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Even Israeli Hawks Are Angry At Netanyahu — When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers his apocalyptic message to Congress on Iranian nukes on Tuesday, he will seem the personification of the Israeli hawk. But back home in Israel, where I've been reporting for the last two weeks, there's a strong sense even among hardliners that Netanyahu has blown Israeli foreign policy and is making his nation weaker by imperiling its relationship with its most critical patron, the United States.

Anti-Vaxxers Are as American as Apple Pie — This week two seemingly unrelated stories-one on vaccinations, the other on vitamins-offer a disturbing glimpse into how the American social contract has frayed. People are being exposed to illness or even death for the phony freedom of a few.

The Free Community College Plan is Obama’s GI Bill — President Obama this month gave the best State of the Union address of his presidency but it was largely written in disappearing ink. Like the vast majority of presidential speeches, little of it lingers. But one proposal in the speech could prove historic.

A nation of Maytag repairmen … Is that a shrimp in your pocket? … Obama’s eighteen-and-a-half-month gap by Jonathan Alter — A nation of Maytag repairmen ... Is that a shrimp in your pocket? ... Obama's eighteen-and-a-half-month gap By Jonathan Alter Frame of reverence If you went into homes up in the hollows of Charlie Peters's West Virginia and elsewhere in the decades following World War II, you could often find photographs of FDR. The same was later true of JFK's picture, and not just where Catholics lived.

President Cuomo Would’ve Been a Lion — I was one of the reporters camping out at the courthouse in Concord, New Hampshire, in December 1991, waiting for Godot... er, Cuomo. Even then, most of us doubted he would show up and actually sign the papers allowing him to enter the 1992 New Hampshire primary.

A National Fix for Prosecutorial Conflict of Interest — How Congress Can Fix the Justice System Alexis de Toqueville noticed something interesting about the French Revolution: the spirit of rebellion was

How Congress Can Fix the Justice System — Alexis de Toqueville noticed something interesting about the French Revolution: the spirit of rebellion was most intense in regions where the standard of living was rising, not falling. The idea of a revolution of rising expectations was revived in the decolonization era after World War II and during the civil rights movement in the United States.

Will Obama‘s Bourbon Summit Work? — From the New York Times, Nov. 5, 1986: President Reagan pledged today to 'complete the revolution that we have so well begun' and said that his domestic and foreign policy agenda remained unchanged despite the Republicans' loss of control of the Senate.

Senate Control May Be Unknown for Weeks

If You Think D.C. Is Awful Now, Wait Until Wednesday

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Mar 02, 2015

The Supreme Court hears an Obamacare fairytale via @Reuters If SCOTUS rules for plaintiffs, it is corrupt. Period.

Mar 02, 2015

The strategic genius of Iran’s supreme leader Important argument for U.S. to consider. Sunset clause does seem wrong.

Mar 02, 2015

@NegiJew what's your point? I didn't say that no miltary was on Bibi's side just not most

Mar 01, 2015

Even Israeli Hawks Are Angry At Netanyahu - The Daily Beast My take after fruitful Israel trip.…

Feb 27, 2015

On W Bank, I saw Palest on stretcher wi/head injury.Arabs said hit by rub bullet.Photog eyewtnss:accid from stone. Isra press: No injuries.

Feb 27, 2015

Life in Prison for Selling $20 of Weed - There's no exaggeration in this headline.…

Feb 27, 2015

For both sides: the definition of insanity is doing the same time over and over and expecting a different result.

Feb 27, 2015

On West Bank today for 10th anniv of demos in Bil'in. Saw the stone throwing and tear gassing. Rote and ritualistic.

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