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International journalist and multimedia specialist, with a wide range of experience in media and publishing. Able to work on own initiative and with others as part of a team. Proven leadership skills include managing and collaborating with teams in both newspaper design and investigative reporting. Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards in writing, researching, media production and editing. My work has been published in Spanish, Italian, English, Hebrew and Arabic ...

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Online Troll Urges Game Developer Rachel Bryk To Commit Suicide

vocativ.com — Gaming communities across the Internet are mourning the death of prominent transgender game developer Rachel Bryk, who committed suicide on April 23, after suffering from a lifetime of health problems and months of anonymous cyberbullying.

Game Of Thrones Is Killing Mad Men On Social

vocativ.com — Game of Throne's audience is younger, more social media savvy and more evenly split along gender lines than Mad Men's, according to a Vocativ analysis. We looked at social media data relating to both shows, and while the chronicles of Westeros generate a huge hubbub online, Don Draper and his team seem to have lost their lustre.

Teens Show They're #BrownAndProud In Tweet Campaign

vocativ.com — Inspired by recent #Blackout Twitterstorms, Asian & Latino teens declared the first #BrownandProud day on social media on April 11, sharing more than 30,000 tweets, along with hundreds of Tumblr and thousands of Instagram posts. Dozens of teens also used Tumblr to detail their own personal struggles with racial identity and self-esteem.

Hillary Has More Facebook Fans In Baghdad Than Any US City

vocativ.com — Hillary Clinton's Facebook pages have an unexpected fan base. At least 7 percent of Clinton's Facebook fans list their hometown as Baghdad, way more than any other city in the world, including in the United States. Vocativ's exclusive analysis of Clinton's Facebook fan statistics yielded a number of surprises.

Navajo Women Walk 1,000 Miles To Protest Pipeline

vocativ.com — Since January, over 70 Navajo people have joined a prayer walk across the American Southwest protesting a fracking oil pipeline in New Mexico. The walk aims to galvanize Native American communities to demand more from oil companies that profit from the reservations' natural resources.

Moms Are Furious At This Religious C-Section Meme

vocativ.com — Moms are furious at a web meme claiming women who undergo C-sections are selfish, lazy and doomed to hell. The so-called Disciples of the New Dawn posted several pictures of women with C-section scars, encouraging Christians to call out women who elected not to undergo natural childbirth for their laziness, and to identify these mothers by their " guilt scars."

An LGBT Comic Book For All Ages

vocativ.com — Over a thousand people have contributed more than $49,400 to fund an all-ages LGBT comic book. " Beyond", an anthology of 18 stories by 26 queer-identified contributors, received all the donations it would need for publishing in less than 24 hours. The campaign's Tumblr blog also gained thousands of followers.

Black Market Breast Milk Could Spread HIV

vocativ.com — Breast milk is packed with nutrients essential for newborn babies. But its health benefits are also driving a shady, unregulated online marketplace-where milk can sell for a couple of bucks per ounce-that is potentially spreading syphilis, hepatitis and even HIV, according to a new study published in the British Medical Journal.

Syrian Activists: At Least Six Dead In Apparent Chemical Attack

vocativ.com — An alleged chemical attack in Syria has left at least six civilians dead, including three small children, according to activists in the area. People in the village of Sarmin, from a group called Sarmin's Coordination, posted on Twitter Monday that helicopters were flying over the area in a series of attacks, and said that during one of those attacks two bombs that didn't explode were dropped.

Why This Christian Woman Is Wearing Hijab For Lent

vocativ.com — Jessey Eagan is a good Christian. She says following Jesus is her main focus in life, and it's evidenced by her position as children's director of her local church. Which is why it's slightly puzzling to learn she has decided to wear hijab, the traditional head-covering worn by Muslim women, for all 40 days of Lent.
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