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Why unions’ huge minimum wage win may not bring in new members — For one brief 24-hour period, unions backing an historic campaign to boost Los Angeles' minimum wage to $15 over several years pushed for one added amendment: That unionized employers be exempt from the requirement.

The big question behind protests keeping blueberries from San Francisco — Imagine this scenario for a second: With companies resisting efforts to boost pay for their lowest-wage workers, and little support for raising the minimum wage legislatively, the government decides to make up the difference with taxpayer dollars.

How Uber-type jobs are driving inequality — Whatever you call the new sector built on platforms that allow independent workers to find individual clients - think Uber, AirBnb, Taskrabbit, etc. - you'll probably acknowledge - New Zealand Herald

With victory in L.A., the $15 minimum wage fight goes national — On Labor Day last year, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti went to a celebration in a park on the south end of the city and announced what he called "the largest anti-poverty program in the city's history": boosting the minimum wage to $13.25 per hour by 2017.

How Uber-type jobs are driving inequality, and what to do about it — Whatever you call the new sector built on "platforms" that allow independent workers to find individual clients -- think Uber, AirBnb, Taskrabbit, etc. -- you'll probably acknowledge that it's got some drawbacks. While many of these app-based exchanges allow people to find work in ways that otherwise wouldn't be possible, there's mounting anecdotal evidence that those cumulative income streams don't generate enough to make a living.

The conservative case against picking on unions, courtesy of Missouri Republicans — Last week, as a sexting scandal overtook the Missouri House of Representatives, state legislators voted on one of the more contentious bills that had come before them this year: A right-to-work law that would prevent unions from collecting fees from workers they represent but who don't want to pay.

Los Angeles becomes the biggest city yet to approve a $15 minimum wage — The Los Angeles City Council voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020, up from the current $9 an hour, becoming the largest American city to set a target that has gone from almost absurdly ambitious to mainstream in the span of a few years.

Video: What every new Wal-Mart employee hears about why unions are terrible — The fact that Wal-Mart opposes unions isn't news. The company has a long history of fighting them, to the point of closing stores after employees organize. Training documents that surfaced last year showed how managers are instructed to talk to their teams about why unions are so undesirable.

The best indication of what a federal $12 minimum wage could mean for poor places comes from Puerto Rico — Over the past few years, demands for a minimum wage increase have jumped from around $9 an hour -- which seemed ambitious at the time -- to $15 an hour. Change has been rapid: The $15 minimum will eventually be law in a couple of cities, and it's headed for the ballot box in a few more.

The catch-22 of trade deals done in secret — On Thursday, after a week of wrangling, the massive trade deal with Asia known as the Trans Pacific Partnership took crucial step forward through the Senate. But it's far from out of the woods in Congress, with an even harder path ahead in the House.
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RT @jamieson: Union describes unions as 'retro-cool' [retro-coolness evaporates immediately]… cc @lydiadepillis

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