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No One Knows Whether Hillary Clinton Is Authentic — The solution to Hillary Clinton's recent slide in the polls, according to David Axelrod: Be more authentic. And, indeed, Clinton gets heaps of abuse for alleged inauthenticity. But authenticity is overrated. There may be no other word more misused by the media and by political pundits.
Sep 29, 2015

Among reasons politicians' "authenticity" is meaningless: They may have many authentic selves

Oct 01, 2015

This piece 100% captured my view on authenticity. It's a synonym for performance and some people can't perform.…

Oct 01, 2015

RT @jbouie: This piece 100% captured my view on authenticity. It's a synonym for performance and some people can't perform.…

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Trump is still king of social media — A billion dollars will be spent by major political campaigns online this cycle. The technology is... well, it's quite amazing what campaigns could do online if they were creative enough, but they remain somewhat captive to the safer instincts of conventional strategists.

Why Boehner bowed out — Well, now we know why he was so emotional yesterday. John Boehner, a devout Catholic, had wanted to see a pope address the U.S. Congress, his U.S. Congress, for 20 years. But now the pope has left Washington - and for Boehner, it would have been all downhill from there.

Scott Walker's long, slow slide — I was never high on Scott Walker's presidential chances. The Wisconsin governor gave good speeches and his record as a union-busting truth-to-power speaker in his home state was certainly attractive enough to cross the plausibility threshold. But he seemed to be unusually bad at politicking.

How Carly Fiorina broke Donald Trump's stranglehold on the GOP — First Donald Trump suggested Carly Fiorina was ugly. Tonight, reeling, he called her "beautiful." The merits of her face aside, Fiorina showed force in Wednesday night's Republican debate, disarming the brash New York mogul with a short quip, while driving the conversation with detailed policy answers on Russia and Iran.

Five Things You Need To Know Before Predicting The 2016 Election — In a different context, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called them the "known unknowns," the critical questions that must be answered in order to better forecast the results of a campaign. His campaign was a war; ours is war by other means.

10 questions I'd like Republicans to answer at the 2016 debate — Jake Tapper, the main moderator of Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate, is a fair and dogged journalist. He, and his team, have no doubt spent a good deal of time murder-boarding the interplay of 11 candidates.

What would a Donald Trump presidency be like? — Now that the press has more or less agreed that Donald Trump does actually have a plausible pathway to the Republican presidential nomination, the next logical question is whether he'd be a plausible president. The answer is yes, he would. Having spent time in the mainstream media's clutches, I still find it very implausible that he'll be elected.
Sep 14, 2015

RT @HalSparks: Wanna guess the gender, skin color and economic status of the human that wrote this "trump for pres" article?…

Let's treat Kim Davis better than she treats gay couples — Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' refusal to issue marriage certificates to gay couples in Kentucky was a sad curiosity. I felt bad for the gay couples and embarrassed for Davis. And then, after federal judge David Banning threw Davis in jail, I felt angry.
Sep 10, 2015

RT @allahpundit: “What made me steaming mad was the delight expressed by many of my own fellow travelers at [Kim Davis’] imprisonment”…

Confessions of a budding Periscope addict — If you're an enterprising book editor and want to capitalize on the latest Internet of Things iterative technology that will drive someone absolutely bonkers in an entertaining and hopefully not tragic way, I recommend that you check out the cadre of would-be broadcasters who use Periscope, Twitter's new live video broadcasting tool.
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Sep 27, 2015

Is the Papal visit sponsored by Draft Kings too?

Sep 25, 2015

RT @handrewschwartz: Superb, just released Episode 1 of "Brzezinski on the World" where @zbig discusses China & Russia's global role http:/…

Sep 25, 2015

Surprising, not at all shocking. And poignant that he wanted the Pope's address to be his coda.…

Sep 23, 2015

In other @APStylebook news, ghosts will no longer be called "gravity deniers."

Sep 22, 2015

RT @drvox: My new post: Hillary Clinton’s opposition to the Keystone XL is a huge victory for climate activists…

Sep 22, 2015

RT @cencio4: Latest imagery shows 28 Russian aircraft (12 Su-24s, 12 Su-25s and 4 Su-30s) in Syria

Sep 22, 2015

Really cool stuff. Get those glasses! I think VR will surge in about six months.…

Sep 22, 2015

If previous practice holds, the @secretservice code name for the Pope is "Halo."

Sep 19, 2015

RT @RonBrownstein: CNN/ORC poll: 54% of @realDonaldTrump voters, 47% Tea Party backers, 43% R's believe @POTUS is Muslim @CNNPolitics

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