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Jam. Sploid. Tortilla de patata. Lego. Paella. Cigalas plancha. Rape con cuatro vuelcos. Suecas. More jam perhaps. I ate half a cronut once.

This is now Earth's largest ship-so big it can lift oil rigs off the sea — This is the Pieter Schelte, which is now the largest ship sailing the seas, surpassing even the Maersk Triple-E*. Built by Daewoo in Korea, this catamaran is so huge that it can lift entire oil platforms off their base, pick up the base itself, and then transport it all to port-which is exactly what it's designed to do.

Glorious lunatics overdrive toaster to make toasts in under 10 seconds — Those awesome madmen at Photonicinduction got a regular toaster and plugged it into one of their giant power supplies to drastically push the voltage and watts up and see if they could make a toast in just 10 seconds. Mission accomplished. I wish I had this at breakfast time every morning.

Ambition is the new sci-fi movie I didn't even know I wanted to see — It's not Interstellar but now I want to see it just the same. This is Ambition, a movie nobody seems to be reporting on even while its main actor is arguably the best character in Game of Thrones: Lord Petyr Baelish, Littlefinger himself. It looks good-and very intriguing.

Mystery spy spaceship lands on Earth after record 675-day orbit — The X-37B-America's spy space drone-has landed safely after a record-setting orbit of 675 days. While this was expected, that doesn't make it any less incredible. The fact that this spacecraft has been in orbit for almost two years and has returned to Earth intact is an amazing technological feat.

Spectacular comet will engulf Mars this Sunday in historical event — This Sunday something historical will happen: An ancient rare comet will arrive to Mars after years of traveling at 33 miles per second from the Oort cloud. It will look like you can see above, passing just within a third of the distance from the Earth to the Moon, engulfing the Red Planet in its large tail.

Vânătoarea de urși — Un articol din The Guardian (pescuit de la biologul dr. Peter Lengyel) anunță azi că Președintele Consiliului Județean Harghita, Csaba Borboly, cere intervenția armatei pentru ținerea sub control a populației de urși bruni din Carpații românești.

Lockheed Martin's new fusion reactor might change humanity forever — This is an invention that might change civilization as we know it: A compact fusion reactor developed by Skunk Works, the stealth experimental technology division of Lockheed Martin. It's the size of a jet engine and it can power airplanes, spaceships, and cities. Skunk Works claims it will be operative in 10 years.

Saturn moon looks like a wasp nest and it may freak some people out — Check out this stunningly crispy photo of Saturn moon's Hyperion-taken by the Cassini spacecraft. Apparently it is inhabited by alien wasps the size of cars or at least it looks like a wasp nest to me. So gross!* New analysis of Cassini's data reveal that, if there are giant alien wasps, they are producing electrons.

The destructive low-cost precision of the Excalibur artillery shell — "Raytheon is testing a new laser-guided 155mm artillery shell which adds laser-designation to GPS guidance in order to provide more targeting options and better pinpoint targets on-the-move," reports DoD Buzz. It's called the Excalibur S.

Sleeping sperm whales look so eerie and magical — I can't remember if I ever saw sleeping sperm whales when I was a kid watching each and every single episode of The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau on TV. Had I seen a scene as eerie and magical as this one, I would remember it. So weird and wonderful.
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Oct 18, 2014

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Oct 18, 2014

Excellent (and clearly damning) new article on Whisper by The Guardian…

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Oct 17, 2014

Handoff is nice but it would be awesome if it had a universal cloud clipboard.

Oct 17, 2014

It’s going to be amazing: Spectacular comet will engulf Mars this Sunday in historical event

Oct 17, 2014

Any way to turn OS X Yosemite’s Dark Mode on for ALL windows and apps? Love it—but I hate the incongruence of dark menus and bright windows.

Oct 17, 2014

YES! Season 8 of the amazing "Foyle’s War" is on Netflix… Best British crime drama set in WW2 and now the Cold War.

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