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The Obamacare success stories you haven't been hearing about

latimes.com — Last summer Ellen Holzman and Meredith Vezina, a married gay couple in San Diego County, got kicked off their long-term Kaiser health plan, for which they'd been paying more than $1,300 a month. The cause wasn't the Affordable Care Act , as far as they knew.

On Obamacare, could all Democrats really be as clueless as Sen. Schumer?

latimes.com — The biggest political error committed by Democrats over the last four years has been to run away from their signature legislative accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act . As a result, they've allowed Republicans and conservatives to depict a measure that improves the lives and health of millions of Americans as harmful, even un-American.

Isn't it time for a shoppers' strike on Thanksgiving Day?

latimes.com — The only complaint about our commercial habits that has become more frequent than the one about Christmas decorations appearing in stores before Thanksgiving is the one about stores now opening on Thanksgiving. Most people are well aware of the creeping trend, if not the sheer creepiness of it.

A look at poverty in America, from the inside

latimes.com — One little-recognized reality of poverty in America is how closely it lurks beneath the surface of even a successful professional life. A bad career turn, a couple of financial missteps, and--here comes the dizzying plunge from middle class to underclass.

Travel is broadening

latimes.com — Travel is broadening, so I'll be spending the next week or so expanding my horizons on a reporting trip. Posting on the Economy Hub will be sporadic at best through next Sunday. Feel free to catch up in the meantime by visiting the archives. Keep up to date with the Economy Hub.

The hard truth about Americans' retirement options

latimes.com — Alicia H. Munnell has some gloomy words for Americans about retirement. "There are only three options," she writes in her new book, "Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis and What to Do About It." "The first is to simply accept that we are going to be poor in retirement.

Hiltzik: A reckless "repair" to Obamacare

hamptonroads.com — The GOP manifesto published by the Wall Street Journal recently over the names of Republican leaders John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., included a tweak to the Affordable Care Act they say would provide Americans with "more hours and better pay." Don't believe it.

Fighting for the right to be forgotten on the Web

latimes.com — Every time Gary Katcher sees the article, he feels that his reputation is being dragged through the mud again. It's an article from Forbes, dated Jan. 13, 2012, touching on a lawsuit between him and an ex-partner in his investment firm over a nasty business divorce.

Consumers: Don't believe CVS when it says it does these immunizations

latimes.com — The drugstore chain CVS has been making a big deal of its intention to become not merely a corner drugstore, but a healthcare provider. It changed its corporate name from CVS Caremark to CVS Health, and took tobacco products off its shelves to reinforce the good-health story.

The GOP sucked up to the middle class -- but will it deliver?

latimes.com — Will Saletan at Slate puts his finger on a fascinating development in the 2014 election: a slew of Republican Senate and House candidates ran on Democratic themes. These included poverty relief, black unemployment, equal pay for women, dismal middle-class economics, income inequality, and the protection of Social Security and Medicare .
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Nov 28, 2014

On Obamacare, could all Democrats really be as clueless as Sen. Schumer? fw.to/Q2FWZyB

Nov 27, 2014

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Nov 27, 2014

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Nov 27, 2014

Where a clueless Sen. Schumer gets Obamacare wrong: It's a huge boon to the middle class fw.to/Q2FWZyB

Nov 27, 2014

Workers hate it, shoppers are indifferent, profits nonexistent--why are these retailers open on Thanksgiving Day? fw.to/mlpYdHZ

Nov 27, 2014

RT @EyeOnInsurance: The Obamacare success stories you haven't been hearing about | from @hiltzikm nzzl.me/1uKMX19

Nov 26, 2014

RT @LanceMannion: Dear .@SenSchumer In 09 most ppl were not happy w/their health ins. They were happy to *have* health ins. Big difference. .@hiltzikm

Nov 26, 2014

What Jon Gruber said was dumb, but the dopiness of Grubergate exposes the shallowness of the anti-ACA argument: fw.to/a1EW5Id

Nov 26, 2014

The new House GOP is better for science -- by a mere micron: fw.to/69qqIGL

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