Iran’s space monkey triumph exposed as a fake — Iran enjoyed rare triumph on Monday - the successful launch of a monkey into space. The regime proclaimed it as proof that Iranian scientists could match their Western counterparts, evidence that international sanctions were ineffectual, and a stepping stone to a manned flight. Western governments fretted that the rocket technology could be used to carry nuclear warheads.
Iranian monkey in space is exposed as fraud - like regime's insistence that its nuclear programme is solely for energy:
HA! MT @fieldproducer: Remember Iran's space Monkey? The one that came back isn't the one that went up...
Remember Iran's space Monkey?Times points out the one that came back isn't the one that went up, if it went at all:
Sounds like @rosiegray's space monkey trutherism may have been justified
Times of London reporting the Iran monkey flight was fake: i was a space monkey truther frm day 1!
I just got to write the headline: "Iran space monkey triumph was faked". Today has been a good day.