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Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large — Mashable

Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large of Mashable, tech expert, social media commentator, amateur cartoonist and robotics fan.

Hands on with Twitter Periscope, the presumptive Meerkat killer — Twitter live video broadcasting is a squall inside an ocean of social media activity, and bobbing frantically in the middle of it like a shiny buoy is Meerkat, the little video-streaming app that could. Social media users are flocking to its bright beacon. It is the app and the social activity of the moment.

Google Pony Express: Part of the big, digital cash grab — What is it with all these companies suddenly wanting to be in business? And by "business" I mean finance. Whether it's on my phone, in my watch or on the desktop, big name tech and social media companies are angling to get between your wallet and everyone else holding their hands out.

Can special glasses solve a lifetime of color blindness? — For me, The Dress was no laughing matter. As a color blind person, I'm never certain if I'm looking at red or brown, green or blue, and please don't print yellow text on blue paper unless you want to bring me to tears.

Friday features a total solar eclipse, a supermoon and the spring equinox — The moon is about to block our view of the sun. It's known as a total solar eclipse and on Friday millions of people in Europe, Northern Africa and Asia will have a rare opportunity to see, indirectly of course, the sun's brilliant corona.

Rethink unveils Baxter the robot's one-armed brother, Sawyer — Baxter, Rethink's trainable robot, uses its two arms to complete menial tasks so humans don't have to. The bot sets itself apart from other workplace robots with its friendly face, ability to adjust to changing work conditions and relative affordability ($22,000) - but it's not the perfect fit for every job.

You want Internet Explorer dead? Be careful what you wish for — I've been using Internet Explorer 11 all day. Not because I like it or want to, but to prove a point: Internet Explorer was never as bad as the critics said. Nor was it as good as Microsoft promised. These thoughts occurred to me as I watched tech web sites and pundits prematurely dance around Internet Explorer's nonexistent funeral pyre.

Finally, a litmus test for every Apple rumor — Is Apple building an HDTV? What about an electric car? If not, there's little doubt the Cupertino technology giant is making an even bigger, business-focused iPad, right? Right? The reality, nobody except those inside the Apple hive mind know exactly what the company is up to.

Inside the Meerkat Bubble, where the air is fine — Two weeks ago, I'd never heard of Meerkat, the Twitter-integrated, video-live-streaming sensation that became the darling of SXSW Interactive 2015. Now I'm sitting at my desk, live-streaming me writing this post while 63 people watch. Meerkat is not some sort of breakthrough innovation. There are other broadcasting platforms like Google Hangouts and Ustream.

Windows 10 will let you sign in with your eyes and face — Windows 10 may be the first Windows operating system and platform to finally do away with passwords. Microsoft announced Windows Hello on Tuesday, a new biometric security system that will let you sign into Windows 10 devices, PCs and phones, using your eyes, fingerprints and/or face, providing your devices have the right hardware.

Robot arm gets smaller, smarter — Universal Robot's UR5, the robot arm I programmed to give me a high five, now has a pint-sized brother, UR3, and it's capable of pretty much everything UR5 can do, just in a much smaller space. At just 23 lbs., UR3 is almost 20 lbs.
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