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HBO Is About to Get Closer to Its Customers, for Better and Worse

businessweek.com — Streaming TV Photograph by Christopher T. Saunders/HBO HBO is a premium product that people love, delivered to them by companies they hate. In the cable-TV network's four-decade history, it has rarely had direct dealings with its customers. Now, that could all change.

Apple Pay Is Too Anonymous for Panera, Starbucks, and Other Retailers

businessweek.com — Technology Source: Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook loves to talk about the security features of his mobile-payments system. Apple Pay won't collect information about what people buy-and it's designed to ensure no one else can, either. Merchants have good reason to be excited about Apple Pay, which goes live on Monday at some 220,000 shops and restaurants.

iPads, iMacs, and Apple Pay: Nine Things We Just Learned From Apple

businessweek.com — Personal Technology Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images On Thursday Apple held its second product release event in six weeks. This time the news was mostly incremental. Here, in considerably less time than it will take you to re-watch the event, is what you need to know: The iPad Air 2 is really skinny.

Airbnb New York Rentals Are 72 Percent Illegal and Other New Numbers

businessweek.com — Photograph by Andrew Rowat/Getty Images New York Attorney Eric Schneiderman just threw a bunch of numbers at his running dispute with Airbnb. After examining data from the company's rentals in New York from the beginning of 2010 through June 2, 2014, his office released a report on Thursday that found 72 percent of rentals appear to be illegal.

FCC: Half of Wireless 911 Calls Are Butt-Dials

businessweek.com — Mobile & Telecom Butt dialing has become a national emergency in the U.S. That's the impression that FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly came away with after recent visits to 911 call centers in New York and Anchorage.

Price Hike Hits Netflix More Than It Expected

businessweek.com — Reed Hastings, the chief executive of , has said he's worried by investors' overwrought enthusiasm for his company's stock. Well, he must be feeling a bit more comfortable now. Netflix shares tanked after the markets closed on Wednesday, losing more than 25 percent of their value as investors reacted to the company's revelation that it brought in fewer new subscribers than expected.

Apple Leaks Pictures of Its New iPads

businessweek.com — Consumer Electronics Courtesy Apple Inc. If you're a company working with Apple and you leak information about its new mobile devices, Apple will fine you $50 million. Seems like the company should start writing itself a pretty big check. On Wednesday, Apple posted images and details about its latest iPads on iTunes.

Facebook's Egg Freezing Policy Isn't an Evil Plot

businessweek.com — Science & Research Photograph by Ted Horowitz/Corbis In retrospect, of course the move by Facebook and Apple to pay for female workers to freeze their eggs would be greeted with some cynicism. An employer handing over $20,000 to facilitate delayed childbirth must be hoping for something in return- perhaps years of labor uninterrupted by soccer games and ballet recitals?

How HBO's New Streaming Service Shakes Up Cable TV

businessweek.com — Technology HBO will offer a stand-alone streaming service to customers in the U.S. next year, removing a big brick from the shaky foundations of the cable-TV industry. "It's time to remove all barriers to those who want HBO," HBO Chief Executive Richard Plepler said Wednesday at Time Warner's investor meeting.

A #GamerGate Target Wants Twitter to Make Harrassment Harder

businessweek.com — Social Media The Twitter account used to harass game developer Brianna Wu-@chatterwhiteman- has been removed from the site. But Wu, who fled her home over the weekend after facing multiple rape and death threats, believes Twitter needs to do more to come to terms with how it enables misogynist abuse on its platform.
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Oct 23, 2014

RT @alqaeda: We're not really a terrorist organization. We're just very concerned about ethics in videogame journalism.

Oct 21, 2014

How does LeBron get away with pitching both Apple and Samsung products? By being LeBron. By @iboudway buswk.co/1t4LB53

Oct 20, 2014

RT @BradStone: Apple Pay Is Too Anonymous buswk.co/1usM5yo Why Retailers Will Love buswk.co/1uhjdZW Dueling posts by @joshuabrustein @kylestock

Oct 20, 2014

@EliLanger I'm not at the Times anymore, but I think they actually did a follow-up a year later. cc @LangerSteven

Oct 20, 2014

RT @kevinroose: The good thing about interviewing Andreessen is that even when he is wrong, he is wrong in full, quotable sentences. nym.ag/1y8tWcY

Oct 17, 2014

Chris Paul owes @valleyhack big for bailing him out of an awkward situation while filming a Clippers promo video businessweek.com/articles/2014-…

Oct 16, 2014

Hip Hop is getting its own classic rock stations confirming to Run DMC fans that, yes, you're old. buswk.co/1u9UyXp by @pat_clark

Oct 16, 2014

In the NFL, a 7-1-8 record is equivalent to a 11-5 record. 53eig.ht/1sHEG1B

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