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Leigh Buchanan is an editor/writer for Inc. Magazine. Her tenure as crossword puzzle editor at TV Guide remains her proudest achievement.

Are You a New-Age CEO?

inc.com — Change happens at whiplash speed. A quick response is no longer adequate. Instead, companies must anticipate massive external disruptions and become disruptors themselves. In his new book, " The Attacker's Advantage: Turning Uncertainty Into Breakthrough Opportunities," Ram Charan--an advisor to everyone from entrepreneurs to CEOs of the world's largest corporations--explains the new leadership imperative: a "born-digital" understanding of technology's power and the ability to see around corners.

Inside the Psychology of Productivity

inc.com — You wake up with it in the morning and go to bed thinking about it at night: an ever-crushing load of emails, meetings, conference calls, and tasks that needed to get done yesterday. Family time means reading sales reports in the room where your kids are playing video games.

The Productivity Tools of Our Dreams

inc.com — Most productivity software helps organize and prioritize your work. But what would tools for overcoming your psychological obstacles to productivity look like? We asked some creative people for their ideas. Even after starting on a task, you sometimes get distracted and lose momentum, making everything take longer.

How a To-Do List Can Change the Way You View Your Day

inc.com — I approached reporting this month's article about how psychology impedes productivity in the way a hypochondriac might approach an article about medicine. Going in, I assumed everything that could be wrong with me, would be wrong with me. And so it was.

Why Managing Your Energy Is the Key to Maximum Productivity

inc.com — To maximize productivity you must first manage your energy. That's the message of Allison Green Schoop, associate strategy director at global design firm frog. In a new paper, Schoop reminds us that while a machine's rate of output depends on sophisticated engineering and durable metal parts, a human being's capacity for work depends on more variable, often intangible sources.

How to Stay Relevant in an Age of Disruption

inc.com — Amid endless talk of "disruptive innovation" it is important to remember that not all competitive landscapes are remade violently, overnight. Obsolescence creeps as often as it lunges. While CEOs obsess over getting big-banged out of existence, odds are good that their companies will suffer a more pedestrian fate: they will simply cease to matter.

Poll: Why Haven't You Started a Company Yet?

inc.com — Has another year passed by in which you didn't start the business you've always dreamed about? At Inc., we are trying to understand what gets in the way of people pursuing their entrepreneurial visions. Please help us out by responding to the following three questions: Fill out my online form.

How BuildDirect took on Home Depot

chicagotribune.com — The internet famously tosses middlemen right and left - but not in the building-supply industry. Many building and renovation staples - flooring, countertops, kitchen cabinetry - are too heavy for standard shipping. That forces suppliers to use distribution channels that add costs and delays.

Why Buffy Is Still the Best TV Show about Leadership, Ever

inc.com — A few years ago, I was having dinner with a computer-games entrepreneur who had just sold his business for north of $1 billion. We were discussing the precision of those ubiquitous which-character-are-you quizzes online. I said I had a pretty good opinion of them based on several I'd taken related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer that pegged me--accurately--as the endearingly stuffy librarian, Giles.

Harvest Automation Creates Robots With Green Thumbs

inc.com — Some jobs are so mind-numbing and backbreaking that no one with other options wants to do them. Cue the robots. Harvest Automation, a 31-employee startup in Billerica, Massachusetts, designs robots that arrange pots in nurseries and greenhouses. It's a monotonous task, and the associated labor represents 40 percent of growers' costs in a $17 billion market.
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Except in commiseration, no one in NYC can use the word "storm" to any of us in New England. "Storm-let" or "storm-icle" are acceptable."

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