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Hope for Humankind: Delivery Guys Got Bigger Tips in the Blizzard

bloomberg.com — As the Not-So-Great Blizzard of 2015 bore down on New York, Seamless had a request for anyone ordering restaurant delivery on its website: Please tip generously. The service has made it easier than ever to summon General Tso's chicken to your doorstep without making it any less miserable to bicycle through a snowstorm.

Everyone in the World Is Playing This Game Except the Chinese

bloomberg.com — When the studio behind the hit smartphone game Dots began developing a sequel, the idea was to hook players with a mixture of satisfaction and frustration. TwoDots switches between being quite easy and rather difficult. "We'll make you feel confident and strong, and then we'll make it it hard again," says Paul Murphy, co-founder and chief executive of Playdots.

Apple Learns What Samsung Forgot: How to Sell Phones in China

bloomberg.com — There was a time not long ago when both Apple and Samsung seemed at risk of losing the Chinese market to increasingly confident local companies. Apple's earnings report on Tuesday-with sales in China doubling in the past year, and revenue increasing 70 percent in the last quarter-proves that at least one foreign tech giant is rolling in China.

Amazon Announces Amazon Original Movies

businessweek.com — Amazon is doubling down on its plans to become a company that makes media, instead of one that just sells it. On Monday the company announced it will begin producing movies for theaters, with the goal of releasing a dozen original titles each year.

Why Almost Nobody Wants to Pay for the 'Netflix of Magazines'

businessweek.com — Millions of people are more than willing to pay for steady access to streaming content. Netflix counts 50 million subscribers to its online video library, and Spotify has 12.5 million listeners ponying up a monthly fee for a massive buffet of music. For magazines, however, the idea of paying a flat fee for unlimited access hasn't caught on.

The Silk Road Defense: This Guy Is No Black Market Mastermind

businessweek.com — Yes, his lawyer acknowledged in federal court that Ross Ulbricht started the Silk Road website that would in its brief heyday become the Amazon of illegal drugs. But he wasn't a kingpin who oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of black market transactions.

The Non-Drug User's Guide to the Silk Road Trial

businessweek.com — The federal case against the man accused of running Silk Road, once the preeminent online black market, promises testimony about millions of dollars in drugs, phony hit men, and references to the Princess Bride . But the trial, which starts on Tuesday, will be closely watched for reasons that go beyond sordid details.

How GameStop Eludes Blockbuster's Fate in the Digital Age

businessweek.com — Tim Brooks claims to know 98 percent to 100 percent of the people who visit his store, a GameStop on a scruffy city block in northern Philadelphia. On an October afternoon, it doesn't seem like he's exaggerating. Brooks, a thin 25-year-old with thick-framed glasses and an aura of perpetual enthusiasm, has been working for the video game chain since he was 16.

FCC’s Wheeler Warms Up to Obama’s Wishes on Net Neutrality

businessweek.com — Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, hinted on Wednesday that forthcoming rules will reclassify broadband Internet service as a public utility. The FCC's approach to this issue has been the subject of much speculation and hand-wringing among tech policy circles in the past year, with the primary question being whether Wheeler would reclassify broadband service under Title II of the Communications Act.

Pandora and RDio Are Fighting for Your Car Radio

businessweek.com — Internet music companies are stoked about the trend towards connected cars, which is on full display at this year's CES. Pandora, Spotify, and RDio are only really viable if they can draw in large numbers of new users, and there are few places Americans are more inclined to listen to music than in their cars.
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Jan 28, 2015

@mattbuchanan would it? we pay doctors way more than we pay the sick.

Jan 27, 2015

There is a new website on the Internet. It seems neat. bloomberg.com

Jan 27, 2015

RT @aaronrutkoff: More @business newsness! @joshuabrustein on Apple getting rich in China, and Samsung getting sad: bloomberg.com/news/articles/… Photo in landscape

Jan 27, 2015

@JSablichNYT I heard you and @MoneyLynch are participating in Super Bowl Media day for the same reason. Can you talk about that?

Jan 27, 2015

Kudos to the youth of Cuba for building their own Internet since they couldn't get on the regular one hosted.ap.org/dynamic/storie…

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