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Host and Head Writer, Wits, American Public Media

Host, head writer, Tom Waits, and Murder Cat on @Wits and the Home Dunk podcast. DEAR LUKE, WE NEED TO TALK, DARTH is my book, now on sale

Cat people vs. dog people — So I'm very casually in the market for another dog. My family really enjoys our current dog, Dave, but Dave has never had a dog so we figure he'd enjoy having one around as well. Might even go with a puppy so he can learn our strange ways at a young age.

Episode #31: Sean Doolittle Throws Into a Sock — John Moe and Mike Fotis discuss Adrian Peterson's camel-riding party entrance, play Steve Miller Band or NCAA Men's Basketball Coach, and praise John Urschel's math wizardry. Then John and Sean Doolittle talk rehab and needless apostrophes.

A Letter to Elton John From the Office of the NASA Administrator. — John Moe's Pop Song Correspondences A Letter to Elton John From the Office of the NASA Administrator. Dear Mr. John, This letter is to inform you of your termination from the NASA astronaut program. Our decision comes after a great deal of deliberation, and while we take no pleasure in terminating you, we felt it was the only choice we had.

Episode #30: Joe Mande on the NBA, Parks and Rec, and Shaq’s Finest Hour — Parks & Rec's Joe Mande talks to John about who would play Kevin Garnett, Kevin Love, and Ricky Rubio on TV, and pays tribute to Shaquille O' Neal's work in the movie Kazaam.

The Murder Cat Rules

Episode #29: John Darnielle on Boxing, Wrestling, and James Brown — Episode #29: John Darnielle on Boxing, Wrestling, and James Brown John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats explains why songwriters are like boxers, and why his new album, Beat the Champ, is all about professional wrestling.

Episode #28: Jerry Stackhouse on His 18-Year Career, the Trade Deadline, and Punching Christian Laettner — John Moe chats with NBA veteran Jerry Stackhouse and checks in with Mike Fotis on LeBron James, James Harden, kicks to the swimsuit area, and the Dragic brothers (Zoran and Goran), the OTHER Dragic brothers (basketball prodigy Scorin, sleepy one Snorin...) and the hockey trade deadline.

A Guide to Staying Warm — A Guide to Staying Warm : Weekend America's John Moe wanted to find out how to get warm and stay warm outside no matter what the thermometer said. He explores precisely how to dress (and how much it will cost you) and what techniques to employ to insure that you'll be able to spend some time this weekend in the great outdoors.

Episode #27: Dan Savage’s Advice for the Knicks — Episode #27: Dan Savage's Advice for the Knicks Phil Jackson's cryptic tweets caused John Moe to reach out to advice columnist Dan Savage about maintaining healthy relationships - in marriage, at work, and most importantly, on the New York Knicks. Also, John and Mike Fotis ponder what, exactly, is motivating Kevin Garnett's desire to own the Minnesota Timberwolves.

A Memo From the Head Nurse Regarding Proper Care of Patients Born Bad to the Bone. — John Moe's Pop Song Correspondences A Memo From the Head Nurse Regarding Proper Care of Patients Born Bad to the Bone. [Originally published June 25, 2009.] To: All medical staff A recent incident in one of our delivery rooms has raised questions not just of hospital procedure but of medical ethics.
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Apr 19, 2015

Late night comedy, any comedy, doesn't belong to anyone. Not prom kings, not nerds, no one. It's just shows you can watch or not.

Apr 19, 2015

RT @ConanOBrien: I wish one of my writers would focus on making my show funnier instead of tweeting stupid things about the state of late night comedy.

Apr 19, 2015

RT @jonbream: Party at #paisleypark tonight. Record store owners get in free. Others$30. Live music after 10:30. @3rdeyegirl ? Prince? @Judith_Hill ?

Apr 19, 2015

A song that helped us decide to leave all we knew and move to flippin' Minnesota. Thanks, Dan.…

Apr 19, 2015

@bnacker @mountain_goats Friend went to Paisley Park and Prince had Finding Nemo playing on screens all over. On mute. This was a year ago.

Apr 19, 2015

I am certain the joke in the previous tweet was made at least 30 years ago.

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