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Do video games improve mental capacity? — By John Brandon This fall, a rash of new video games -- from shooters to platform jumpers to complex mind-benders on your iPhone -- will all debut just in time for the holidays. A 12-year-old is probably not craving a LEGO set any more. What kids today want are Xbox One games.

35 Innovative Business Travel Gadgets — When you're packing for a business trip, it can be hard to know what to bring. Will your phone last an entire day or do you need a back-up battery? Will the hotel have ample Wi-Fi coverage even to the conference room down the hall?

48 All-Time Best Quotes on Facing Workplace Conflicts — That workplace conflict is making you feel stressed. Take some time to think it through and listen to the masters. Advertisement Conflict happens, to paraphrase the bumper sticker. It's part of our working life and often a means to an end, a way to work out our differences and reach a conclusion.

7 Qualities of Remarkably Well-Liked Leaders — Want to be well-liked as a leader? Exhibit these qualities Advertisement I've had my share of leadership challenges over the years. I'll never forget the time an employee who I called into work brought in the balloons she was tying up for her son's birthday party and decided to start throwing them on the floor of my office.

Why Apple Pay Is the Perfect Example of the Hummingbird Effect — Apple Pay is one of the best examples of leveraging existing hardware with newer, better software. Advertisement Apple Pay is about the take over brick-and-mortar retail with one big wireless swipe. Small businesses should (ahem) pay attention to how the technology works. Even more importantly, they should pay attention to how it will reach mass adoption.

Known NFC spoofing techniques probably wouldn't work with Apple Pay — Apple Pay is poised to turn how we pay for goods at a retail store on its head. The new Apple Pay system lets you make purchases with the cards in your iTunes Store account. When you bring your iPhone 6 near an NFC-equipped payment terminal, you'll see your cards in Passbook, and you can authorize a transaction with the Touch ID fingerprint reader.

Get Inspired: Entrepreneurship by the Numbers — Want to be inspired? The numbers don't lie when it comes to being an entrepreneur. For those who have started a small business, it can be hard to imagine how a new Web app for accounting or a bread-slicing machine will ever catch on with consumers.

How age-progression software helps find missing kids — If you happen to be driving in St. Joseph, Minn., this weekend, look up at the billboards to see a picture of Jacob Wetterling. An image created last year shows how Wetterling, who went missing 25 years ago at age 11, might look today at age 36.

7 Ways to Increase Your Mental Energy Right Now — Mental energy is stored up in your brain. Here's how to release it. Everyone needs a little influx of neurons once in a while. The problem for some of us in the office is that we tend to repeat the same patterns each day--browsing to the same sites, using the same e-mail app, and heading to the same break room during lunch.

Should You Skip the Apple IPad Air 2? Maybe — The iPad Air 2 has new features, but few of them make this thinner tablet an impulse buy for business. Apple announced the iPad Air 2 today--a thinner, faster tablet that has a few extra features that might appeal to small business owners.
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Oct 25, 2014

My biggest feature ever on which business travel gadgets to buy… @inc

Oct 24, 2014

Business tip of the day: Don't worry about other people's stuff. You have no control over it anyway. #btotd

Oct 24, 2014

Fox News: Here's an update from the experts on whether video games make us think faster and smarter… @fxnscitech

Oct 24, 2014

RT @lindsayblakely: For all you gadget nerds: 35 cool things you will probably want to pack on your next business trip @jmbrandonbb

Oct 24, 2014

Avoid having your employees erupt in a balloon party meltdown… @inc

Oct 24, 2014

Inc: This is a big one -- my 35 picks for the most innovative business travel gear… @inc

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