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From YouTube's A-List to Hollywood's B-List

businessweek.com — The line between Internet famous and plain old famous has blurred beyond recognition this year, with Nickelodeon becoming the latest old-media stalwart to snap up new-media talent. The children's network will on Monday air the first episode of ReactToThat, a television show based on the steady

Uber Is Now a Pawn in China's Internet Taxi War

businessweek.com — Uber dominates any discussion about smartphone car services in the United States, but the company is a bit player in the race to win over Chinese taxi riders. By taking a new investment from Baidu that could be worth as much as $600 million, Uber is hoping for help in catching up with local competitors before it's too late.

Verizon's New Encrypted Calling App Comes Pre-Hacked for the NSA

businessweek.com — Verizon is latest big company to enter the post-Snowden market for secure communication, and it's doing so with encryption standard that comes with a way for law enforcement to access ostensibly secure phone conversations.

Why Uber Should Let the Government Do Its Background Checks

businessweek.com — The process Uber uses to screen prospective drivers has come under scrutiny again this week. It started when passenger in New Delhi accused her Uber driver of rape, leading to a nationwide ban of the car service in India.

Jawbone Up for Groups: A Plan to Get Employers to Buy Fitness Bands

businessweek.com — Jawbone wants to become a part of the workday. The company's new service, UP for Groups, will sell discounted fitness trackers to corporate customers who buy in bulk and subscribe to a monitoring service that aggregates data from all the devices. The target: employers who think nudging their workers towards healthier habits is worth the investment.

Hachette Wants to Turn Twitter Into a Bookstore

businessweek.com — On the heels of a nasty dispute with Amazon over the sales of e-books, Hachette is cultivating the growth of a new online bookseller: Twitter. Over the course of the month, the pubisher will use Twitter's new "buy button" to sell a limited number of books by musician Amanda Palmer, astronaut Chris Hadfield, and the writers at the Onion.

Video: Steve Wozniak On What Really Happened In Steve Jobs' Garage

businessweek.com — Steve Wozniak says the story of Apple originating from work that happened in Jobs's garage is "a bit of a myth" in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek's Brandon Lisy. As the story goes, the garage in a ranch-style house in Los Altos, California was where the first prototypes of the Apple computers were built.

Has Oculus Finally Conquered the Virtual-Reality Vomit Problem?

businessweek.com — Virtual reality makes me sick. It starts with a feeling of dehydration soon after the goggles go on, followed by sweating-and by that point it's too late to avoid the real unpleasantness. This isn't supposed to happen anymore. Backers believe the motion-sickness problem has been solved, finally clearing the way for widespread adoption of VR technology.

Sony Hackers Were Inside The Company Network For A Long Time

businessweek.com — Security experts are poring over the malware used in the recent attack against , as well as the massive amount of data released as a result of the attack, in an attempt to recreate what happened. An early examination of the malware makes it clear the hackers had become familiar with the Sony network beforehand, according to Jaime Blasco, the director of AlienVault Labs.

GPS as We Know It Happened Because of Ronald Reagan

businessweek.com — 1983 President Reagan signs an executive order allowing civilian use of the Pentagon's Global Positioning System. Korean Air Lines Flight 007 left Anchorage, Alaska, on Aug. 30, 1983, with 269 people on board, strayed into Soviet airspace on its way to Seoul, and was shot down by Russian forces.
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Dec 18, 2014

The Serial was great, but had a bunch of problems. I think almost all of those problems would have been solved if it was 6-8 episodes.

Dec 18, 2014

The 2014 #jealousylist from @bw is out -- 44 stories we wish we'd written. I chose "No Exit" by Gideon Lewis-Kraus. buswk.co/1wGqpnI

Dec 18, 2014

I'm really mad at Slate for reminding me what we were outraged about each day in 2014. slate.com/articles/life/…

Dec 17, 2014

Feeling pretty vindicated after saying for years that Seth Rogen's antics would send the world spinning into chaos. nyti.ms/1GtAU0R

Dec 17, 2014

@sonalibasak That one is a collectors item and is worth upwards of $6.40....

Dec 17, 2014

@JeetendrSehdev thanks for the help on the story, btw. I completely forgot to send it to you -- glad you found it.

Dec 17, 2014

Xbox 360 and PS3 are disappearing quicker than anyone expected, which is bad news for gaming companies buswk.co/1DOCbBy

Dec 15, 2014

RT @katiedrumm: Meet the brothers who went from YouTube’s A-List to Hollywood’s B-List. Great story from @joshuabrustein buswk.co/1uOPOY8

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