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Exclusive: In His Second Term, Obama Will Pivot to the Drug War — According to ongoing discussions with Obama aides and associates, if the president wins a second term, he plans to tackle another American war that has so far been successful only in perpetuating more misery: the four decades of The Drug War. Don't expect miracles. There is very little the president can do by himself.

Donald Trump is better at social media than any other 2016 candidate — A friend challenged me the other day to write something nice about Donald Trump. Easy to do, actually. Donald Trump understands social media better than any other presidential candidate. He uses it more effectively than any other presidential candidate. Why? His id matches the id of the fora he chooses.

How 2016 Republicans are proving their impotence on gay marriage — Even in the wake of a tremendous shift in public opinion and legal rights for same-sex marriage, I wager that most Americans would still probably accept a presidential candidate who opposes same-sex marriage. After all, for all but one election in our history, we've done just that.

America's evolution on gay rights is astonishing. And for so many of us, it's personal. — When I was a boy, but more so when I was a teenager, I suffered in silence. Suffering is not a word I choose easily. But the depth of self-rejection, the unyielding pessimism about ever experiencing romantic love and finding social acceptance, the shame of isolation, the threat of exile - all that was very real.

Behind the Largest Cyber Breach in History and How to (Maybe) Stop the Next One — The near-complete compromise of nearly 18 million federal government records will go down as the worst cyber breach in history, at least until the next one. Government officials and industry consultants are "flabbergasted," in the words of one I spoke with on Monday, that Chinese intelligence operatives were able to suck out so much data without their presence being detected, especially after OPM's leaders promised immediate fixes following previous high-profile breaches.

The surprisingly uncomplicated racist history of the Confederate flag — In the wake of a horrific mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, in which a young white man with an apparent history of racism is accused of killing nine black people during Bible study at a church, many are calling for the removal of the Confederate flag on statehouse grounds in South Carolina's capital.

Carly Fiorina must prove she's more than a Hillary basher. And she's running out of time. — For months, the most trenchant criticisms of Hillary Clinton have come from an outlier Republican presidential candidate: Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Her January swipe at the Democrat - "Like Hillary Clinton, I too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe. But unlike her, I have actually accomplished something.

Blunder-mania is coming for the GOP. Can the 2016 candidates avoid the smackdown? — Republican presidential candidates have a major media problem on their hands, and it has nothing to do with partisan bias. Between the day they announce their candidacy and the night their debates begin, they will draw little to no media attention unless they blunder.

The ghosts behind Seymour Hersh's phantom conspiracy — In 1983, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a book about Henry Kissinger that included a sensational story about Richard Nixon, nuclear brinksmanship, and Vietnam. Based on sources both anonymous and named, Hersh contended that in 1969, Nixon decided to convince the North Vietnamese that he was a lunatic.

Why Democrats deserve a chunk of the blame for Baltimore's anguish — "There is something profoundly wrong when African American men are still far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms than are meted out to their white counterparts," Hillary Clinton said Wednesday.
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Jul 02, 2015

My local @7eleven knows me well enough to let me go into the supply cabinet and restock their Super Big Gulp lids.

Jul 02, 2015

RT @fred_burton: Most initial reports of any incident are inaccurate. #NavyYard

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