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Tech to help you sleep better — The monitors we use all day and the tablets and phones we use at night are ruining our sleep patterns. The lights, sounds and activity on our devices engage our brains before bedtime, making it hard to fall asleep. But now, ironically, the cause of the problem -- technology -- is helping us alleviate it.

Find Your Startup's Launch City (Infographic) — Selecting where to build a company is one of the most important startup decisions you'll face. We examined rents, taxes, and other factors in eight cities to help you evaluate your options. But there's more than cost to consider. Ted D.

22 Quotes from the Most Famous Entrepreneurs

20 Quotes from the Business Books You Missed in 2014 — Few of us have time to read multiple business books each month. We might pick up a few books and make our way through them, but if your library is like mine, it's stuffed with those you want to read but never found the time. I'm here to help correct that problem.

Josh Myers — Myers father Brad was an offensive lineman at Kentucky from 1984-87. His mother Julie played basketball at Dayton. Older brother Zach is an offensive lineman that signed with Kentucky in 2012.

How to Make a Really Tough Business Decision — Souffles or pancakes? The green Mercedes or the white one? Vacation in Tahoe or swing out to Las Vegas and play golf instead? OK, some decisions in life are not that hard. You get to pick from two good options. What if you are faced with firing your accountant who also happens to be your best friend from college?

10 Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Business Lunch — Does business live or die based on who you meet for lunch? That's an age-old question. I once heard about an entrepreneur who held over 300 business lunches in one year, which meant he was "working" on the weekends (since there are only 260 work days per year).

Paying a king’s ransom to sleep like a king on Kingsdown's Sleep Smart — Americans crave sleep more than sex, according to a survey by the Better Sleep Council, a non-profit organization supported by the mattress industry. And yet many of us who don't hesitate to upgrade our smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets every couple of years tend to sleep on the same old BeautyRest for a decade or more.

The Thinnest Tablet in the World — Facebook just added to your Activity: This Article Dell has picked a leading competitor and made a better product with its new Venue 8 7000 tablet. The 8.4-inch device runs the Android 4.4 operating system and has a stunning .23-inch thin OLED display.

3 Things Really Smart Knowledge Workers Do Everyday — The term "knowledge worker" can mean just about anything these days. It's usually someone who is at a desk all day, researching and writing within a closed office or cubicle. It can also mean someone who deals with numbers and data, who builds presentations and spreadsheets, and who has to analyze business operations to make sense of how things can work better.
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Jan 27, 2015

Fox News: You are about to fall asleep a little easier with help from these new tech gadgets… @fxnscitech

Jan 27, 2015

Still looking for an entrepreneur who is stressed out by starting a brand new company... ping me by e-mail

Jan 27, 2015

Inc: From the magazine, how to find your launch city (with pictures)… @inc

Jan 26, 2015

Which Web 2.0 task manager is the best? Also, does anyone say Web 2.0 anymore?

Jan 26, 2015

This one posted late on Friday -- how to make a tough business decision… @inc

Jan 26, 2015

Inc: 20 quotes from a few important business books of 2014… @inc

Jan 23, 2015

Inc: Ask these questions before you make a tough business decision…? @inc

Jan 23, 2015

A neurosurgeon just told me "there is a lot of good real estate in the brain stem" -- brilliant description

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