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Web geek, found of Digital Inspiration, a popular tech & how-to website.

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Amit Agarwal is a web geek, personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, a popular tech and how-to website.

He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from IIT and has previously worked as a tech columnist for The Wall Street Journal India.

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How to Update Files in Google Drive without Changing the Link — Learn how to replace an existing file in Google Drive with a new and updated version but without changing the shared link of the file. John uploaded a PDF file in Google Drive and shared it with Peter. A week later, John updated the PDF file and uploaded the new version to Google Drive.

Find LinkedIn Profiles with Google Search — How recruiters can find potential candidates on LinkedIn with some simple Google search queries. The scraped LinkedIn profiles can be saved to a Google Sheet. LinkedIn, the largest network of professionals in the world, is also the favorite hunting ground for recruiters and staffing agencies.

Can I Download Windows 10 for Free — Windows 10 is coming soon. It will be available as a free download if your computer is running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 with a genuine license. Windows 10, the latest version of Windows, will be released on 29 th July.

How to Transcribe Audio and Video Files to Text with YouTube — Learn how to use YouTube to automatically transcribe audio and video files. The transcriptions can be exported as text files. A college professor is looking to transcribe some audio files as text and publish them online. He wrote - "We have some old lectures recorded on reel-to-reel tapes.

How to Enable Facial Recognition in your Google Photos — Google Photos can automatically detect faces of people in your photo albums. Facial recognition is not available worldwide but there's a way to enable it. Google Photos, like Facebook or Apple Photos, has built-in facial recognition and the software can automatically organize your photos based on people's faces.

How to do Everything with Google Photos — Google Photos offers unlimited storage space for your photos and videos. Here are some tips and essentials things you should consider before making the leap to Google Photos. When Google launched Gmail in 2004, it bundled 40x more free storage space than competing web mail services.

Who Said It First on Twitter

Who Said It First on Twitter — Do you know who mentioned social media for the first time on Twitter? Find the original source tweet for social media.

Who Said It First on Twitter — Do you know who mentioned parabolic wisdom for the first time on Twitter? Find the original source tweet for parabolic wisdom.

Who Said It First on Twitter — Do you know who mentioned #GiveYourMoneyToWomen for the first time on Twitter? Find the original source tweet for #GiveYourMoneyToWomen.
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Jun 29, 2015

RT @edtech_neumann:… I wish I knew this sooner. Update a pdf in drive without changing the link! #edtech

Jun 29, 2015

RT @RossPrimack: If you're finding LinkedIn profile searches limited, read how Google can help.

Jun 29, 2015

passwords.​google.​com and other important Google URLs you should know about…

Jun 29, 2015

Notepad++ and @sublimehq are the most popular editors among devs. @AtomEditor's usage is likely to go up this year.…

Jun 29, 2015

RT @codepo8: A ranking of the 10k most popular JavaScript projects on Github

Jun 25, 2015

Dropbox has 400 million registered users but they are "struggling" as most users are on the free tier.…

Jun 25, 2015

@sandeepiroy @nixxin the feed URL for any WordPress tag is http://.com/tag//feed

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