Let's Play 'Drunk Nate Silver,' the Hilarious New Twitter Game

gawker.com — Last night, campaign consultant Dan Levitan invented a new game on Twitter: Drunk Nate Silver, in which we imagine the things America's favorite statistical wizard might do when he's drunk. It's the funniest thing on Twitter right now: Drunk Nate Silver stumbles through traffic on the Jersey Turnpike, screaming out what time each driver will get home.
Hilarious! @levitandan invents Twitter game called 'Drunk Nate Silver,' where we ponder what NYT's stats wiz might do.. t.co/1oN0Fbo4
#DrunkNateSilver just put a big chunk of money on Hillary2016. :) RT @moneyries: Loving 'drunk nate silver' t.co/N5wJxgmc
#DrunkNateSilver already knows how many hits this will get. RT @Gawker: Let’s Play ‘Drunk Nate Silver' t.co/8d2Fqs7w