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Giftgaming Gives You Power-Ups In Exchange For…Giving You Real-World Discounts

techcrunch.com — Giftgaming is a win-win-win that helps you win. Advertisers get exposure, developers get paid, and you get free virtual goods in mobile games plus coupons for discounts on meatspace purchases. Today, Giftgaming launched its service onstage at the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in London.

Inside The Spotify - Echo Nest Music Skunkworks

techcrunch.com — They call it Truffle Pig, and it's ProTools for playlists. Punch in parameters like "danceability", date ranges, or emotions and Truffle Pig spits out a set of top jams that would fit your "Lovesick 90s Party Starters" playlist.

Riots With iPads: When SF Won The World Series

techcrunch.com — Bonfires in the street, people dancing on cars, body-armored cops, and...tablet computers? Last night was not your typical riot. Only one thing distracted people from the celebratory carnage caused by the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series. It wasn't the fear of arrest or bodily harm.

Twitter’s Music Strategy: No App, Just Better Listening

techcrunch.com — Music is a special kind of content, and people discover it on Twitter. That's why building a music experience outside the main Twitter app was a boondoggle, and treating music like any other piece of media within Twitter sells it short.

Twitpic Couldn’t Find An Acquirer, Will Shut Down After All On Oct 25th

techcrunch.com — The reports of Twitpic's survival were greatly exaggerated. Despite claiming it had found an acquirer to save it from death following Twitter legal demands, the service today announced that didn't happen and it's game over on October 25th. Users can now export their photos.

Where’s The Money In Music? We’ll Ask SoundCloud CTO Eric Wahlforss At Disrupt London

techcrunch.com — Listeners love SoundCloud, but can it be a successful business? It's a critical moment for the company. It lost $29 million on just $14 million in revenue last year after raising over $123M. Can it get acquired at good price? Could it thrive independently?

Vusay Keeps Eyeballs Glued By Adding SoundCloudy Timed Comments To Any Video

techcrunch.com — Sad fact: 20% of people click away from videos in the first 10 seconds. But Vusay hopes to hold our attention by augmenting any video player with comments anchored to specific points in the clip. It's like SoundCloud's timed commenting system but for video.

Phonio Lets Celebrities Call Their Fans On The Phone

techcrunch.com — No one feels special for following their favorite musician on Facebook or Twitter. Social media has become impersonal mass media. But Phonio wants to make the celebrity-fan connection as intimate as a call with your best friend. Phonio launches today to let stars ring the cell phones of all their fans at once and talk to them, heart-to-hearts.

Facebook’s Anonymous App Could Kill Trolls With Secret Identity

techcrunch.com — Wack-a-mole. That's what it's usually like fighting trolls, bullies, and spammers in anonymous communities. Ban them and they just start new accounts. That's why the fact that Facebook knows who you really are could be the key to its upcoming anonymous app.

20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship Becomes 20 Under 23 To Get Older Whiz Kids To Skip College

techcrunch.com — The Thiel Fellowship will now forgive kids for experimenting with college. The program gives superstar youngsters $100,000 to sidestep university and start working on a big idea, but until now restricted the fellowship to people 20 years old or younger.
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Oct 20, 2014

News from my #TCDisrupt London talk with AOL CEO @TimArmstrongAOL: No M&A talks with Yahoo, may spin out CrunchBase techcrunch.com/2014/10/20/tim…

Oct 20, 2014

Hey @BillGates @gatesfoundation @moskov, check out this new malaria diagnosis device. Costs just 2 cents per test tcrn.ch/1x0XrfD

Oct 20, 2014

Wow. MIT PhD unveils & live-demos his quick, cheap malaria diagnosis device @ #TCDisrupt London tcrn.ch/1x0XrfD This could save lives

Oct 20, 2014

Spotify must win with product bc Apple/Google/Amazon can subsidize price w other revenue, as I wrote in my long-form: techcrunch.com/2014/10/19/the…

Oct 20, 2014

Apple pushes labels to cut streaming to $5/month techmeme.com/141020/p12#a14… I've heard similar. Apple's hardware $ could let it undercut Spotify

Oct 20, 2014

@russellcharlton but because the firms are decentralized, they don't face the same risk of bad/criminal drivers or enact the hiring scrutiny

Oct 20, 2014

I grill AOL's CEO on fair treatment of women at work. He rightfully says their perspective is critical to product dev snpy.tv/1CL08Eb

Oct 20, 2014

AOL CEO Says CrunchBase Spinout Possible tcrn.ch/1t53IZM CB deserves more investment, but I hope that wouldn't pull it away from TC

Oct 20, 2014

@russellcharlton ehh, many find the minicabs sketchy. I wouldn't put my sister in one at night.

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