesse Shepard gave musicales at his Villa Montezuma. He had an international reputation as a singer/pianist. Others called him a charlatan. To bring instant culture to the pioneer town, San Diegans built Shepard a gaudy Victorian mansion at 20th and K Streets.

Lasting impermanence

sandiegoreader.com — The set, Full Circle Tattoo at 2312 30th Street in South Park, couldn't be more authentic. Maybe 100 pictorial choices are framed on the walls, along with rows of knickknacks suggesting other possible "skin illustrations." When the audience of 20 or so, seated in wooden chairs, grows quiet, first sounds we hear are the real deal as well.
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Jul 05, 2015

@princeofpast As long as A/C is working in the lobby this week!

Jul 05, 2015

Humidity will be creeping up tomorrow with perhaps a thunderstorm west of the area. #abc7ny instagram.com/p/4xXphikFov/

Jul 05, 2015

Higher humidity this week will lead to some thunderstorms. Your Accuweather Forecast is ahead on #abc7ny at 6.

Jul 05, 2015

@sunsetbabe713 Clouds and some sun with perhaps a thunderstorm around. Highs in the mid 80s. It's early, so that's subject to change!

Jul 04, 2015

Fine fireworks weather tonight followed by a beach beauty tomorrow! Happy 4th! #abc7ny instagram.com/p/4uzOg2EFpU/

Jul 04, 2015

@SaucySisTah We really dodged a bullet today as the rain stayed mainly N&W...was cloudy for much of the day though.

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