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No More Mr. Nice Jeb

nationalreview.com — It wasn't quite a stealthy infiltration: "About 30 minutes before the town hall was supposed to start, a Rubio campaign staffer noticed the Right to Rise worker had no media credentials as he set up a camera and tripod."

Will CNN Demand Gun Control Specifics from the Democrats?

nationalreview.com — Let's hope the moderator at the first Democratic presidential debate, CNN's Anderson Cooper, takes a page from Charlie Cooke and asks Clinton and O'Malley to explain what they see as "sensible gun control measures" or what "real gun reforms" are.
Oct 02, 2015

The Republican nominee would love for the 2016 election to be a referendum on banning private gun ownership. bit.ly/1j5lauO

Rove's Super PAC Unveils 'On Her Majesty's Secret Server'

nationalreview.com — It's a James Bond parody that features a hacker getting into the secret files of "H," where she touts the reset button, reaching out to Bashir Assad, and warns the user "this unsecure server contains sensitive information about our personnel in Libya. Make sure it doesn't end up in enemy hands - including Congress!"

Is Yesterday’s Awful Shooting Really Such a Mystery?

nationalreview.com — "This is something we should politicize!" - President Obama, speaking to the press, yesterday afternoon. Can you summarize his presidency in just six words any better? This seems like an odd contradiction, perhaps to the point of being deliberately obtuse: Umpqua Community College is now a crime scene and will remain closed until Monday after a gunman opened fire Thursday, killing nine people and critically wounding seven others.
Oct 02, 2015

The killer could have more than one motive, but isn't animosity to Christians clearly in the mix? bit.ly/1WBtoZJ

Oct 02, 2015

Supposedly online forums are an outlet for young men's rage. But does it release that rage or cultivate it? bit.ly/1WBtoZJ

Obama’s Stubborn Refusal to See Putin for What He Is

nationalreview.com — A reader asked, "What on earth is [John] Kerry thinking? We can't work with Russia." Diplomats never want to admit they can't work with someone, because then they're admitting they failed. So they pretend to get along, or that a workable compromise is within reach, just a few summits away: U.S.
Oct 01, 2015

Russia lies, we refuse to acknowledge it. Adlai Stevenson wasn’t afraid to call out Soviet ambassador in 1962. bit.ly/1KTAlht

Oct 01, 2015

Invasion of Crimea, forces in Ukraine, Malaysian jetliner… Russia lies all the time. bit.ly/1KTAlht pic.twitter.com/qM6rbq5qol

Oct 01, 2015

Putin spent his entire adult life serving a regime that told biggest lies imaginable about most important issues. bit.ly/1KTAlht

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CNBC Unveils Debate Critera That Will Repeat CNN's Lopsided Format

nationalreview.com — National polls will be used to determine a candidate's eligibility and placement on the stage. To be eligible to appear in either segment, a candidate must have at least 1 percent in any one of the methodologically sound and recognized national polls conducted by: NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN and Bloomberg, released between September 17, 2015 and October 21, 2015.

Latino Views on Rubio and Cruz? Oh, We Forgot to Ask!

Sep 30, 2015

Latino Views on Rubio and Cruz? Oh, We Forgot to Ask! bit.ly/1O233RE

Sep 30, 2015

Note that only 73% of the respondents in the NBC/Telemundo poll are registered to vote. bit.ly/1O233RE

Why Pope Francis' Meeting With Kim Davis Matters

nationalreview.com — Pope Francis meeting with Kim Davis is delightful for the way that it disrupts the media's preferred narrative that Francis is rewriting the Catechism of the Catholic Church to align with the Democratic Party's platform. Obviously, more than a few voices on the Right agree with the assessment that Francis is a man of the Left who's making things worse.
Sep 30, 2015

The media wanted to believe Pope Francis is rewriting the Catechism to align with the Democratic Party’s platform. bit.ly/1Lk3RCm

Sep 30, 2015

It’s going to be fascinating to see if the coverage of Pope Francis gets more hostile. bit.ly/1Lk3RCm pic.twitter.com/v04kT4jaNo

Did Kim Davis Meet with Pope Francis Or Not?

nationalreview.com — Kim] Davis, who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, says the private meeting occurred during the pope's historic trip to the United States. After receiving a surprise phone call from a church official, the Kentucky county clerk says she traveled to Washington, D.C., where she and her husband Joe met the pope Sept.
Sep 30, 2015

If Davis is lying, it's a huge, near-psychotic lie. If she's telling the truth, why is Vatican leaving her hanging? bit.ly/1FDZG2c

Sep 30, 2015

Did Kim Davis Meet with Pope Francis Or Not? UPDATE: Yes! bit.ly/1FDZG2c

Sep 30, 2015

Pope Francis meeting Kim Davis also disrupts the narrative on the Right that he's a down-the-line progressive… bit.ly/1FDZG2c

Donald Trump & Sarah Palin: The Unlikeliest of Political Allies

nationalreview.com — 'Jerry, how much do you think Lorne Michaels would pay me if I were to run in 2016?" Sarah Palin asked Jerry Seinfeld in a skit that aired as part of Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special in February. "Run for president? Sarah, I don't think there's a number too big," Seinfeld responded.
Sep 30, 2015

"I wish Jim would stop pretending Palin was found to be a nut after 2008." bit.ly/1KRiPdD

Sep 30, 2015

"They are natural allies because they share a relentless stupidity." bit.ly/1O1DD6s

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Oct 02, 2015

RT @NoahCRothman: It's become pretty clear this week that the political press sheds most objectivity when it comes to abortion rights and gun control.

Oct 02, 2015

"I must leave you, Castle, it's too dangerous! Oh, sorry about last week's spider torture." bit.ly/1WBxocM pic.twitter.com/NVrYN7Ylzh

Oct 02, 2015

bit.ly/1WBxocM #TJAMS "Forever… unless I get another shot at revenge for the conspiracy that killed mom." pic.twitter.com/9TMkNzNpha

Oct 02, 2015

I count 3 out of 30 Russian sorties targeting ISIS areas. nyti.ms/1KR2XKp Rest anti-Assad rebels. pic.twitter.com/dVf720lt7w

Oct 02, 2015

RT @dickwasp: @jimgeraghty you're forgetting 2016 is a leap year. Someone made the same mistake yesterday. It's 476

Oct 02, 2015

RT @jaketapper: ATF: All of #UCC shooter's guns were purchased legally.

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