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The Fight Tech Companies Must Win — Every week I become more convinced that the next generation of big tech winners and losers will be determined by one question: Can they localize? Of course, modifying a product for different markets has always been very important to big tech companies. But I think it is becoming the key ...

The Pros and Cons of the Multitasking Entrepreneur — Entrepreneurs are a busy bunch. In last month's subscriber survey, we asked how many of you pursued various extracurricular professional activities, including investing and sitting on boards. The results and commentary surprised us; entrepreneurs really are consummate multitaskers. But the activities aren't without risks.

Tim Cook and Contradicting the Founder-CEO — In Silicon Valley, people like to talk about there being two types of CEOs: the "visionary founder" who started the company or the "professional manager" who steps in when the founder leaves or is pushed aside. And there's no doubting which of the two people prefer. Founder-led companies thrive, ...

Reforming the Health Care ‘Freakosystem’ — As tech bulldozes its way through various industries, few have posed more obstacles and opportunities than health care. The $3.8 trillion system in the U.S. alone is old, massive and most people agree, in dire need of repair. The structure of the industry and the sensitive nature of health data ...

The Red-Hot Race for the Next Alibaba — The race among investors to find the next Alibaba is looking a little frenzied. Investors have driven up the price of fast-growing mobile companies in India and China, hoping to find the next breakout company from Asia with global potential. The latest example: mobile shopping service Koudai, ...

Why There Will Never Be Another Google — The talent shortage in the technology industry has been creating headaches for years, driving up compensation and the time managers spend recruiting engineers and business leaders. But another consequence of the crunch is less discussed: its impact on the size and structure of companies. The ...

The Tech Sector May Not Be as Overheated as Some Think — There's no doubt that some tech companies are drawing valuations they won't live up to. Risk is alive and well in the sector. But evidence is mounting that the private and public tech markets are more rational than some headlines make you think. This isn't to say that we're not nearing the peak of a cycle.

Predicting the Next Batch of Tech IPOs and More — If the early days of 2015 are any indication, we can expect a big year for tech. January saw some exciting product announcements (Microsoft HoloLens), funding news (Uber, again), IPOs (Box) and controversy (continued grumbling about Twitter management).

Is Time the New Click Bait? — So Snapchat wants to become a media company. This week it showed off the long-rumored Discover, a way to watch and read stories from publishers like Yahoo and Vice by swiping to a new screen on the messaging service. It's too early to say what Discover will mean for Snapchat or publishers.

How Outsider Yuri Milner Built an Inside Track — In early December, the founders of several fast-growing Asian startups drove up a steep hill to a stately mansion in Los Altos Hills, California. For hours, they dined in a lavish room with round banquet tables and mingled with executives from, Huawei, Google, Airbnb, Box and their host-Yuri Milner.
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Mar 03, 2015

@monkbent @BuzzFeed But it is a distinction without a difference, so I fear you fall into the trap they want you to fall into.

Mar 03, 2015

I agree with some of @monkbent's observations but I hate to break it to you: @buzzfeed relies on ads.…

Mar 03, 2015

So his is how multi-million enterprise software alliances get hammered out. Great story by @StephenNellis.…

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