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Gift Guide: The Razor Crazy Cart — While I did say that the Razor Crazy Cart was, well, crazy, it's well worth a closer look if you have have the space and safety equipment to send your kids careening around your driveway at about twenty miles per hour.

Expressiv Is An Irish MIDI Guitar With Some Groovy Light Effects, Man — Hey, man, is that a MIDI guitar with amazing internal lighting effects? Well turn it up! Hot on the heels of the GTar and the Jamstik we present the Expressive, a guitar designed by Rob O'Reilly. The Kickstarter, which ends today, sold the guitars for about $450 and aims to ship in March.

“There’s no way to anticipate the... — kateoplis: "There's no way to anticipate the emotional impact of leaving your home planet. You look down at Earth and realize: You're not on it. It's breathtaking. It's surreal. It's a "we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto" kind of feeling.

Pomplamoose Details The Cost Of Being A Indie Band — In a surprising display of transparency, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn aka Pomplamoose detailed what it took to run a 28-city tour of the US. The bottom line? The band made $135,983 in income... and incurred $147,802 in expenses. Essentially, they lost a little over $11,000.

Before I write another sentence, it’s important to... — Before I write another sentence, it's important to note that Nataly and I feel so fortunate to be making music for a living. Having the opportunity to play music as a career is a dream come true. But the phrase "made it" does not properly describe Pomplamoose. Pomplamoose is "making it."

Inspace Aims To Rocket Us Into Virtual Reality — In the yeaaaaarrrr 2000! As I recall, we were all supposed to be flying around with jetpacks and using Minority Report-esque hardware by now, but that still hasn't come to pass. Thankfully the folks at InSpace are on the job. The system, which is mostly software, allows you to see media and information in a three-dimensional space.

“We join the rest of the nation in expressing... — We join the rest of the nation in expressing heartfelt sympathy and trust that the warped and distorted who become unstable in their opposition (to Kennedy) will retreat into the darkness and not emerge until they regain the light of reasonableness and balance.--

Regin Spying Software Has Been Attacking Governments And Corporations Since 2008 — Symantec has found an unusual new threat called Regin aka Backdoor.Regin. The software, which is essentially a very powerful Trojan Horse, appears to have been circulating in the wild since 2008 and has been hitting governmental, industrial, and individual systems with impunity, using sophisticated encryption and targeting systems to spy on targets.

The ‘Brief History Of Graphics’ Video Series Is Your Monday Morning Pong Pick-Me-Up — A video series by Stuart Brown of XboxAhoy has created one of the nicest mini-documentaries I've watched in a while. The five-part series that looks at computer graphics from Pong to Galaxian to Street Fighter and beyond.
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Nov 26, 2014

RT @saladinahmed: The 'good old days' were fucked up in 100 ways, but they knew how to do some things right. ht @catchthisfade @djolder

Nov 26, 2014

RT @masterhorologer: Swiss watch brand VOGARD sells the patent for a world time mechanism and all related intellectual property to ...

Nov 26, 2014

RT @TheBaxterBean: Florida cop shot at unarmed man, 6-yr old daughter that were rushing home during asthma attack…

Nov 26, 2014

RT @FreudianClamDip: 4yo niece: Imma doctor you! *presses stethoscope against the center of my boob*

Nov 26, 2014

RT @KinaDeSantis: Is it just me, or is the parking logo at Century City in LA very similar to the @ProductHunt logo? @rrhoover

Nov 26, 2014

@fart it will be like throwing a bag of used fryer grease into the dumpster.

Nov 26, 2014

RT @fart: i'm afraid of using a bowflex because what if i do it wrong and it acts like a huge crossbow and launches my awful body 15 feet into a wall

Nov 26, 2014

RT @fart: my love affair with the casino has ended!!!! i have contracted #scabies from the filthy foam cushioning of a ripped up slot machine stool

Nov 26, 2014

RT @fart: if you buy more than 200 chickens on efowl the price can drop as low as 1.89 per bird

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