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Web Geek (, Computer Science Engineer (IIT) and founder of Digital Inspiration, a popular tech howto website.

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Amit Agarwal is a web geek, personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, a popular tech and how-to website.

He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from IIT and has previously worked as a tech columnist for The Wall Street Journal India.

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Download Mac OS X Updates Once for Installing on Multiple Machines — If you have a limited data plan, you can download Mac OS X updates on one computer and install on multiple Macs. You can similarly transfer apps from the Mac App Store across multiple machines. Mac OS X updates are huge with the installation files running into several gigabytes.
Sep 16, 2015

A simple way to reveal the folder where the Mac App Store downloads the app installers…

How to Print Multiple Emails in Gmail with Attachments — Gmail does not offer an option to batch print multiple email threads but you can use the save emails add-on to create print-ready PDFs of Gmail messages in your Google Drive that can sent to the printer in one go. John Q.
Sep 14, 2015

RT @davidpwhelan: Lawyers using GMail may find this tip on saving/printing multiple e-mails to PDF useful… like when closing a matter

How to Hide AdSense Ads on your Website — Learn how to hide any AdSense ad unit on your website with CSS Media queries. The technique can be used to prevent AdSense ads from showing on mobile devices. Google AdSense supports Responsive Ads which means that the size of AdSense ads on your website will automatically change based on the visitor's device.

How to Prevent your Blogger Blog from Redirecting to Country Domains — Blogger now redirects blogspot blogs to country-specific domains in most countries. You can use a simple JavaScript snippet to prevent your blog redirection. Google now redirects Blogger blogs to country-specific domains. For instance, if you open in your web browser, you will be redirected to if you are located in India or to if you are accessing the blog from UK.
Sep 09, 2015

RT @ppival: Prevent Blogger from Redirecting your Blogspot Blog to Country-Specific URLs…

How to Read the Battery Graph of your Android Phone — The battery graph in your Android phone lets you visually see the battery consumption of your mobile phone over time. Learn how to read and interpret the battery history graph. Your Android mobile phone includes a built-in app to help you visually monitor the battery usage pattern.

The Best Google Font Combinations for Websites — The Google Fonts directory features 100s of fonts but finding that perfect font combination can be time-consuming. Here are the best font pairs that go well together, picked by type masters. Whether you are creating a website, writing your resume or designing a presentation, the kind of fonts or typeface you choose can make a notable difference.
Sep 08, 2015

Need help finding the right Google Font for your project? These sites will help.…

How to Maximize the Lifespan of your Gadget's Batteries — What tips do companies like Dell, Apple and HP recommend for maximizing the lifespan of your mobile and laptop batteries? Your mobile phones, tablets and laptops have rechargable Lithim Ion batteries that lose capacity as they age but with good care, the batteries may last for 2 to 3 years or even longer.
Aug 27, 2015

RT @sree: USEFUL *** 5 tips on extending battery life of your smartphones & more, by @labnol… #sreetips…

Send Pre-written Email Replies with Gmail AutoResponder — If you are bored of typing the same kind of responses again and again, get email responder for Gmail. Better than Canned Response, supports attachments and works on mobile too.
Aug 24, 2015

Gmail Autoresponder, a new way to send pre-written email replies with Gmail 🚀 How-to: 📺 Demo:

Aug 25, 2015

Gmail Autoresponder is like Canned Responses on steroids. And you can now do auto-replies from mobile apps too

Aug 27, 2015

RT @howto_guides: Do you use Canned Responses in Gmail for sending pre-written replies? Here's a better alternative.

The Best Tools for Saving Web Pages Forever — Your favorite content on the Internet may disappear. Learn about the best software tools and web archiving services that will help you save any web page on the Internet, forever. Web pages change or may even disappear with time.

How to Use Quick Looks on Mac to Preview Live Websites — The handy Quick Look feature on your Mac OS X can be be used to quickly preview live web pages without you having to open the web browser. Learn how. Mac OS X has a handy preview feature known as Quick Look that helps you view the content of any file without having to launch the associated application.
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Oct 12, 2015

RT @priyankac19: Find this trend of clicking photos of the dead/selfies at a funeral disturbing and insensitive.

Oct 11, 2015

RT @tchebotarev: COO asks CEO: "What happens if we invest in developing our people & then they leave us?" CEO: 'What happens if we don't, …

Oct 10, 2015

@suhel @soumyadip I use @outlook on both desktop and mobile.. Absolutely love it.. Found inbox confusing

Oct 10, 2015

RT @hannahkuchler: Publishers uploading videos to Twitter will get a better revenue split than they get from YouTube - 70/30 v 55/45. $TWTR

Oct 10, 2015

Now you can create Twitter bots visually with a few clicks [PDF Manual]… [Freemium]

Oct 09, 2015

RT @howto_guides: How to create gorgeous looking screenshots of mobile phones.

Oct 09, 2015

And here are web apps that will help make gorgeous and realistic screenshots of mobile devices…

Oct 08, 2015

Delhi MLAs deserve tax payer's money to buy gifts for marriage and birthday parties. #AAPPayHike

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