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A National Fix for Prosecutorial Conflict of Interest — How Congress Can Fix the Justice System Alexis de Toqueville noticed something interesting about the French Revolution: the spirit of rebellion was

How Congress Can Fix the Justice System — Alexis de Toqueville noticed something interesting about the French Revolution: the spirit of rebellion was most intense in regions where the standard of living was rising, not falling. The idea of a revolution of rising expectations was revived in the decolonization era after World War II and during the civil rights movement in the United States.

Will Obama‘s Bourbon Summit Work? — From the New York Times, Nov. 5, 1986: President Reagan pledged today to 'complete the revolution that we have so well begun' and said that his domestic and foreign policy agenda remained unchanged despite the Republicans' loss of control of the Senate.

Senate Control May Be Unknown for Weeks

If You Think D.C. Is Awful Now, Wait Until Wednesday

The Democrats’ Closing Argument Needs to Be J-O-B-S — As Democrats mutter privately that their Senate majority is sinking beneath the waves, their leadership has sent out an SOS. It's all hands on deck, unless those hands belong to the President of the United States. Because only Michigan Rep.

Exposed: The White House’s Professor-in-Chief — When Vice President Joe Biden told a Harvard audience last week that it was "inappropriate" for former administration officials to write critically about President Obama before he leaves office, Biden didn't mention that a full accounting of the Obama policy in Iraq might not reflect too well on him, either.

This Really Is Obama’s Moment of Truth — We read so many stories about this "critical juncture" or that "pivotal moment" in foreign policy that it's hard to know which to take seriously. "Whither NATO?" has been a hardy if sleepy perennial since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded in 1949.

The United States Needs Corporate ‘Loyalty Oaths’ — On top of all the wars and global messiness, 2014 will be remembered for the plague of "corporate inversion," which the news media should start routinely calling "corporate desertion." So far, 47 American-based companies have renounced U.S. citizenship and bought foreign subsidiaries in order to dodge American taxes.

These Undocumented Teens Outsmarted MIT-and Still Cant Get Real Jobs in America — The subtext of the tough talk about the tens of thousands of child refugees flowing up from Central America is that like Mexicans they will be a drag on the American economy-wards of the state who suck taxpayers dry. Governments at all levels will face short-term costs, of course, but the economic fear of immigrants has never been warranted.
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Dec 17, 2014

Obama clearly stole his Cuba idea from Sen. Andy Guzman of Alpha House, who pushed it from Repub side of aisle in Season Two.

Dec 16, 2014

@yruadik Just want to make sure u know i not only didn't doctor but put in my book as example of bad col so as not to run away from record.

Dec 16, 2014

@mcurryfelidae07 Alas, all archives from then stripped of bylines. I repeatedly apologized for that column.

Dec 16, 2014

@ggreenwald @ryanlcooper Alas, all Newsweek archives stripped of bylines. I've repudiated col in essay collect & in Grodin book on mistakes

Dec 16, 2014

@yruadik I'm not trying to deny anything. Read my essay conceding error in Charles Grodin's book and my own collection "Between the Llnes"

Dec 16, 2014

GOP Leaders May Be Undermining A Core Argument In Supreme Court Case Against Obamacare…

Dec 15, 2014

Nice WaPo story: With gift of time, Garry Trudeau’s political show grows toward ‘Doonesbury’-like depth and texture…

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