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Editorial Board Member — Bloomberg View
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Marc Champion is an editorial board member at Bloomberg View ( former Wall Street Journal in Istanbul, Brussels, UK and ex-Editor in Chief of The Moscow Times)

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I'm a member of the editorial board at Bloomberg View, which I joined in early 2012. Before that I was at the Wall Street Journal for 12 years, in London covering European politics, diplomacy and security; then in Brussels as deputy bureau chief for the Brussels and Germany bureaus, editing the reporters and writing about Eastern Europe; and then as bureau chief in Istanbul in 2011/12. Before joining ...

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Reuters: Putin's allies channelled billions to oligarch who backed pro-Russian president of Ukraine — Ukraine's tycoon Dmytro Firtash.© AFP MOSCOW/KYIV - In Russia, powerful friends helped him make a fortune. In the United States, officials want him extradited and put behind bars. In Austria, where he is currently free on bail of $155 million, authorities have yet to decide what to do with him.

A Peace Plan for Putin — Here's a paradox: Russia could serve its own interests by encouraging some of the territories that it has helped break away from neighboring countries to reintegrate with them. This has become increasingly clear to me after visiting Moldova, which will hold parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Russia's Project Moldova — Is Renato Usatii a Russian plot? The 36-year-old Moldovan, who made enough money in Russia to need a Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, came home in April to set up a political party, and has been running a glittering campaign for the parliamentary vote this coming Sunday.

U.S. Weapons Aren't Smart for Ukraine — Recently, I wrote from Mariupol, Ukraine, that it would be a mistake for President Vladimir Putin to attack this once Russia-friendly city. The U.S. may soon commit a similar error, if it makes a show of arming Ukraine. Some very smart and informed people, from Zbigniew Brzezinski to Steven Pifer, have argued cogently for doing so.

Putin's Big Mistake — Is Russian President Vladimir Putin losing Ukraine by stoking a war to keep it? As a new military campaign appears to be getting under way in eastern Ukraine, that's an important question. To answer it, Putin could do worse than to stop by for tea at the Makarov household in Mariupol, the region's main port and industrial center -- now threatened with attack.

British migration debate is used to push an EU exit — Two friendly European Union leaders told British Prime Minister David Cameron this week they'll oppose him if he tries to chip away at the free movement of people within the EU, even if that means Britain leaving the bloc. They're right to push back.

U.K. Immigration Debate Is Brexit Bait — Two friendly European Union leaders told U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron this week they'll oppose him if he tries to chip away at the free movement of people within the EU, even if that means Britain leaving the bloc. They're right to push back.

Turkey Joins the Big Palace Club — Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should go down in history as "the Builder" -- though that won't necessarily be a compliment. Erdogan loves construction projects -- from a planned airport that would be the biggest in Europe, to a shipping canal to rival Panama's.

Is Ukraine's Crisis the West's Fault? — Who is to blame for the crisis in Ukraine: Russia or the U.S. and Europe? A lively debate on the question resurfaced lately, but it has a vital flaw in that it fails to consider the roles of the countries caught in between.

Why Russia Is Buzzing NATO — In a single 24-hour period this week, Russia dispatched 19 combat aircraft -- including "Bear" strategic bombers -- to probe North Atlantic Treaty Organization air defenses. It also test-launched a ballistic missile in the Barents Sea, north of Sweden, that hit a target in Kamchatka in Russia's Far East.
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