Florida man accused of fraud after name change in 'act of love'

news.yahoo.com — MIAMI (Reuters) - A newly married South Florida man who opted to take his wife's last name is fighting the state's Department of Motor Vehicles after it suspended his driving license on grounds of fraud. Real estate investor Lazaro Sopena offered to change his name following his 2011 marriage to Hanh Dinh in order to help his wife's Vietnamese family perpetuate their family surname.
Oh dear: Man in #Florida who took wife's last name is facing accusations of fraud. t.co/cRBXQ1aN
A man who took his wife's name as "an act of love" has had his driver's license suspended for fraud. t.co/OqxCdnja h/t @WesleyLowery
RT @DDpan: "When he explained he was changing his name due to marriage, he was told 'that only works for women.'" t.co/Lp7BgoGK h ...
I briefly considered changing my marrried name to my wife's, but didn't want to have to mess with this stupidity. t.co/5V8jQHk5
"Apparently the state of Florida clings to the out-dated notion that treats women as an extension of a man." t.co/eJMYhZDb
Florida DMV accuses man of fraud bc he took his wife's surname! t.co/QXmzwExb (Reuters). Gender discrimination affects everyone.