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18 Reasons I Love Lists - And You Should Too

tuenight.com — Like the headline says, I love lists. And obviously you do too, otherwise you wouldn't click all those bulleted, "34 Reasons Why Dennis Quaid is the Hottest Movie DILF Ever" listicles. ( Yes that's a real one. With math behind it.) When I can't sleep, I make mental lists.

The Best Happy, Healthy-ish Birthday Cake Ever

tuenight.com — Happy Birthday, TueNight! You've made it through year one, which in web years is a mighty accomplishment. Your birthday celebration would be incomplete without cake. To get this party started, I'm sharing a recipe from the KOD vault that has figured into sundry momentous occasions over the years.

Editor’s Note: It’s Our Birthday, It’s Our Birthday!

tuenight.com — And we're celebrating with this issue!* Why did we start TueNight way back in ye olde 2013? Simply put: There wasn't a women's website or magazine that truly spoke our language. Now in our 40s, we couldn't find anything that wasn't scolding us to dye our grays, cover pesky age spots or assumed that life was slowing down.

How Do We Get More Women in Office? Ask Them To Run

tuenight.com — Think about it. You probably know at least few women who would be incredible in political or civic office - whether on a local council, state senate or heck, POTUS. But let's slow our roll. Baby steps.

The TueDo List: Mash-Ups, Bindercon and the Sound of Our Words

tuenight.com — Sounds obvious, but our voice is what makes us unique. The question is, how best to use it? Easiest answer: However you want. It's yours. Following this week's theme, we thought we'd share a few unique voice-filled goodies. The Mash-Up Americans The Mash-Up Americans launched Thursday and it's so good.

5 Amazing Voices in Music Right Now

tuenight.com — Pop music is defined by the voice - after all, the communion that a great song provides comes from singing along with lyrics, and not basslines. Here are a few singers making some of the most exciting music of 2014, in large part because of the way their artistic visions and strong voices come together.

Editor’s Note: Voice Lessons

tuenight.com — "It's amazing how much you can get if you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it" That's a great Meryl Streep quote I've had sticky-noted to my bulletin board for a while. At the time she said it (her Cheryl Botchick Jody Jones Susan Linney Nora York Amy Barr And, hey, what's your favorite public speaking tip?

What’s Your Best Public Speaking Trick?

tuenight.com — Sweaty palms, butterflies in stomach, clenched throat. For some, giving a talk can be as fun as a root canal and no amount of imagining your audience in their underwear can save you. (Plus, ew.) For others, toasts and TED talks come naturally.

Tears of What, Exactly? Taking My Daughter to College

tuenight.com — The crying jags started the day my daughter Amira turned 18. All of her best girlfriends came over for dinner. They are friends she's had since elementary school, a couple from high school and a few others from camp who came all the way to Brooklyn from upstate New York and Connecticut just to celebrate her birthday.

The Tale of the Mermaid Tail and Other Stories About Being Different

tuenight.com — My 8-year-old daughter asks me if kids teased me at school when I was younger. When I ask her if she is being teased at school, all she will tell me is "sometimes." Then I wonder: are her classmates teasing her because of her imagination? My daughter has a beautiful and vivid fantasy life.
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Oct 25, 2014

Looks like I picked a good/bad time to get home and turn on the #PennState game.

Oct 25, 2014

RT @OnwardState: Touchdown Ohio State. Tie game. We're headed to a second overtime, folks.

Oct 25, 2014

RT @GregPickel: Sam Ficken's field-goal is good. Penn State 24, Ohio State 17. A 24-0 run for Penn State. If you saw that coming, see the lady at the window

Oct 25, 2014

Blood is washing away history that created Iraq & Syria reut.rs/1nC6F2f "War is often the midwife of new states," says @williamsmjw

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