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Donald Trump's disruption of the Fox News debate is a political masterstroke — Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from Thursday's Fox News Channel debate was treated like a bombshell, a surprise move from a candidate who has patented the mid-week swerve. But it was entirely predictable. Trump draws attention for two reasons. The content of his pronouncements are often out of bounds, violations of the staid conventions of American political discourse.
Jan 27, 2016

Who Knows, but Marc Ambinder makes a good case: Trump's disruption of the Fox debate is a political masterstroke…

Why Donald Trump is so politically dangerous — One candidate for president of the United States has devoted decades of her life to the goal - a never-ending 30-years-long campaign for power and respect. Another adheres so strongly to a set of beliefs that he calls himself a socialist long after it's lost its cool.

The profound insecurity of Donald Trump — It is a mistake of historians and biographers to ascribe to a person one particular motive force, and then attribute every subsequent action of theirs to that personality trait. In politics, we compound this error by insisting that politicians act only or primarily because they want to get re-elected.

The myth of Donald Trump, passing fad — We live in an age of uber epistemic closure, and I think that helps explain why the political world has been torn asunder as it tries to even explain the enduring political strength of Donald J. Trump.

15 hard questions after San Bernardino — The San Bernardino massacre has produced a spasm of commentary and intense emotions, a new form of prayer shaming, a presidential speech, and, of course, naked bigotry. What it has not produced is self-reflection. When we ask ask, "When are we going to get it?"

Guns need food. Starve them — The website of Guns and Ammo, the country's most popular shooting magazine, has nothing to say about the Newtown school massacre. Not on the homepage nor in any of the five blogs, many of which are devoted to stories about politicians found with guns in their luggage (oops!)
Dec 02, 2015

From @marcambinder, in 2012: The 2nd Amendment covers guns, not bullets. Regulate bullets.…

Dec 03, 2015

Interesting piece by @marcambinder on ammunition control, an often overlooked domain in the debate about gun control…

Newly declassified documents reveal how America missed a major nuclear war scare — A freshly declassified report confirms that the U.S. intelligence community, in 1983 and 1984, gave insufficient weight to evidence that the leaders of the Soviet Union genuinely feared a surprise nuclear missile attack from the West, misinterpreted Kremlin pronouncements as propaganda, and, most critically, failed to provide warning about significant changes to Soviet military and intelligence postures in the wake of " Able Archer '83."

The Most Revealing #Wookieleaks — Perhaps the best hashtag ever, but who has time to read all those 90,000 #wookieleaks tweets? My own contribution was: "I've placed information vital to the survival of the rebellion into the memory systems of this E3 PFC." But that's not very funny. So here are the top ten, as judged by me: 1.
Oct 21, 2015

Looking at #Wookieleaks five years later, I think it’s fair to say we all got a lot better at Twitter jokes…

Oct 21, 2015

RT @tcarmody: Looking at #Wookieleaks five years later, I think it’s fair to say we all got a lot better at Twitter jokes…

The First Democratic Debate

How Hillary Clinton won the Democratic debate and thwarted a Joe Biden candidacy — The first Democratic presidential debate had one casualty: a plausible reason why Vice President Joe Biden should enter the race. That's because Hillary Clinton deftly argued that President Obama's decision to hire her as secretary of state was all that Democrats needed to know about her judgment, and that it should put to rest questions about her vote in favor of the war on Iraq and her late embrace of financial populism.
Oct 14, 2015

RT @TheWeek: How Hillary Clinton won the Democratic debate and thwarted a Joe Biden candidacy:, via @marcambinder

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Feb 06, 2016

RT @greenfield64: Respectfully but strongly disagree...he looked like a Disney animatronics android whose circuits got fried...…

Feb 06, 2016

The first time @JebBush has looked unflappable, and on an issue (eminent domain) that NH cares a lot about. #GOPDebate

Feb 06, 2016

This is Jeb's best debate so far. "How tough is it to take property from an elderly woman?" @JebBush #GOPDebate

Feb 06, 2016

RT @amyewalter: America right now: what is eminent domain?

Feb 06, 2016

Next to @ChrisChristie, @marcorubio seems small, not just physically, but in substance, too.

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