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Deputy reviews editor & senior reviewer at Re/code. Former tech columnist at the Wall Street Journal. Proud mama of a 1-y-o. Email me at katie@recode.net.

Review: BrandYourself Helps You Game Search Results About You

recode.net — Let's assume that you're one of the seemingly few people who isn't running for president in 2016. Maybe you're just applying for a job, or going on a date. Do you know what someone will find when he or she Googles your name? More importantly, can you do anything about controlling those search results?

P2P Payments Made Simple: A Guide to Venmo, PayPal and Square

recode.net — My sister and I keep a running tab with each other. She sent a bouquet of flowers for our cousin's high school graduation; I owe her. I bought our Dad a dual-blade hedge trimmer for Father's Day; she owes me. She got another cousin the wedding gift that we agreed to split; I owe her.
Jun 24, 2015

RT @LaurenGoode: Everything you need to know about using P2P payment apps from @SquareCash, @Venmo & @PayPal on.recode.net/1LzBigf via @Ka…

Jun 24, 2015

RT @LaurenGoode: Everything you need to know about using P2P payment apps from @SquareCash, @Venmo & @PayPal on.recode.net/1LzBigf via @Ka…

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Shutterfly’s TripPix Tries to Lure Millennials Into Making Photo Books

recode.net — Remember the coffee-table photo book? They were once the slam-dunk gift for Father's Day or other Hallmark holidays, but today you'll be hard-pressed to find a millennial who has made one. Younger consumers rely on smartphones rather than point-and-shoot cameras, and rarely sit down at a PC for a long enough time to gather and edit a book of images.

Personify and PanaCast Kick VIdeo Calls Up a Notch

recode.net — If you feel like the technology for videoconference calls hasn't changed much in the past few years, get ready to be impressed. Lately, more tech companies are bringing high-end or futuristic videconferencing features to average consumers .

Timehop and Facebook Automatically Refresh Your Memory

recode.net — In my favorite Cher song, the famed diva speculates about what she would do if she could turn back time. She would take back those words that had hurt you, and you'd stay, obviously. Yet as appealing as Cher makes the past sound, our social networks focus mostly on the present time.

How to Solve Tech’s Diversity Problem? Code Speakers, Attendees Weigh In. (Video)

recode.net — Here at the Code Conference, we asked a handful of speakers and attendees to explain how they think the tech industry can address its diversity challenges. Mary Meeker highlighted the challenge of unconscious bias; Simeon Simeonov discussed how growing up under communism affected gender expectations; and Apple's Jeff Williams described some of the company's feeder programs, including its $100 million donation to President Obama's ConnectED.
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Wand: Digital Sharing Simplified

recode.net — You've heard the lecture: If you want to keep digital passwords secure, don't share them with anyone else. But real life doesn't always work that way. Guests stay in your home and they need access to your Wi-Fi network, so you share the password. Spouses type in your credentials to log into your Pandora One account.

Nexar Uses iPhones to Capture Road Rage and Flag Bad Drivers

recode.net — When you get cut off by a reckless driver, what's your best recourse? A beep of the horn, flash of the high beams or flick of the middle finger might offer fleeting satisfaction. But that nut job of a driver is still on the road.

Apple’s ResearchKit Explained | Re/code

recode.net — If an Apple product is released and hundreds of people aren't lined up outside the Apple Store to buy it, is it still an Apple product? Yes. Yes, it is. The product I have in mind has been downloaded from the App Store and used by over 65,000 people in two months, and the results could impact us over several lifetimes.
May 20, 2015

How exactly does Apple's ResearchKit work, and can you use it even if you don't have a disease? via @KatieBoehret on.recode.net/1AcRH9s

May 20, 2015

Docs are doing medical research via the iPhone with Apple's ResearchKit. Here's how it works. on.recode.net/1AcRH9s via @KatieBoehret

May 20, 2015

Docs use iPhones to get data on Parkinson's, asthma, heart disease, b-cancer & diabetes. How? on.recode.net/1AcRH9s pic.twitter.com/9AiK4mFi09

May 20, 2015

RT @jeroenmatser: Beats the Watch for me. Docs are doing medical research via the iPhone with Apple's ResearchKit. on.recode.net/1AcRH9s via @KatieBoehret

May 20, 2015

Docs are doing research via the iPhone w/ Apple's ResearchKit. Here's an explainer by @KatieBoehret on how it works on.recode.net/1AcRH9s

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Three Dropcam Alternatives | Re/code

recode.net — When it comes to consumer-friendly home-monitoring cameras, reigns supreme. This $199 camera is the number one seller in its category at Home Depot and Amazon, and people like its straightforward design that's easy to set up out of the box.
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Aug 27, 2015

RT @DelRey: Interesting stat from @mcuban podcast w/ Grantland's @ZachLowe_NBA: 25% to 30% of Cuban's Shark Tank deals fall apart in due diligence

Aug 24, 2015

Pay attention to this smart interview w/ @LindaStone -- The Art of Staying Focused in a Distracting World flip.it/YV1O7

Aug 24, 2015

The new baby and I took a long walk through Arlington Cemetery today. We passed a funeral for a… instagram.com/p/6ySg27BI6o/

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