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Inside DreamWorks: how animated movies are rendered — Making an animated movie is like swimming across the English channel: difficult and exhausting. The idea seems almost ludicrous. How do you take a story idea and render two hours of footage from pure imagination? Finished films such as Shrek might look effortless, but they involved countless animators and rendering artists.

3 Qualities the Most Remarkable Employees Always Have — They pick up the slack. They show up early for work. They always have a positive attitude. These are the typical qualities you might look for in a good employee. But what about the really great ones? What about the remarkable employees who stand out from the rest?

How to Avoid Your Own Email Catastrophe — This is a public service announcement about how to handle an email catastrophe. Should you become the recipient of a message with thousands of people copied, don't panic. Also, don't hit reply all. I'm hoping to provide some guidance if this happens at your company-and maybe squash any email chains that happen to invade my own inbox.

5 powerful Windows 10 laptops for students (and their parents) — For those heading back to school, make sure you upgrade your gear. For serious computing, that means a thin and light laptop running Windows 10, the new operating system from Microsoft that uses a cleaner, more appealing interface. These systems offer a few perks...some of which might also appeal to parents of the student.

Here’s how Facebook’s new M virtual assistant will pay for itself — If you live in the Bay Area, you're in luck. Facebook is rolling out a very limited trial of a new virtual assistant called M. While the name might not have anything to do with the James Bond movies, it's easily accessible right within the familiar chat interface on mobile devices.

Here’s Who Really Created the Amazon Workplace Monster — Amazon stock has been sliding like a car on an icy road lately. (Remember last winter? It might be a repeat this year.) I'm no stock expert, but it makes you wonder if the New York Times article criticizing their office environment is partly to blame and not the week-long stock plunge in general.

10 Poor Productivity Habits Most People Don't Bother Correcting — A habit is hard thing to break. And yet, when it comes to productivity, many of us think we should just keep focusing on the tasks at hand and work even harder. I've mentioned this before, but the secret to productivity is to work smarter.

How the Next iPhone is Taking a Huge Step Forward for Mobile Devices — Reports surfaced this week that the next iPhone may include a battery that lasts an entire week. And, unlike many gadget predictions, this one is based on scientific fact. A company called Intelligent Energy has developed a prototype battery using a hydrogen fuel cell that matches the size of the current iPhone 6.

Review: Microsoft Windows 10 is (almost) a perfect 10 — Big companies don't usually listen to the little guys. For the past few years, customers and tech pundits (those not on the Microsoft payroll or in a "consulting" role) have complained about Microsoft Windows 8 features that seem almost intentionally obscure.
Aug 25, 2015

CW: My full hands-on review of Microsoft Windows 10… @computerworld @idgcn

Traction Watch: 300 million products on Zazzle are fueling $250M in revenue — There are not many places where you can design a new hat, make a T-shirt design with your own artwork, and pick the fabric for a pouf (a.k.a., an ottoman for a sofa), create an e-commerce site and sell the products, and actually make enough money to quit your day job.
Aug 26, 2015

Traction Watch: 300 million products on Zazzle are fueling $250M in revenue… via @CIOonline

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