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7 Luxury Products Every Highly Successful Entrepreneur Needs — Have you ever driven a high-end Lexus sedan? When you use the navigation system in a car like the 2015 LS 460, a voice chimes in as you pull into the local country club. "You have arrived..." the voice announces. That's a nice sentiment.

35 Quotes to Help You Stay Happy and Productive in 2015 — What is true happiness? For some, it is a fulfillment of a dream. For others, it is staying content with what you do in life and in the workplace. These quotes are meant to inspire you to find the balance between big dreams and daily contentment. Which one is your favorite?

8 top gadgets for every personality type — Last-minute holiday shopping bringing you down? The good news is that there's plenty of gadgets out there to suit every personality type, from the health nut to the foodie and the outdoor enthusiast. If you want something new, something cool, and something techie, then look no further.

15 Quotes on Finding Success by Following Your Passion — Passion is something you can develop and nurture. It comes from within, but it is also based on your circumstances. Choose a new crowd, find a different setting, or go on a long vacation and you might develop a new passion. These quotes can help.

5 Ways to Work Healthier in 2015 — Forget resolutions for next year that last only a few weeks and have little impact. These changes for better workplace health require placing an order, arranging a meeting on your schedule, and thinking a bit differently about how you will stay productive next year.

20 Leadership Experts Share Their Best Leadership Tip — Good leaders all have one thing in common: they know how to seek advice. It's a bit like parenting. No one who raises a child for the first time understands the job perfectly. You have to keep learning and growing. These experts know the drill.

8 Smart Things Super-Productive People Do Each Morning — Good productivity is a sign of smart thinking. Those who achieve the most during the day typically have the smartest approach to their tasks, they have the right attitude, and they employ the best tricks. Here's a few ideas on how to jumpstart your day and get more work done by lunch.

5 Radical Things You Can to Do to Motivate Employees — Motivation is not something that always come from within. Sometimes, it has to come from the boss. These techniques are a bit more radical than just handing out tokens to use at the company gift shop. They focus in on the core motivations of your employees.

5 Hotels Designed for Longer Stays and Doing Real Work — Want to get some real work done? These hotels are off the beaten path, situated far from the din of the urban jungle and with amenities designed to help you get some peace and quiet.

10 must-have gadgets to help enterprise users make productivity gains — Technology advances quickly, but it's often easy to rely on the same printers, scanners, and other office equipment for longer than necessary. These brand new products use internet-enabled features like the ability to scan a document, turn it into a PDF, and place it in the cloud for easy retrieval.
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