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I write about crime for @pacificstand and edit @thebafflermag's website. Previously: @CJR, @capitalnewyork, @longformpodcast.

For Juvenile Records, It's 'Justice by Geography' — Should a young woman in Indiana who was arrested when she was 12 years old for getting in a fight with another girl at her elementary school be denied Section 8 housing as an adult? Should a 68-year-old man in Arizona be turned down for a security job because of crimes he committed when he was a teenager?

Odometer Fraud Continues to Plague Used Car Sales — The tools and methods have evolved over the decades, but the crime remains the same. * In a memorable scene at the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the gang tries to undo the damage the day's joy riding has wrought on Cameron's dad's beloved Ferrari.

When Your Stalker Is a Cop — Where do you go for help when the people who are meant to keep you safe are the real danger? * About a year ago, a routine review of an Ohio Highway Patrol officer's dashboard camera videotapes found something odd.

Cycles of Fear and Bias in the Criminal Justice System — Exploring the psychological roots of racial disparity in U.S. prisons. * Discussions about how to reform the criminal justice system-whether through sentence-reduction proposals for low-level crimes, or limiting the use of data analysis in making sentencing decisions, or fighting voter disenfranchisement -all have one talking point in common.

The Psychology of Bribery and Corruption — An FBI agent offered up confidential information about a political operative's enemy in exchange for cash-and they both got caught. What were they thinking? * This one's a head-shaker.

Faster Justice, Closer: The Power of Community Courts — Community courts across the country are fighting judicial backlog and lowering re-arrest rates. * In the summer of 1993, the New York Times reported on what was, at the time, the start of a three-year experiment in local justice-the opening of the Midtown Community Court in Manhattan.

Why Solitary Confinement Hurts Juveniles More Than Adults — In a long-awaited move, New York City's Department of Correction has finally decided to end its practice of putting teenaged offenders in solitary confinement cells. Currently, fights and other infractions can land kids in solitary for weeks, months, sometimes years.

Can prisons predict which inmates will try to escape? — When considered in relation to the sheer size of the incarcerated population of the United States, prison escapes are rare and on the decline - and most escaped convicts are quickly caught. Still, jailbreak stories are always bound to make the news, tapping into, as they do, our twin emotions of fear and adventure.

Can Prisons Predict Which Inmates Will Try to Escape? — And what can they do to prevent it? * When considered in relation to the sheer size of the incarcerated population of the United States, prison escapes are rare and on the decline -and most escaped convicts are quickly caught.

Adoption Fraud and Pregnancy Scams — Another group that's especially vulnerable to scams and fraud is that made up of those who are desperate to adopt a child. * Fraudsters and fakes of all kinds know to choose the most vulnerable and trusting people as their victims, which makes their crimes heinous, and also makes their crimes possible in the first place.
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Nov 21, 2014

Great piece on the power of traffic stop/search data w/r/t charges of police bias:

Nov 21, 2014

“We literally as a city did not even diagnose the problem until now.” - de Blasio re: the mentally ill at Rikers

Nov 20, 2014

Someone has to make this a TV movie // A Tabloid ‘Fake Sheikh,’ Bane of Crooks and Royalty, Finds He’s Now the Story

Nov 20, 2014

For Juvenile Records, 'Justice by Geography' - new at @PacificStand on the patchwork of states' rules on expungement:…

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