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Rosie the Riveter — "Boy, I'm going to miss attacking her," quipped MSNBC's Tucker Carlson after Rosie O'Donnell announced that she will leave The View in June over a contract dispute with ABC. Carlson isn't the only journalist who will miss the woman who served as conservative cable news hosts' favorite punching bag for the past year.
Feb 08, 2016

Thanks for supporting #ERAnow, @Rosie. Here's my 2007 piece on cable bros' antifeminist obsession w/u, as promised:…

Ms. Foundation Laughs To The Revolution — by Jennifer L. Pozner "At my age, most people are dead!" 81-year-old feminist icon and one-night-only stand-up comedian Gloria Steinem deadpanned on Tuesday, as she opened " ," the 20 and Funny Ms. Foundation For Women 's 20 th feminist comedy night at Carolines on Broadway in New York City.

The Anorexic Anatomy Of 'America's Next Top Model' — To celebrate last week's series finale of 'America's Next Top Model,' star, judge, and Executive Producer Tyra Banks, sat down with to laud the show's supposedly groundbreaking body positivity, and to paint herself as some sort of fairy godmother of self esteem for young girls of all shapes, sizes, and hues.

Tyra, Tell Us Again How Top Model Empowered Girls? — "Wait, was that still on?" If you're like most TV viewers, that was probably your response to America's Next Top Model's series finale last week after 22 seasons and 12 years. Yet even though the show's ratings had long since plummeted-kept on life support by cheap production costs and lucrative product placement revenue-entertainment writers were beside themselves.

My TLC podcast canceled-apparently, I make Sarah Palin “political.” — Earlier today, I announced that I was invited to be a guest on TLC's podcast about Sarah Palin's Alaska, the new reality show starring and executive produced by the former Governor, GOP VP nominee, and potential future POTUS candidate.
Dec 08, 2015

TOO true @KristineAKimmel 2010, TLC canceled me from podcast bec I was "too political"--to talk about Sarah Palin!…

‘America’s Next Top Model’ Wraps After 22 Seasons of Bigotry — America's Next Top Model wrapped its finale Friday after 12 years and 22 seasons (or "cycles," as the series preferred), and Entertainment Weekly wants us to "pay our respects" to a show that gave us some of the "most iconic" moments in reality TV history.
Dec 08, 2015

RT @thenation: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Wraps After 22 Seasons of Bigotry

Dec 09, 2015

RT @MoreAndAgain: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Wraps After 22 Seasons of Bigotry via @thenation…

Dec 14, 2015

‘America’s Next Top Model’ Wraps After 22 Seasons of Bigotry via @thenation…

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Media Ignore Anti-Abortion Terrorists: WIMN op-ed in Newsday — Pop quiz: 1. What's the name of the suicide bomber who tried to blow up a building on the fifth anniversary of 9/11? 2. What was the building that he intentionally set on fire? and, 3. Why have you not heard of this before now? Answers in my op-ed today in Newsday , Sunday, Oct.
Nov 27, 2015

Re. Colorado @PPHP shooting, my 2006 piece on corporate #media, violence against abortion providers, and #terrorism:…

Nov 27, 2015

RT @jennpozner: Re. Colorado @PPHP shooting, my 2006 piece on corporate #media, violence against abortion providers, and #terrorism:…

How To Handle The Holidays Like A Boss — They seem to start airing earlier every year: saccharine tearjerker commercials selling diamonds or tissues or cars, all wrapped in shiny red bows and normative family cheer. When Best Buy hawks Christmas jingles well before Halloween, it's clear there's no rest for the grinchy. Media can be extremely difficult to consume during the winter holiday season.
Nov 24, 2015

FYI @JuliannaForlano, thought of you/last year when I wrote the bonus tip. Best random xmas invite in years!…

Nov 25, 2015

RT @ESTBLSHMNT: Wondering how you'll make it through #Thanksgiving w/ Uncle Creeper & Aunt Sob? @jennpozner has you covered. #nope https://…

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Everything Wrong With The Daily Caller's "Syria-sly Hot" Listicle — It takes a certain kind of disgusting for a news editor to look at millions of people suffering through one of the world's worst humanitarian crises and think, "Hey, that'd make a great cheesecake listicle!"

SEO Madness Turns Emma Watson Into Malala’s White Savior — Has anyone ever needed a white savior less than Taliban-vanquishing, school-building, Nobel Prize-winning Malala Yousafzai ? A youth education activist in Pakistan at age 12, she survived an attempted assassination at 15 when the Taliban shot her in the head for publicly opposing their ban on girls' education.
Nov 07, 2015

RT @ESTBLSHMNT: .@JennPozner on the dangerous pursuit of the perfect headline, and how it shapes reader bias.

Nov 09, 2015

ICYMI my @ESTBLSHMNT piece: "SEO Madness Turns Emma Watson Into Malala's White Savior"…

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Feb 09, 2016

@Katie_Speak @kementari I've done a ton of TV but not @maddow (would love to), though we were both in the documentary "Miss Representation."

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