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Royal Mistake? That's When You Need a Supportive Team — Shame, embarrassment, and total rejection. These are the feelings you get when you make a royal screw-up. You want to hide under a rock. You want to live under a rock. That's how British women's soccer player Laura Bassett felt when she scored an own goal against Japan in a the semi-final 2015 World Cup game yesterday.

Top tech gear for your Fourth of July bash — The Fourth of July weekend doesn't have to involve an underwhelming fireworks display and too many ants at your picnic. This techie gear lets you watch a fireworks display in living color (even if it is happening in Central Park), grill up some steaks, and even make an HD home movie you can share on YouTube after the sparklers fizzle out.

Why Several Thousand People Have Tried the Seven-Minute Morning Routine — In 15 years of writing about business and technology, I've never hit a nerve with readers (in a good way) quite as much I did in May when I posted an article about following a specific morning ritual. Just about every day, someone tweets or emails saying they tried the routine.

How Terapeak grew from 0 to 300,000 customers in 18 months — We take a look at how Terapeak, who thousands of the world's most successful sellers on eBay and Amazon rely on to discover what products are about to jump off the shelves, what prices to charge, and what their competitors are doing, attracted 300,000 users in just 18 months, while adding 27,000 paid premium users to its customer list.

Why the 2016 Volvo XC90 T6 is my favorite high-tech car — There's something unique about the new 2016 Volvo XC90 T6, a car so high-tech and advanced it makes me wonder if some of the other automakers have been sleeping under a rock.

Why You Don't Need to Become Friends With Every Employee — People who lead companies are a curious bunch. They often have an out-sized personality, even if that means they are really introverted or really controlling. Some have such a winning personality they could sell tree bark for a premium.

Why PC-on-a-stick is a really bad idea — Computers are getting smaller and smaller, but what I really want them to do is disappear entirely. I'd be happy if the "computer" as we know it was just a voice command away, something so ubiquitous and useful, we never have to think about charge cables, processor speeds, or upgrading to the latest 4K monitor.

8 Entrepreneurs Share Their Morning Workout Routine — Summer is a time to take long vacations and evaluate your life goals, right? Not for these entrepreneurs. These are pushing hard to build a company, and their day always starts with a morning workout.

4 Tips for Improving Your Business Writing Right Now — Business writing is not easy. It has to be direct and persuasive. If you use too many unusual words or craft a rambling sentence that doesn't make sense, you could lose more than a reader-you can lose a customer. These tips come directly from the Udemy, the startup that offers online courses in everything from Web development to photography.

Why Fake Pressure Helps You Get More Done — I just asked a friend to stop over and help me test a new rugged laptop. I have quite the plan to test it out. Water spills, drop tests -- fun stuff. Strangely, my little "test" isn't actually that pressing. In fact, it doesn't make sense to do these tests today.
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Jul 04, 2015

Inc: Have you tried the seven-minute morning routine yet? Here's an update… @inc

Jul 03, 2015

Inc: Have you tried the seven-minute morning routine yet? Here's an update… @inc

Jul 02, 2015

Inc: Did you make a royal mistake? That's when your team needs to rally like they did at the @fifa #worldcup… @inc

Jul 02, 2015

Inc: Have you tried the seven-minute morning routine yet? Here's an update… @inc

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