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The New Dumb Money in Digital Media — You know you are in for a treat when someone who just paid a boatload of cash for an asset tells you not to judge the price by "traditional metrics." That's what happened this week when Axel Springer paid $343 million for most of Business Insider, at a roughly 9x revenue multiple.
Oct 02, 2015

Take note: Craigslist killed classifieds w/o capturing the old newspaper profits. The margin was just squeezed out.

Oct 02, 2015

RT @Jessicalessin: Take note: Craigslist killed classifieds w/o capturing the old newspaper profits. The margin was just squeezed out.

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The Saturation Point of Entrepreneurs — There is no shortage of ways to predict whether the tech boom is waxing or waning. Some of my favorites: traffic on San Francisco's 101 highway; MBAs heading into tech; or the frequency of headlines about dying unicorns.But one that keeps coming up in conversations is constraints on the supply ...

Ride-Sharing’s Tempestuous Teens — Don't let the escalating Uber-Lyft-Didi Kuaidi battle make you think otherwise. Ride-sharing is very much in its adolescent years. The current state of play-companies dominating specific markets-seems set, but it's delicate. The status quo is being propped up by sloshing of loose capital that's fueling a race for market share from New York to Delhi to Beijing.

Apple Is In the Grey — The media coverage of big Apple events is almost as entertaining as the events themselves, and this week's iPad-AppleTV-iPhone bonanza was no different. Within hours, reporters and analysts had declared the two hour and 20 minute pitch fest everything from the most spectacular press event in ...

Why Readers Don’t Get the True Story — A few months ago, LinkedIn convened a dinner at Bar Agricole in San Francisco to give reporters a taste of its roadmap. Over pickles and pigs heads fritters, CEO Jeff Weiner spoke with around a dozen reporters from outlets including The Information. Not one of these reporters wrote about the ...
Sep 04, 2015

"People don't say anything interesting on the record. They say what they want to be quoted on, not what they think."

Sep 04, 2015

RT @Jessicalessin: "People don't say anything interesting on the record. They say what they want to be quoted on, not what they think."

Sep 04, 2015

The one thing you can't search for is anything any tech cos say "on background" because they are spineless cowards…

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More Thoughts on Apple’s Video Plans — When it comes to Apple's ever-expanding plans to conquer our living rooms, we now know quite a bit about what Apple is talking about-or at least exploring-with partners. There's the company's pursuit of licensing deals for a cable killer and now a vague interest in making its own content too, as ...
Sep 02, 2015

Apple's content plans could build off Apple music, and may be structured as freemium, per @jessicalessin

Sep 02, 2015

What you didn't know about Apple TV efforts: #AppleMusic is the mousetrap for TV subscription biz. by @Jessicalessin

Apple, Amazon and the Race for Input Zero — While the tech industry has circled Sept. 9 as the date the new iPhone will be revealed, I am looking forward to it for a different reason: the new Apple TV box. I feel this way despite the fact Apple isn't going to debut a fancy new television service with the box.
Aug 28, 2015

My column is about the new race for the living room and "input zero" (with details about the Apple TV.)

Aug 28, 2015

Apple, like Amazon & Google, chasing "Input Zero." It's like Patient Zero, but the pathology is smart-home services.

Aug 28, 2015

Instead of upgrading Apple TV, Apple should make an Apple Box IoT gateway, which is where $ are says @Jessicalessin…

What I Learned From NYT’s Amazon Story — Almost a week since the New York Times's exposé, the piece is still riling people. Was it fair? (me: undoubtedly). Is unique? (me: yes and no). Many technologists and tech reporters were dismissive, calling allegations of a " bruising workplace" of cut-throat competition and long working hours in Seattle old news.
Aug 21, 2015

There's no denying the power of @nytimes in this whole Amazon thing. My weekly column.

Larry Page and ‘Retirement’ 2.0 — Hardly a year has gone by in Silicon Valley without a big CEO transition-some rockier than others. Gates, Yang, Jobs, Ellison, Ballmer, Donahue, Costolo. So why does Larry Page's decision to hand over the reins of Google as we know it feel so different, so significant?It's not just the fact he ...

What Alphabet Means — Google's morphing into Alphabet was many years coming. It's no secret that Google's founders haven't consider themselves a search company for a while-Larry Page said so in so many words two years ago at TED. But why now? The answer, according to people involved, is simple: Google's growing ...
Aug 10, 2015

Spelling out the implications of Google's Alphabet switch by @Jessicalessin…... spinoffs a possibility?

Aug 10, 2015

My quick take on Alphabet is to expect some $nest $calc etc spincos eventually -- oh and some BIG deals. $goog…

Aug 10, 2015

What does Alphabet mean: More acquisitions. More spinoffs. Less bureaucracy. More bureaucracy.…

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Oct 05, 2015

Long live the Razr! @motorola ponders flip phones as a way to "innovate" in hardware.

Oct 05, 2015

I like this line. "My focus is to build teams that move fast and learn faster." Nice @jack.

Oct 03, 2015

@jeffjarvis Ah. Sorry for any confusion? 39 a month or 399 a year. Occasionally we test limited $30 month

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