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Writer at @micnews. Library addict. Past bylines include @Vocativ, @AJEnglish, @Jerusalem_Post & @SalonWriter at @micnews. Library addict. Past bylines include @Vocativ, @AJEnglish, @Jerusalem_Post & @Salon

International journalist and multimedia specialist, with a wide range of experience in media and publishing. Able to work on own initiative and with others as part of a team. Proven leadership skills include managing and collaborating with teams in both newspaper design and investigative reporting. Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards in writing, researching, media production and editing. My work has been published in Spanish, Italian, English, Hebrew and Arabic ...

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Here's Why You Have So Many Annoying Facebook Friends

mic.com — Most of us have "friends" on Facebook that we kind of hate. So why don't we just unfriend them and spare ourselves the misery of seeing their combative, annoying Trump posts in our timelines?

These Women Are Fighting to Get Birth Control for Afghani Women

mic.com — All women should have access to birth control. That's the message that a group of Islamic scholars and nonprofit organizers are fighting to spread across Afghanistan. While abortion is illegal in Afghanistan in most circumstances, condoms and birth control pills aren't - they're just considered taboo.

Donald Trump Made Sexist Attacks Against Megyn Kelly A Trend

vocativ.com — It first happened in August. Donald Trump retweeted a comment that referred to Fox News personality Megyn Kelly as a "bimbo," sending a flurry of sexist assaults her way. In January, Trump went after her again, and she got another onslaught of sexist abuse, with Trump's fans calling her everything from a "bitch" to a "hooker."

Women In Mexico Launch "Don't Stay Silent" Campaign Against Sexual Assault

mic.com — A group of women in Mexico have launched a social media campaign encouraging people to speak out against sexual assault. They are rallying around the hashtag #NoTeCalles, or "Don't Stay Silent."

#WhenIWas Features Chilling Stories From Women Who Were Sexually Harassed as Children

mic.com — It's no secret that we live in an openly, often aggressively misogynistic culture. Yet we don't often discuss just how and when young women become objectified by society. Studies indicate, however, that it happens at a very early age: in fact, 84% of women are subject to street harassment before they turn 17, according to a 2015 survey.

Here's why men should care about the tampon tax

mic.com — Over the past few months, many states have taken a stand against the tampon tax, which requires women to pay extra for feminine hygiene products like tampons and pads. Last week, Michigan joined the fight against treating tampons as luxury goods by introducing an anti-tampon tax bill into the Michigan state legislature.

This Woman Rejected Her Tinder Date, So Naturally He Decided to Send Her Racist Texts

mic.com — On Tuesday, the story of Asian-American college student Arielle Musa's terrible Tinder date went viral after her friend tweeted screenshots of his racist rants. A, whose first name is Endri (we're withholding his last name), he used a racial slur against , then continued to hurl insults at her for several paragraphs.

A Bernie Sanders Supporter Used the Word "Whore" at a Rally - and Women Are Furious

mic.com — Last night, Bernie Sanders supporters gave the world a taste of some old-fashioned sexism at a rally in New York City's Washington Square Park, where Sanders supporter and health care activist Dr. Paul Song talked about kicking out " corporate Democratic whores" and replacing them with "Bernie-crats."

Sex Workers More Worried About Cops Than Dangerous Johns

vocativ.com — The logo for National Blacklist is modeled after bright-yellow crime scene tape-in bold, black letters, it screams, "BLACKLIST." It's fitting: In post after post on the site, which features more than 140,000 entries, sex workers describe encounters with dangerous men. "Beware, do not go, violent rapist," reads one characteristically succinct item.

Pro-Trump Women Harass Female Ted Cruz Staffer

vocativ.com — Former Ted Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter is the latest target of supporters of Donald Trump, since Monday, when Trump's social media campaign director tweeted a video that alleged Carpenter had an affair with the Texas senator.
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