On Syria's Coast, Signs of Civilian Massacre

online.wsj.com — Attacks on the village of Bayda and the Ras al-Nabie neighborhood of Baniyas left hundreds dead, according to survivors-exemplifying a scorched-earth counterinsurgency strategy by regime-aligned forces that is at odds with the Syrian government's assertion that its troops killed only terrorists.
Sobering look at the ruthless tactics of Syrian forces and pro-government militias in the town of Bayda: on.wsj.com/17Sjzgc via @WSJ
Fear & recrimination dominates in #Baniyas #Syria almost 3 month after killings & many say opposing gov. is suicide on.wsj.com/17Sjzgc
Important chronicling of a massacre by @samdagher - On #Syria's Coast, Signs of Civilian Massacre on.wsj.com/17Sjzgc via @WSJ
On Syria's coast, signs of a civilian massacre by the army and its militias: on.wsj.com/15uIRky (by @samdagher in Baniyas)