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Leigh Buchanan is an editor/writer for Inc. Magazine. Her tenure as crossword puzzle editor at TV Guide remains her proudest achievement.Leigh Buchanan is an editor/writer for Inc. Magazine. Her tenure as crossword puzzle editor at TV Guide remains her pr

One Company's Secret Recipe for Making Its Employees' Lives Better

inc.com — After a yearlong sabbatical, Blake Mycoskie returned to Toms, his philanthropic fashion company, filled with resolve to improve lives. By that, of course, he meant the lives of people in poverty, to whom Toms donates shoes, eye care, clean water, and other goods through its buy-one-give-one model.

How Romanian Refugee Samuel BistrainGot a Foot in Nordstrom's Door with Roma Boots

inc.com — Born in an impoverished village in Romania, Samuel Bistrian had always known the problem. But it wasn't until he was selling fur coats at a Neiman Marcus in 2009 that he recognized the solution. Bistrian is founder and CEO of Dallas-based Roma Boots, a business that donates a pair of rain boots to a poor child for every pair of rain boots sold.

11 Companies Making You Feel Good About Spending Money

How Toms' Blake Mycoskie Built a $400 Million Business on Social Entrepreneurship

inc.com — Blake Mycoskie is the most relaxed intense person you will ever meet. Two days after this year's Academy Awards, Mycoskie sits in his world-bazaar-flavored office, one leg hooked over the arm of a chair, sipping sparkling water and munching almonds from Whole Foods.

How Jim Koch Built the Boston Beer Company

inc.com — If a novelist wanted to invent the perfect background for an entrepreneurial character, she could do no better than stints at Harvard Business School and Outward Bound. In business school, you learn to succeed by mastering the skills to do everything right. In Outward Bound you learn to survive by improvising heroically when everything goes wrong.

The most productive teams at Google have these dynamics

inc.com — Google's People Operations department confronted a paradox. Like most HR organizations, it hired individuals. It developed individuals. It evaluated the performance of individuals. Yet almost everything Google does, it does in teams. The group started thinking, "How could HR be different if we reoriented at least some of our services toward the level of the team?"

Why Robots Will Replace CEOs

inc.com — A few years ago, an Oxford University study concluded that computers will likely replace people in 45% of American jobs, ranging from truck drivers to construction workers to office support staff. Daniel Kahneman speculates that CEOs might one day join that endangered species list.

One Simple Trick to Be More Like Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg and Richard Branson

inc.com — You can be more like Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg and Richard Branson starting now. All you have to do is watch--and quantify--your language. Noah Zandan is the CEO and co-founder of Quantified Communications, an Austin-based company that measures how well people communicate and uses data to help them improve.

How Sunrun Built a Green Business Without Being a Tree-Hugger

inc.com — Lynn Jurich is co-founder and CEO of Sunrun, which installs residential solar panels and provides maintenance on them for free. Homeowners then buy their power from Sunrun, which reduces their electric bill by roughly 20 percent. Jurich started the San Francisco business in 2007, with partners including executive chairman Edward Fenster, and took it public last year.

That Loud Buzz You Hear Is All About This Quiet Introvert

inc.com — Most entrepreneurs love to shout about their companies from the rooftops. Susan Cain, a classic introvert, prefers to speak softly beneath the gables. On a recent wintry day, the best-selling author is curled up on a couch in the kind of cozy living room where families gather before Thanksgiving dinner.
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"Quiet" Susan Cain is a wonderful source of strength for us introverts. bit.ly/1TSJEFu

Feb 28, 2016

Excellent. I am approaching Venice Beach.Excellent. I am approaching Venice Beach.

Feb 26, 2016

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Talk to Nick Benson for 10 minutes and you'll forget your frustration with our throwaway society. Great family biz. bit.ly/1U4QwxJ

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