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Democracy in Greece, for Now — In seven years' time, Athens has been transformed from one of Europe's gleaming capital cities to Europe's version of Detroit-much of it dirty, forlorn, its storefronts abandoned, its population in decline. Graffiti is ubiquitous. There are homeless beggars huddling on the steps of vacant buildings, and makeshift soup kitchens set up in public parks.

Q&A: Judy Wajcman on the Scapegoating of the Email Inbox, Busyness as a Status Marker, the Division of Labor at Home, and More — Last April, an erroneous story got passed around online that the French government was considering making it illegal for people to answer work emails after 6 p.m. It was soon discredited-the proposal came from two unions, in the context of a contract negotiation, rather than from the government-but not before the mischaracterized version was picked up by what seemed like every single news site in America.

Don't Believe the FBI's Most Recent Hate Crime Statistics — Crimes targeting black and transgender Americans persist, but they are under-reported and under-recorded. * Last week, as the world's eyes turned (and hearts opened) to the victims of the shocking terror attacks in Paris, two smaller cities reckoned with their own crimes of hate and fear here at home.

London's Poor Fetish - The Baffler — Visit any bar in the hip London districts of Brixton, Dalston or Peckham and you will invariably end up in a warehouse, on the top floor of a car park, or under a railway arch.

Q&A: Cynthia M. Duncan on Poverty and Politics in Rural America — Twenty years ago, the stock market was high, and national unemployment was low. But not everyone had an equal claim to that growing bubble. When University of New Hampshire sociologist Cynthia M. Duncan published the first edition of her book Worlds Apart in 1999, she exposed the hard realities for rural communities where both jobs and hope were packing up and leaving.

(Even More) Unintended Consequences of Police Use of Force — Mistrust and resentment may make arrestees more violent once they're in prison. * After months of turmoil, protests, and public discussion, police departments across the country, large and small, are taking stock of their policies with regard to their officers' use of force.

The Very Real Dangers of Tasers — Scientific research reveals the harmful effects of Tasers, on both body and mind. * On Tuesday, the Miami New Times published the results of a yearlong investigation into the lethal misuse of Tasers by three of Miami's police departments.

The Best of The Baffler in 2014 — Well well well, 2014 was a big year for The Baffler, yessir. This summer, we launched our new website and complete online archives. This fall, we organized a conference on feminism in the workplace with keynote speaker Susan Faludi (here are the illustrations and videos), and hosted a debate on the #future between David Graeber and Peter Thiel ( video here).

Problems With Police Sanctions — "Accountability and legitimacy are essential for communities to trust their police departments, and for there to be genuine collaboration between police and the citizens they serve," said Attorney General Eric Holder earlier this month. At the time, he wasn't speaking about the deaths of Eric Garner, or Michael Brown, or Tamir Rice.

The Baffler Guide to Gift Guides — Towards the end of every year, magazines and newspapers fill up their copy quotas-and woo their most lucrative advertisers-with the help of bright and shiny holiday gift guides. They are almost always at least a little absurd. This year, a thirty-second video ad that bombards your screen when you click on the gift guide is becoming more and more common.
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Jan 26, 2015

@efjournal @PacificStand No, there have not been injuries from ELF or ALF actions, but that line was referring to "eco-terrorism" in general

Jan 26, 2015

@BeauFriedlander @meghanor @Slate What about that transit strike in 2005? Vivid memory bc I had to walk from BK to the UES and back for work

Jan 26, 2015

RT @PacificStand: Looking back, it seems bizarre that environmental-activist plots were considered a form of terrorism: by @lkirchner

Jan 23, 2015

@hshaban Yes! Thanks, I've corrected it. Clumsy transcribing error, as is my wont.

Jan 22, 2015

"Show me one scientific document that links GPS to anything other than making money for GPS, Inc."…

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