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Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large of Mashable, tech expert, social media commentator, amateur cartoonist and robotics fan.

Microsoft's Big Devices Event: What to Expect — The prediction for Microsoft's big devices even on Tuesday in New York City is pretty simple. There will be hardware - potentially a lot of it. Without a doubt, though, the star of the show will be the eagerly anticipated Surface Pro 4.

Elon Musk won't nuke Mars, just give it 2 temporary suns — NEW YORK - Elon Musk has made no secret of his desire to colonize and, perhaps, travel to Mars. Now, the possible discovery of liquid water on the red planet has reenergized his affection for it and now he's trying to clarify his idea for heating up the planet with nuclear bombs.
Oct 02, 2015

RT @nycjim: Elon Musk has a simple way to make Mars more hospitable: creating suns with nuclear bombs.…

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Elon Musk and SolarCity unveil the ‘World’s most efficient’ solar panel — The sun is a virtually endless supply of energy that goes mostly untapped. The solar panels you see covering the roofs of an increasing number of homes and businesses capture some of that energy, at least during the daytime and when there isn't extensive cloud cover, but, by most standards, they are incredibly inefficient.

Peeple is not the worst app idea ever — Nothing gets enraged en masse like the Internet. Peeple, an app that doesn't even exist yet, is already been declared the " most odious idea" our digital culture has cooked up this year. It's an assessment that may be true, although I hesitate to see how an app can set in motion cultural decay or oblivion.

'Major' IBM breakthrough breathes new life into Moore’s Law — Silicon is dead. Long live, carbon nanotubes. In transistors, size matters - a lot. You can't squeeze more silicon transistors (think billions of them) into a processor unless you can make them smaller, but the smaller these transistors get, the higher the resistance between contacts, which means the current can't flow freely through them and, in essence, the transistors and chips built based on them, can no longer do their jobs.

'A Charlie Brown Christmas' stamps show us what the holidays are all about — A Charlie Brown Christmas, the 50-year-old animated special that taught generations of Peanuts fans the true meaning of Christmas and how to make any Christmas tree look special is now being immortalized in U.S. Postal Service Stamps. The colorful, and instantly classic, stamp collection commemorates the special's 50th anniversary and the 65th anniversary of the Peanuts comic strip (which is on Oct.

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch will cost less than an Apple Watch — Samsung's smart and attractive rethink of its Gear line of smart watches, the Gear S2 now has a price, $299.99, and availability date for the U.S., October 2. The news comes just weeks after Samsung officially unveiled the round, Tizen-based wearable at IFA in Berlin, Germany.

I survived a test drive aboard the Swagway X1 'hover board' — This is a bad idea. I'm standing atop a Swagway X1,a two-wheeled, self-balancing personal mobility device, inching forward without benefit of a helmet or body parts wrapped in bubble wrap. Somehow, however, I survived my first ride. If you've never heard of Swagway, you've likely heard of the increasingly popular IO Hawk "hover board," a device which neither hovers nor is a board.

Google's Pixel C and the rise of the Ultrabet — Isn't it funny to suddenly live in a time where Microsoft is leading and others follow? The perennial late-to-the-party Windows giant has somehow set the tone for Apple and Google and a growing number of system manufacturers in something I like to call the Ultrabet Race. What's an Ultrabet?

Don't believe that privacy hoax all over your Facebook feed — Sound the alarms: Facebook is about to start charging a monthly fee to keep your data private! It's all over your News Feed, so it must be true! Just kidding. The social media giant, in truth, is doing nothing of the sort.
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Oct 05, 2015

Paul Giamatti ponders cyborg revolution on Nat Geo's new series 'Breakthrough'…

Oct 05, 2015

RT @twitter: Emojis are already a big deal in Direct Messages. We just made them bigger. Send super-sized emojis today!

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