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What’s the hold-up on 911 texting? — Imagine being stuck in your house during a burglary with no way to call for help. If you make a sound, the thieves will find you. While your smartphone can technically send a 911 text message (it's an FCC requirement), you'll find that, in most cases, no one will respond.


Update: How to Do 'The 7-Minute Morning Routine' — It's happening. Based on the hundreds of emails, tweets, and comments about my article describing a morning routine that involves clear thinking and journaling over a set period of time, many people have taken up the challenge to be more intentional about how they start their day.

Want a Desk Workout? Try These 5 Gadgets — For those who follow my writing here, you know I am on a mission to lose some weight. I have been testing the service, which involves a team of people rotting for the cause (less of me) and offering advice, mentoring, and accountability.

5 Things Smart Leaders Never Tell Their Staff — You wear glasses. You have a high IQ. You speak at conferences. You read scholarly books. So let me ask you a question. Why would you ever share with your staff that you are having a bad day or you are stressed out about money?



Discrete Police Body-Cam Aims to Reduce Crime — Should local police wear and use a body camera at all times? That's the debate many police departments are having after riots broke out in Baltimore in April. Last year, unrest in Ferguson led to continuing racial tensions. Yet, for one company, a camera pointed toward a criminal is also a protective measure for the public at large.

18 Ways to Stop Leading Like a Tyrant — They are quivering in the corner of their cubicles. They are afraid to make an appearance at meetings, shy about the snack bar, anxious to meet you in the hallway. Your employees view you as a know-everything tyrant. Ouch. Here are 18 tips to help you become a less domineering leader: 1.

Why Is Success So Elusive? Because You Have Not Tried Hard Enough — In the last month, about 300 people have contacted me for career advice. To be honest, it is a bit overwhelming. I've done my best to answer these inquiries, and I brought it on myself since my recent columns about career path included an open invitation to chat by email.
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May 23, 2015

RT @Inc: You want to have a morning routine to clear your head. Here's how to make it a habit @jmbrandonbb

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