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Another Polish Interview — I'm apparently very well-spoken in Polish.  Jak rewolucja w zakresie innowacyjności może konkretnie zmienić Polskę? Gdy Polska stanie się źródłem innowacyjności, zmieni się nie tylko charakter polskiej gospodarki, ale także np. styl życia, a więcej ludzi będzie chciało pracować na miejscu, niż wyjeżdżać za granicę.

Elimi Turns Dating Into Truth Or Dare — Hey, are you interested in ladies or men? Do you like to flirt with a capital F? Then Elimi is for you (or perhaps not if you prefer to meet potential partners at the church, club, or local rendering plant).

The Beatles — The Beatles

An Interview With Alex Blumberg, Public Radio Journalist Turned Entrepreneur — If you've listened to public radio at all in the past decade you'll recognize the voice of Alex Blumberg. Part of the adenoidal-voice-amazing-stories class of broadcasters, Blumberg worked on This American Life and the amazing Planet Money where he explained complex topics in succinct ways.

MCX Invites Us Into Their Startling Vision Of Future Credit Card Fee Avoidance — Merchants don't like credit cards. The fees associated are onerous and wildly convoluted. For example, I challenge you to find a single source of information one the Internet regarding these fees that isn't a spam-laden lead generation engine. Merchants take these lumps as the cost of doing business.

The HP Sprout Is A Bold But Goofy Experiment In Projected Interfaces — According to HP, what the world needs now is a touch-sensitive mat onto which are projected little 3D interface objects coupled with a touchscreen monitor. In fact, what the world precisely needs is Sprout. This $1,899 computer is the latest in HP's efforts to remain relevant.

William Gibson’s ‘The Peripheral’ Is A Wild Ride Into The Future — If any writer defined our collective nerd future and made computing cool it was William Gibson. As accessible as Raymond Carver and imaginatively dark as Philip Pullman, Gibson made it easy to dip into a continuum that every future IT department drone could understand.

Wisdom on this subject begins with the observation... — Wisdom on this subject begins with the observation that the book publishing industry is not a cuddly craft affair. It's dominated by a Big Four of publishers, who are themselves subsidiaries of much larger conglomerates.

Oh Hey, Paul Rudd Was One Of The Dallas Airport Homophobe Heroes, No Big | Wonkette

CANCELLED PLANS “Hi, it’s [tenuous friend]! I... — CANCELLED PLANS "Hi, it's [tenuous friend]! I know we were supposed to go to [horrible activity] at [terrible bar] in [Queens], but I've been reading between your tweets, and ... I just think you deserve an evening eating Popeyes in your underwear.
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Oct 30, 2014

RT @saladinahmed: All across the country, beneath landfills & garbage heaps, the discarded plastic masks of Halloweens past begin to mutter…

Oct 30, 2014

RT @MikeBeas: *Passes a law saying everyone has to buy a Samsung television* “Wow, so many people love Samsung TVs! Look how many they’re buying!”

Oct 30, 2014

RT @mathowie: Hello, costume shop? Do you have anything in "Sexy Racism?" You do?! Perfect!

Oct 30, 2014

RT @ChuckWendig: I'm not saying I just quietly released a new little writing e-book. I'm just saying. *side eyes* *fidgets* *noisily eats pretzels*

Oct 30, 2014

@tmbg I'll come and see you guys. I'll keep an eye out.

Oct 30, 2014

RT @tmbg: Due to popular demand, TMBG will play a show every month in Brooklyn in 2015. More next Tuesday. Watch this space.

Oct 30, 2014

RT @Bro_Pair: I don't give a care about the latest media kerfuffle. I feel I've crossed a content rubicon and things are changing. Every day is a wonder.

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