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You’re not fooling us, Uber! 8 reasons why the “sharing economy” is all about corporate greed — Here's a new term you've probably heard recently: "The sharing economy." In the "sharing economy," cheap access to resources that would otherwise go unused (a spare bedroom, a car, a weed whacker) is just one click away. And for many consumers of services like AirBnB and Lyft and TaskRabbit, the "sharing economy" is pretty nifty.

Confessions of an Online Journalist: How I Killed My Profession — In the fall of 1994, when I was a young reporter struggling to pay the rent, I wrote a cover story for the San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Plugging In: An Idiot's Guide to the Internet." I explained why a 14.4 baud modem was a great deal, and reported that the Internet was a fantastic resource because "all kinds of information are available."

Confessions of a Crime Reporter: Call it Gallows Humor. Hell, It Was Plain Survival — I had pizza delivered to a crime scene once. A computer engineer had bludgeoned and stabbed his wife and 12-year-old son to death and then slashed his own throat. A group of us reporters stood at the edge of the cordoned-off street for hours, waiting for the police to come out and tell us what was going on.

BSD Unix: Power to the people, from the code — B y the time Bill Joy arrived in Berkeley, Calif., in 1975 to attend graduate school, the fabled capital of leftist radicalism was a bit ragged around the edges. If the 21-year-old programming wunderkind had glanced at the headlines blasting out of the local alternative weeklies, he might have wondered just what kind of insane mess he had gotten himself into.

The dark history of burned flesh — A good barbecue, as I see it, should begin with a trip to Home Depot to buy 6-foot lengths of rebar. When suspending an entire butterflied lamb over an oak fire for many hours, while basting it with stalks of rosemary dripping with lemon juice and red wine, the rebar comes in handy for spread-eagling purposes.

Free to be … a Target commercial — How outraged am I supposed to be at Target's use of the song "Free to Be ... You and Me" in a back-to-school shopping commercial? As a member of the cohort of Americans who were brainwashed as children in the mid-1970s by repeated exposure to the album by the same name from Marlo Thomas and Friends, the jingle-jangle opening of the song by the New Seekers touches off an irresistible chord of indignation.

National underdog days — One Thursday morning in March a few years back, when my daughter was barely 6 months old and I was a freelance writer working out of my home, I spread a blanket on the floor in front of our television set.

These Toy Robots Want to Program Your Kid’s Mind — This Christmas, give your children the ultimate leg up - a toy that will teach them how to code Vikas Gupta is showing me his robot, a three-wheeled whirling dervish that vaguely reminds me of Pixar's Wall-E and sounds like a Teletubbie. Its name is Dash, and there is no escaping its adorability.

Roll over, Thomas Edison — Nobody, I mean nobody, writes more lovingly or cleverly about gallium nitride semiconductor technology than Bob Johnstone. The longtime technology reporter for the Far Eastern Economic Review, Wired, Forbes and numerous other publications has a passion for uncovering the mysteries of abstruse material science that is unmatched in the popular science press.

How I switched sides in the technology wars — My slow, painful transition from cheerleader to critic, all at one online magazine In the fall of 1995, a few days after Salon first ventured out into the strange new territory of the World Wide Web, I reviewed the site for an online magazine called Web Review.
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Apr 28, 2016

RT @jonsteinberg31: Just got the new issue of @siliconmag, and it's a stunner. Cover story on @annewoj23 by @koxinga21 is a must read.

Apr 28, 2016

RT @siliconmag: After running afoul of the FDA, @23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki is full speed ahead… by @koxinga21

Apr 27, 2016

"“The equation that converts art to money fucking blows right now,” -Jack Conte, Patreon…

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