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Shock and awe: Congress may do the right thing on children's health

IMF agrees: decline of union power has increased income inequality

latimes.com — Discussions of the causes of income inequality typically focus on financial deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy as key drivers of the trend. In a new paper, the International Monetary Fund broadens the debate by taking a closer look at the effect of declining union power .

Are we reaching the tipping point on restaurant tipping?

latimes.com — The gradual move toward a higher minimum wage in many localities has revived the debate over restaurant tipping--not that it's ever been too far below the surface. There's a good reason for the new attention on tipping: a differential between the minimum for tipped and non-tipped workers has been introduced in some places along with the higher minimum.

On Obamacare's 5th anniversary, Americans are starting to feel appreciation

latimes.com — Coverage of the Affordable Care Act 's fifth anniversary Monday--it was signed into law March 23, 2010--will undoubtedly focus on the gains in coverage and reductions in healthcare costs that have followed its rollout.

Prime issues a misleading defense of its actions in a hospital merger deal

latimes.com — Prime Healthcare, the exceptionally aggressive hospital chain that recently backed out of a deal to buy six California medical facilities, is unhappy with my coverage of the affair. In a letter published Sunday by The Times, the Ontario, Ca.-based chain says my recent column about the deal "misrepresents Prime Healthcare's intentions in the failed Daughters of Charity deal, painting a misleading portrait of the company's history."

Big-time college sports should split from their universities

latimes.com — This is the time of year when we are reminded of the incredible riches to be earned from big-time college sports. Among the top seeds in the March Madness NCAA men's basketball tournament is the University of Louisville . The public university is known nationally for almost nothing except its ability to translate its success on the basketball court into money.

Bankers are complaining--again!--about too much regulation

latimes.com — The term "regulatory capture" refers to what happens when regulators swim so close to the companies they regulate that they get snared in those companies' gravitational fields. What results is tolerant, indulgent regulation, or none at all. For a good example, think of banking regulation before 2008.

Could Wisconsin's Scott Walker now abolish the weekend?

latimes.com — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a leading aspirant for the Republican nomination for President, made his state the 25th "right-to-work" state in the nation on March 9 when he signed a measure passed by his Republican-controlled legislature. He may soon get another crack at a worker-unfriendly law: legislators have introduced a bill to abolish employees' legal right to at least one day off per week.

A vaccine denier bet $100,000 the measles virus 'doesn't exist.' He lost.

latimes.com — Stefan Lanka is a German biologist with a long history of pseudoscientific outbursts, including a denial that the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, "exists at all." In November 2011 he put his money where his mouth is by offering 100,000 euros (about $106,000) to anyone who could prove that the measles virus exists.

A look at the real-life consequences of repealing Obamacare

latimes.com — Kevin Drum , whose penetrating blog posts at Mother Jones are must-reading for anyone with a serious interest in economics and public policy, was diagnosed last year with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood plasma cells. Since then, he has allowed his readers to traverse the healthcare landscape with him via regular updates.
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