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Profile of a minimum wage worker — If the federal government ever raises the minimum wage, it wouldn't help everyone - immediately, at least. Although raising the floor reverberates throughout the wage scale, the vast majority of workers already make more than $7.25 an hour. But there were still almost 3 million people who made the minimum wage or less in the United States in 2014.

Poll: Most Americans believe fast food workers should be able to unionize — As unions become a more forceful voice in the political discourse leading up to next year's elections -- both in their fierce opposition to the White House trade agenda and as a proposed solution to rising inequality -- it's important to know what the public thinks about them.

Who actually makes the minimum wage in America today — If the federal government ever raises the minimum wage, it wouldn't help everyone -- immediately, at least. Although raising the floor reverberates throughout the wage scale, the vast majority of workers already make more than $7.25 an hour, either because they live in states that have set their own baseline higher or because their employer doesn't want to be known as sticking to rock bottom.

There may have been a poison pill in the fast-track trade legislation — Trade Promotion Authority, the legislation that is considered essential for trade deals to make it through Congress, cleared the Senate Finance Committee late last night after many hours of debate over hundreds of proposed amendments. One of them, little noticed at the time, could throw a big wrench in the process going forward.

Two years ago, 1,129 people died in a Bangladesh factory collapse. The problems still haven’t been fixed. — Reba Sikder is still waiting. In the past two years since being dragged, unconscious, from the rubble of a giant factory outside Dhaka called Rana Plaza that killed 1,129 people when it collapsed on top of them, she's been to the United States twice to appeal for restitution for the thousands of survivors and families of the dead.

Thought experiment: What if Walmart raised its minimum wage to $70,000 a year? — Last week, the CEO of a little company in Seattle called Gravity Payments got a lot of attention with a bold move in his human resources strategy: He would boost the minimum annual salary for his 120 employees to $70,000, and pay for it by cutting his own million-dollar compensation down to the same level, as well as directing most of the firm's profits back into his staff.

Maybe kids aren’t over college after all — Back in 2009, as the country emerged from recession, one trend line turned sour: Even though economic conditions were improving, fewer people were going straight to college. And it wasn't just college enrollment numbers overall that were dropping, alarming the higher education industry.

This may be the best liberal case for giving the president the authority to strike a trade deal — Last week, legislators introduced a bill that is a key part of passing the biggest trade deal of the new century. The measure, known as Trade Promotion Authority, would require Congress to vote treaties up or down without amending them.

Gawker is making unionizing look easy — Thursday afternoon, Gawker readers were presented with some startling news: The popular Web site's mostly 20-something staff is planning to join the Writers Guild of America. The post, entitled " Why we've decided to organize," came after a meeting of about 30 writers that convinced de facto leader Hamilton Nolan there was no way the decision could remain under wraps, so he might as well announce it first.

How Obama wants to help America’s poorest kids, and why it won’t be enough — Last year, we described an alarming divergence in America's poverty landscape having to do with kids: While the child poverty rate had ticked down over the past few years in urban areas, it had actually increased in rural areas.
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Apr 27, 2015

@renewoureconomy Not sure what's out there specifically on MO but these days shortages are more about pay than supply…

Apr 27, 2015

Imagining liberal brains short-circuiting over the evil Koch Industries banning the box on job applications:…

Apr 27, 2015

People are a lot less positively disposed to fast food workers unionizing than, say, factory workers.…

Apr 27, 2015

RT @CapitalInsider: The Trade Promotion Authority debate. Watch our interview with @lydiadepillis here:

Apr 26, 2015

RT @banditelli: @lydiadepillis also where is this pantry? Did they build additions to every store? Are they using the bathrooms?

Apr 26, 2015

I'm sorry, "artisan" and "mcdonalds" will just never meet the smell test.

Apr 24, 2015

Whoa RT @mitchellhirsch: 4,000 UW student employees to strike via @usatodaycollege @UAW

Apr 24, 2015

@julietlapidos Would be fascinating to see the same survey done for women! (cc: @WomansNation)

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