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The Irrefutable Best Books of 2014, As Determined by Science* — It's been a trying year here on Sorry Television. Sidetracked by work-and, let's be honest, an endless procession of binge-worthy Netflix inventory-I am set to close out 2014 with a mere 32 books under my belt, near enough to bi-weekly that I should probably rebrand as You're Welcome Television (subtitle: Reading Books Every So Often, Like When...

5 Things To Fill The Serial-Sized Hole In Your Life — Between Tana French's Dublin Murder Squad novels, and 156 episodes of Cold Case, you can survive until Serial Season 2.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Awakens the Internet — Not since the Zapruder film has a video with a runtime of less than two minutes been so thoroughly analyzed. The first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released on Friday, and the video has already received nearly 18 million views on YouTube.

Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Beautiful You’ is 240 Pages of What the Whaaat? — As a woman and/or literate person, it's difficult to finish Chuck Palahniuk's latest novel without wanting to throw it across a room. Without scoffing audibly while reading on a packed subway car. Without texting your friends context-less lines from the novel's more ludicrous moments, linguistic gems like "blazing dildos shrieked across the sky" and "'Hear me, my...

Lena Dunham, GamerGate and [Insert SEO Keyword Here] — A few weeks ago, after handmade pasta and a few too many specialty cocktails, my friends and I got into it over Lena Dunham. Empowered by that special brand of self-righteousness unique to personal opinions about popular things, we loudly and enthusiastically debated the merits of the Dunham Phenomenon-two of us against and one (me) in favor,...

On The Road Is The Original ‘Why I Left New York’ Essay — In a cosmic sense, I think it's fair to blame Jack Kerouac for the glorification of Leaving New York. Ever since On The Road "defined a generation" in 1957, people exhausted by the hardscrabble urine-scented life of an NYC resident can feel validated, self-righteous even, over their decision to pack up and Go West, to set down...


I Am Completely Beside Myself About We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves — If there's anything to be said for going into a book completely clueless, it should be said about Karen Joy Fowler's We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. I didn't go into it clueless (as I am categorically incapable of not reading back-cover blurbs) but a friend of mine did, and I've spent the better part...

15 Years Late, I’ve Joined the Neil Gaiman Fan Club — For even for the most casual observer of book publishing today, Neil Gaiman is something of a household name. He's an author that seems almost serendipitously ubiquitous--one morning there's an interview in the New York Times, a week later your friend mentions she loved Smoke and Mirrors, four days after that you scroll past a Facebook...


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Dec 20, 2014

*shudders* RT @christopherzara: This is what a factory farm looks like from the air ...

Dec 20, 2014

"Twitter is a fast machine that almost begs for misunderstanding—deliberate misreading is its lubricant."

Dec 20, 2014

Not enough jokes made yesterday about BlackBerry lending its expertise to self-destructing phones.

Dec 20, 2014

North Korea says there will be "grave consequences" if the U.S. refuses to agree to a joint probe into the Sony hack.

Dec 19, 2014

“Just because a film has a cute fish or a singing mermaid or baby deer, doesn’t mean that there won't be murder."

Dec 19, 2014

A wristband that records the rest of a show if you fall asleep watching TV. Innovation complete.

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