Meet Swiffer's Golden Age Couple: Lee and Morty | News - Advertising Age — In July, web and TV audiences were introduced to young-at-heart lovebirds Lee and Morty Kaufman. Viewers peered into the 90-year-old couple's home and life together in Valley Stream, N.Y., looking on as Lee, a retired schoolteacher, labored to keep her home clean using an old-fashioned mop and too-heavy bucket.
We interview Swiffer's adorable golden couple: Lee and Morty. Read it here:
"amazing, the number of so-called hits we've gotten on the internet." - Morty Kaufman, 1/2 of the Swiffer couple
Meet Morty & Lee from that Swiffer ad: "My daily schedule is adoring my wife." Gah.…
.@malikazeinab introduces us to Long Island lovebirds and Swiffer's golden couple, Lee and Morty