The new 'no comment': F--- off — The reporter’s e-mail was insistent, his questions obviously skeptical. The State Department official’s response was defensive, his mood obviously annoyed. Then the missiles started flying. “Why do you bother to ask questions you already know the answer to,” Philippe Reines, a communications advisor to Secretary of State Hillary...
One thing some government spokespeople don't get: Hounding is a tactic.
MT @elisefoley: Govt spox: "One thing some reporters don’t understand: Not calling back is a tactic." Uh...we get that.
Also rude MT "@elisefoley: Government spox: "One thing some reporters don’t understand: Not calling back is a tactic.""
"Hastings responded with a sneering remark about Reines’s personal life." Sounded like it was abt sex harassment @ work
Screamy NYC media relations often have an undertone of camaraderie, though.
Reporter exchanges w DC press aides getting nasty. Happens all the time w Wall St reporting via @maggiepolitico
Great read by @DylanByers but golden opportunity missed to get "flack" & "flak" in the same headline
Smart, thoughtful investigative piece in @Politico on the rise of people being told to go fuck themselves. #longreads
Uh yes "Confrontations like these have a more familiar ring to veteran reporters and political aides in NYCity..."
On screamy New York style media relations bleeding into relatively collegial DC
John Harris: a man who believes in irony: "will hopefully land you the Drudge Report link that you covet.” #insidejoke