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Review: A philosophical 'Shape of Things to Come' at Santa Barbara Museum of Art

latimes.com — When it comes to Hungarian-born American artist László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946), the only thing more difficult than pronouncing his name is grasping the significance of his art. Partly that's because his artistic ideas often outstripped his ability to fully manifest them in his work. Theory regularly trumped practice.
Aug 22, 2015

Before the mirror ball, there was Moholy-Nagy's eye-bending "Light Prop." But Albert Speer got in the way of that. lat.ms/1hROLHb

Getty curator at the center of past looting scandals has been writing a memoir

latimes.com — In the decade-old saga of looted antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum, a firestorm that led to a transformation in professional standards for museums that actively collect ancient art, one prominent voice has remained relatively quiet. Now, there seems to be at least a possibility that might change.
Aug 21, 2015

RT @kscottLATArts: What @KnightLAT thought when he saw @washingtonpost's story on Marion True, emerging from the shadows lat.ms/1E8MVLZ

Aug 21, 2015

What @KnightLAT thought when he saw @washingtonpost's story on Marion True, emerging from the shadows lat.ms/1E8MVLZ

Aug 20, 2015

I hope former @GettyMuseum curator Marion True finishes her memoirs, prompted by the looting scandals. Here's why: lat.ms/1LnlqRu

Aug 20, 2015

RT @KnightLAT: I hope former @GettyMuseum curator Marion True finishes her memoirs, prompted by the looting scandals. Here's why: lat.ms/1LnlqRu

A meditation on green -- the color, not the sustainability shorthand

latimes.com — If green is a sacred color, which shade is the holiest? Emerald? Turquoise? Lime? That's just one peculiar question prompted by "1997/2013," an installation of light and video by Viennese artists Richard Hoeck and Heimo Zobernig. Fluorescent tubes overhead and in simple fixtures casually leaning against corners bathe the Meliksetian Briggs Gallery in green light.

Clayton Campbell's beasts of the wild and the cellular come to life at Coagula Curatorial

latimes.com — Two virtual worlds, one analog and the other digital, collide in "Wild Kingdom," a group of 12 photographic prints from a larger recent suite by Clayton Campbell. Each is mounted on a 17-by-30-inch aluminum panel, as if it were a public notice or sign. In a way, it is.

Jeffrey Vallance has a conversation with Leonardo and other giants at CB1 Gallery

latimes.com — On a fundamental level, art is a conversation among artists. (We're invited to eavesdrop.) That includes speaking to artists from the past. Jeffrey Vallance put several artist-forerunners on speed-dial in 2010, engaging a group of professional spiritualists and mediums to conduct a séance and make contact.

Noah Purifoy's smoldering work of art, 'Watts Riot,' is a powerful reminder on the 50th anniversary

latimes.com — "Watts Riot" is a smoldering work of art, made from materials scavenged from the momentous 1965 uprising in South Los Angeles. Sculptor Noah Purifoy (1917-2004) cobbled together charred fragments of wood, plaster, paint and signage to assemble an exquisite wall relief of murmuring power.

Disrupting the conventional at Joshua Petker's Ashes/Ashes

latimes.com — In Joshua Petker’s flaming crimson painting “Monster & Cop,” a menacing cartoon policeman wielding a fat bludgeon scowls at a tall pile of errant brushstrokes of brightly colored paint. Painting is cast as the title’s wayward monster, seemingly without purpose but in need of official monitoring.

Review: Bronze sculptures of 'Power and Pathos' capture pivotal era

latimes.com — A telling moment of sly wit crops up early in "Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World," the glorious and unprecedented exhibition of works from the ancient Mediterranean newly opened at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Brentwood. A fundamental transformation in art is crystallized through a savvy juxtaposition of two extraordinary sculptures.
Jul 31, 2015

Light is a surprising revelation in @GettyMuseum 's great Hellenistic bronze sculpture show. lat.ms/1gs8CfJ pic.twitter.com/kPRnY4Qdfv

Aug 04, 2015

You've never seen an exhibition like this, @KnightLAT says of @GettyMuseum's 'Power& Pathos' lat.ms/1DnhNs2 'Miss it at your peril.'

Aug 04, 2015

RT @kscottLATArts: You've never seen an exhibition like this, @KnightLAT says of @GettyMuseum's 'Power& Pathos' lat.ms/1DnhNs2 'Mis…

Aug 04, 2015

.@KnightLAT on the @GettyMuseum's exhib of Hellenistic bronzes. Sounds amazing. Do not miss the last 3 paragraphs. lat.ms/1IE5enP

Review: Floris Neususs at Von Lintel gallery

latimes.com — Before there were photographs made with cameras, there were photograms - or, to use Henry Fox Talbot's 1834 term, "photogenic drawings." Put an object on light-sensitive paper, add strong illumination and a shadowy picturee appears - without mediating machinery.

Review: Michaela Eichwald at Overduin & Co.

latimes.com — There is nothing precious about the gritty, grimy, sometimes even coarse abstract paintings of Berlin-based artist Michaela Eichwald. They work their considerable magic in spite of it. Or, perhaps it's more accurate to say in concert with it. These are paintings that operate on carefully balanced tensions generated between attraction and repulsion.
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Sep 01, 2015

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Sep 01, 2015

Broad museum's online reservation system crashes; first two days sold out fw.to/koRgDQe Digital stampede.

Aug 31, 2015

Noah Davis dies at 32; L.A. painter and installation artist fw.to/ujADEpO

Aug 30, 2015

RT @HawthorneLAT: Forget it, Jake. It's Bunker Hill. My review of LA's newest art museum, the Broad: latimes.com/entertainment/…

Aug 28, 2015

RT @BreakingNews: UN agency says satellite images confirm destruction of temple in Syria's Palmyra - @AFP f24.my/1EnCMLv

Aug 28, 2015

RT @gregorg: I'm going to read it tomorrow, but if you want to read some thoughts on Simcho v Mahama tonight, here you go greg.org/archive/2015/0…

Aug 26, 2015

Marcy Border has died at 42 bit.ly/1i2fRLJ I wrote about Stan Honda's haunting 9/11 portrait on 9/16 lat.ms/1Jwdmr2 RIP

Aug 25, 2015

Naming willful destruction of heritage sites as a war crime dates to US Civil War & Lincoln bit.ly/1KhB0fX twitter.com/BBCWorld/statu…

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