NFL columnist at the Wall Street Journal covering Andrew Luck's compliments, linemen playing Settlers of Catan and the actual football in between.

Kansas City's Chief Weapon — In the time that it takes to read this sentence, the Kansas City Chiefs can maul you. If you are looking for a reason why Kansas City crushed the New England Patriots Monday night, looking like a Super Bowl contender in the process, it starts with the Chiefs quietly emphasizing the first half-second of a given play-the so-called first step-and building their team around it.

NFL’s Goodell Made $35 Million in 2013 — NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made $35 million in 2013, according to the most recent available NFL tax documents, the league said on Friday. While Goodell made $44 million in 2012, that included deferred pay, meaning his compensation in 2013, which includes salary, bonus and pension compensation, was essentially flat.

The Weirdest Play in Super Bowl History — Historians will debate for ages whether the Seattle Seahawks' interception on the goal line in Sunday's Super Bowl was the worst play call of all time. This much is beyond debate, however: It was definitely one of the weirdest outcomes ever. Interceptions at the 1-yard line simply don't happen.

How the Patriots Solved the Seahawks — Glendale, Ariz. Only Bill Belichick could look at a team that lost by 35 points and decide he has to steal their ideas. A year ago, the Seattle Seahawks vaulted to the top of the football world by dismantling Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos, 43-8, in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Super Bowl XLIX: A Victory for Sticking to the Game Plan — Glendale, Ariz. History will probably not remember the lucky break that Malcolm Butler got on Sunday in the desert night. The lucky break the Patriots defensive back got was that something terrible happened to him. He gave up a 33-yard pass with a...

How the Seattle Seahawks Learn From YouTube — Like every team, the Seattle Seahawks watch plenty of film. Unlike every team, those film sessions include some of the weirdest and most obscure YouTube videos imaginable. In the strait-laced NFL, there are few teams teaching lessons that involve videos of Bruce Lee punching things.

Belichick’s Army of History Buffs — Phoenix There are a few traits you need as a New England Patriot. You have to have versatility and the ability to perform different roles. You must also become a history buff.

Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, Compulsive Jersey Fixer — Richard Sherman, the brash Seattle Seahawks cornerback who is considered one of the best players in football, is a perfectionist. This comes out in film study. Or how he can recall a play with expert precision from two years ago. Or even when he dances. "He does this robot-type dance.

The Dueling Legacies of Bill Belichick — Devotees of football strategy-the ones who only read the writings of Bill Walsh and have a shrine to Paul Brown in their cellars-are bummed about what has happened to Bill Belichick in the past week. The New England Patriots are under investigation for using underinflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game.

Calling the Super Bowl Like Cris Collinsworth — Cincinnati In the two weeks before the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are combing through endless amounts of tape. They are memorizing until they have instant recall to make split-second decisions and they are highlighting the mismatches between the two teams. Cris Collinsworth is doing the same thing.
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Feb 27, 2015

@thegeoff2000 it's a huge deal. Heated argument last night over this. Black and blue btw.

Feb 26, 2015

This is nothing. People have been arguing for years over whether Cowboys' pants are silver or green. (Answer: both)

Feb 26, 2015

The llama chase is over so we can get to less-important news now.

Feb 26, 2015

Get ready for a tax hike, Arizona. I've seen this before.

Feb 26, 2015

Thank god we have net neutrality so we can tweet about the llamas.

Feb 26, 2015

@emilymkaplan among the least-quirky people i've ever been around. all business. jersey guy.

Feb 26, 2015

Anthony Fasano can't get open and doesn't block well anymore (-10 PFF runblocking). A good guy though, someone will give him a chance.

Feb 25, 2015

You also can't say "reportedly" and then cite some random twitter person who isn't a reporter. That's not how "reportedly" works.

Feb 25, 2015

Today is the day to find out which online outlets will use the word "reportedly" and then just let it rip with unhinged rumors from twitter.

Feb 24, 2015

The Browns slightly changed the color of their logo and brought in Josh McCown for a visit. How much excitement can you pack in to one day?

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