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6 top features of the new Apple iPhone 6s — Apple has done it again. The iPhone 6s is a remarkable phone with several unique features. Some are designed to help you stay productive at work, others are just purely for fun. Here are my top picks. 1. 12 megapixel camera The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus both let you snap photos using a new 12-megapixel camera.

How to Turn Twitter into a Bigger, Bolder, and Better Company — Welcome back Jack! Today marks a landmark shift at my favorite tech company, now that Jack Dorsey is making his triumphant return. Ousted in 2008 due to low employee morale and constant tech glitches, Dorsey went on to start Square while becoming a celebrity entrepreneur and serving on the Twitter board as Chairman -- up until today, when he takes over again as CEO.
Oct 05, 2015

CW: What Twitter needs to do now that Jack Dorsey is back in charge… @computerworld @idgcn

16 Ways to Use Your Phone's Camera on a Business Trip — In case you haven't heard the news, Apple just released the new iPhone 6s. It's packed with features, but the most impressive new spec is that the phone now has a 12 megapixel camera. That's super-sharp and super-helpful. Many other recent phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9, sport a high-resolution camera as well.
Oct 05, 2015

Inc: 16 ways to use your phone's camera on a business trip… @inc

Does Facebook even belong in the enterprise? — The baby pictures keep popping up. Your neighbor obviously just got back from a duck-hunting trip. And, your sister just announced her wedding plans for next summer. Congratulations, you just spent 30 minutes on Facebook.

5 Ways to Properly Celebrate National Coffee Day — You might call it the best day of the year. Today is National Coffee Day, and these fine mixes (and one fine coffee machine) are a good way to celebrate the wonderful drink that drives all business productivity. This company, started by three retired friends, sources this coffee blend from a specific estate within Jamaica.

How to Avoid the Trap of Being Constantly Busy — Are you addicted to being busy? Join the club. As someone who has felt busy for the past 15 years, I am guilty of wanting to fill every second with activity. Yet, business psychologist Tony Crabbe explained to me recently, this idea of being in a constant state of "busyness" is not healthy or even that productive.

Traction Watch: Looker aims to get that data out of the silos — Growth happens when you create opportunities for other companies and Santa Clara-based business intelligence and data discovery service, Looker, is doing just that, by giving organizations insight into their data. Their service allows workers to access, analyze, and act on data that is often siloed in a company.

Latest Album Reviews: Lana Del Rey, Empress Of, Ryan Adams, Bring Me The Horizon and Chvrches — Is the Honeymoon over for Lana Del Rey? Do Chvrches reach a beatific state? Does Ryan Adams give good Tay Tay? Is Bring Me The Horizon a worthy number one album? Will Empress Of remain Queen of the Castle?

20 New Star Wars Toys and Collectibles To Take Your Fandom Into Hyperspace — With the December release date of Star Wars: The Force Awakens creeping ever closer, the barrage of new toys and memorabilia tied to the franchise is upon us. Whether you're sleeping in the Millennium Falcon or firing Nerf darts Wookie style, you will feel the franchise flowing through you.

6 New Things to Ask Apple Siri Right Now — Apple is slowly turning Siri, the virtual assistant for iPad and iPhone, into a legitimate (and artificially intelligent) robot. You might already know you can ask her to tell you jokes and read a text message. In a recent iOS 9 update, which you can download for free, Apple added a few new features which might prove handy for business users.
Sep 24, 2015

Inc: Not exactly "make me pancakes" yet but there are some new things Siri can do… @inc

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Oct 06, 2015

Also, do you know of any online courses for introverts? It's not for me, it's for an article. No, really.

Oct 05, 2015

CW: What Twitter needs to do now that Jack Dorsey is back in charge… @computerworld @idgcn

Oct 05, 2015

Inc: 16 ways to use your phone's camera on a business trip… @inc

Oct 02, 2015

Windows 10 keeps reminding me to meet the new browser. We've met. You're not quite ready for real work yet, buddy

Sep 30, 2015

Millennials use these words and phrase. Do you know all of them?… @inc

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