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Writer. Library addict. Analyst at @Vocativ. Past bylines incl. @AJEnglish, @Jerusalem_Post & @Salon

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International journalist and multimedia specialist, with a wide range of experience in media and publishing. Able to work on own initiative and with others as part of a team. Proven leadership skills include managing and collaborating with teams in both newspaper design and investigative reporting. Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards in writing, researching, media production and editing. My work has been published in Spanish, Italian, English, Hebrew and Arabic ...

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Day of the Dead honors icon singer Selena

nydailynews.com — Deceased singer, songwriter and actress Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was at the center of Day of the Dead celebrations across the U.S. as Mexican-American communities nationwide honored the cultural icon.

Artist's Apparent Suicide Attempt Linked to Cyberbullying

vocativ.com — "Racist." "Transmisogynist." "Yellowfaced." These are some of the insults hurled at Paige Paz, a young Mexican-American comic artist who lives in Tucson. Paz reportedly attempted suicide last week after months of cyberbullying by fellow Tumblr bloggers, who leveled accusations-seemingly without merit-that Paz's work is transphobic and racist.
Oct 29, 2015

RT @AuerbachKeller: Two dozen articles on the SXSW nonsense, yet only two on the harassment that drove Paige Paz to attempt suicide? vocativ.com/news/243477/za…

Oct 30, 2015

RT @AuerbachKeller: Two dozen articles on the SXSW nonsense, yet only two on the harassment that drove Paige Paz to attempt suicide? vocativ.com/news/243477/za…

The Secret Sexual World Of America's Renaissance Faires

vocativ.com — One of America's favorite family summer traditions is home to a simmering sexual subculture, where lovers of kink and BDSM gather among families and fairgoers. The Renaissance Faire-family friendly, olde-worlde theme parks marketed with the tagline "Where Fantasy Rules"-is a veritable Disneyland for kinksters.
Oct 19, 2015

Inside your local Renaissance Faire: a bubbling cauldron of BDSM! vocativ.com/news/237577/th…

Arabs in Jerusalem Fear Attacks, Are Scared To Speak Arabic

vocativ.com — Arabs who live in Jerusalem say they are afraid of police, soldiers and Jewish extremists as ethnic violence continues to flare in the Old City, particularly around the Temple Mount and al-Aqsa mosque. Across the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinians have called for a "day of rage" on Friday, usually the Muslim day of prayers.

Tumblr Is Becoming A Resource For Teen Suicide Prevention

vocativ.com — Tumblr is fast-becoming the home of peer-led suicide prevention networks for teens who have, for years, used the microblogging platform to publicize plans for self-harm. As a reaction to previous trends, anonymous volunteers are now running hundreds of unofficial suicide hotline-style blogs, which welcome emergency chats and questions, as they prowl the site for suicidal users with hashtags like #help, #depression, #suicide and #anxiety.
Oct 05, 2015

via @vocativ Tumblr is becoming a great resource for teen suicide prevention voc.tv/1IFBYSv

Kids bring clocks to school to support #IStandWithAhmed

nydailynews.com — High schoolers have taken to the Internet to rally around a 14-year-old Texas boy who was arrested for bringing to school a homemade clock that teachers believed was a bomb.

Campaign Urges Colleges To Crack Down On Sexual Assault And Rape

vocativ.com — Five young feminists eager to fuel change have launched an online movement urging colleges to crack down on sexual assault and combat rape culture on campuses. Started on Monday with a Twitter account and the hashtag #WeWillSpeak, the campaign has prompted hundreds of women and men who say they have been sexually assaulted and raped to share their stories.
Sep 10, 2015

RT @TakedownMRAs: Of COURSE gamergate are attacking the feminists behind a campus anti-rape campaign. vocativ.com/news/229435/ca… pic.twitter.com/pFsT3hEPHr

What Hillary Clinton's emails reveal about the MidEast Peace Process

Sex Workers Want This 'Sex Trafficker' Set Free

vocativ.com — Amber Batts, a 41-year-old former sex worker and operator of a prostitution network in Alaska, was locked up for five and a half years on Monday, convicted of sex trafficking and violating probation. Batts ran a statewide prostitution network, and the women who she handled, represented and protected now want her set free.

Complaint Over Muslim Driver’s Headscarf Sparks Outrage

vocativ.com — An Uber client submitted a discriminatory complaint against a Muslim woman driver, sparking outrage across social media and unraveling a complex conundrum about the ethics of mass public shaming of racist behavior. Uber user Rene Hunter allegedly complained that the ride-sharing company "allowed" a Muslim driver, Sonia Marcella Martinez, to wear a headscarf, which Hunter mislabeled as a "berka."
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