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Life in Squares review: ‘absurd, beautiful characters in a ridiculously golden world’

Jul 28, 2015

Agree fully with @LucyMangan on Life in Squares - 'very, very good'. Loads of posh shagging. And lovely lampshades.

Drinking as much as you like is one of the key benefits of being middle-class — Many years ago my father had to go to Sir Ralph Richardson's house to deliver a script. "Ah, dear boy!" cried the actor, as actors do. "Come in! Would you like a drink?" Answering in the affirmative, my dad was ushered into the dining room and seated at one end of the long, polished table.

Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners review: ‘a vivid picture of the spread of slavery profits through the British economy’ — David Olusoga's two-part documentary Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners (BBC2) concluded last night by following the money. The money in question was that paid to the slave owners to compensate them for the loss of their human property when slavery was finally officially abolished in 1834.
Jul 23, 2015

My @guardiang2 TV review, incl Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners. Roll up! Get yer daily dose of BTL racism here! FFS.…

Bored to Death review - the hipster event horizon — Related: Your next box set: Bored to Death Bored to Death is back on Sky Atlantic, after a long wait for UK viewers, for its third and final season.

Imagine: Toni Morrison Remembers review - proof of a divine being — Toni Morrison makes me believe in God. She makes me believe in a divine being, because luck and genetics don't seem to come close to explaining her. It's as if someone or something just kept ladling talent, wit, wisdom, grace, beauty, dignity, eloquence, clarity of thought, passion, intelligence and anything else customarily doled out only in meagre spoonfuls, and had no one around to say: "That would do, you know, mate."
Jul 15, 2015

My @guardiang2 TV review of last night's Imagine...with Toni Morrison, and The House That £100K Built…

Rock’n’roll America review - the gospel truth about a music revolution

Why I love living in Suburbia — "A young Apollo, golden-haired, Stands dreaming on the verge of strife, Magnificently unprepared For the long littleness of life." More fool him, I always thought on reading Frances Cornford's words on Rupert Brooke. More fool him. I was prepared, you see. I lived in the suburbs with my parents.

Limitations of statues: Bill Cosby is not the first to have his likeness removed — As if the poor man hasn't suffered enough, with all these women who keep coming forward with allegations of rape and sexual assault dating back decades and now court documents being unsealed in which he admits to obtaining drugs to use on women "he wanted to have sex with", Bill Cosby now undergoes the humiliation of having his likeness removed from the Walt Disney World Hall of Fame Plaza.
Jul 08, 2015

Limitations of statues: Bill Cosby is not the first to have his likeness removed

Britain Beneath Your Feet review - ‘it really needed to dig deeper’ — I'm not sure where to begin with a review of Britain Beneath Your Feet (BBC1). It hopped around all over the place. One minute we were looking under the Shard and asking a structural engineer to confirm that the 300m building really did need foundations 53 metres deep to keep it standing (yes, it does, because it's standing in clay.

Help! The Mumil* is taking over... — A Mumil? Gwyneth Paltrow loves her lycra. Photo: James Devaney You have heard, I'm sure - though if you haven't, lucky you and please tell us where you live so that we can come and stay till all danger has passed - of the rise of the Mamil, the middle-aged man in Lycra?
Jun 30, 2015

Help! The Mumil* is taking over... *middle-aged mum in Lycra:… via @smh

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Jul 29, 2015

Did Jane imagine the original Birkin crocs had died of old age and left their bodies to handbag science?

Jul 28, 2015

.@twitter,when are u going to act against all the people threatening @CoralieAlison with rape and murder? She's been under attack for 14 hrs

Jul 27, 2015

@jondrytay You look at him looking up at the doctor again

Jul 27, 2015

Toryboy has just ruined Life in Squares for me by pointing out James Norton looks like a handsome Boris Johnson :(

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