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Syrian family adjusts to life in America — GREENSBORO, N.C. -- President Obama on Thursday appealed to the generosity of Americans, asking for online donations to help Syrian refugees. So far, just a few have re-settled in the U.S., after waiting a long time for clearance. Like many Syrians, Chadi Rustmo's family home was destroyed by the Assad army, leaving him only memories.

ISIS relying on smuggling antiquities to fund terror — ISIS funds itself, in part, by looting Syria's ancient treasures. On Tuesday, CBS News got the first look at ISIS' own records which were scooped up in a raid by U.S. special operations forces. When ISIS financial kingpin Abu Sayyaf was killed by U.S.

UK's last detainee, Shaker Aamer, to be released from Guantanamo — Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has approved the transfer of Guantanamo detainee and British resident Shaker Aamer, who has been held at the facility since 2002. The move follows a thorough review of Aamer's case, which took into consideration assurances from the British government, once he is in its custody, security around Aamer will be robust.
Sep 25, 2015

RT @CBSPolitics: UK's last detainee, Shaker Aamer, to be released from Guantanamo @MargBrennan @PaulaReidCBS

Cubans hope reopening of U.S. Embassy leads to new life — HAVANA, Cuba -- Friday's flag-raising at the newly reopened American Embassy in Cuba was a moment filled with symbolism and a crucial step in changing U.S.-Cuban relations. The tiny nation just 90 miles from Florida remains an island stuck in the past but with big dreams for its future.

God's love poured out in bread and fish — We Catholics understand the importance of food. Our faith is centered around the Eucharist; the consumption of Jesus' body and blood. But while the Eucharist is a Sacrament that causes God's grace to manifest here on earth, other meals can be little eucharists as well.

Americans who fled Cuban dictatorship want back what was left behind

Aug 13, 2015

RT @CBSNLive: With dawn of restored US-Cuban relations, some Cuban American exiles are seeking reparations:

Aug 13, 2015

RT @CBSEveningNews: Americans who fled Cuba when Castro came to power want to reclaim their property. @margbrennan reports:

Aug 14, 2015

RT @CBSEveningNews: Americans who fled Cuba when Castro came to power want to reclaim their property. @margbrennan reports:

Charlie Hill, American harbored by Cuba, fears winds of change — HAVANA, Cuba -- As Fidel Castro's communist revolution fades into the history books this week, one former American radical is still fighting here in Havana. "I still consider myself to be a revolutionary," he said. Charlie Hill is a black nationalist accused of murder and hijacking. He has eluded U.S.
Aug 13, 2015

RT @CBSNews: In Havana, @margbrennan has an exclusive interview with an American fugitive protected by Cuba

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ISIS militant who held Kayla Mueller captive won't be charged in U.S. — The Islamic State militant who held American hostage Kayla Mueller captive will not be charged in the U.S. for her crimes. Nasrin As'ad Ibrahim, also known as Umm Sayyaf, had been held by American military interrogators since May, after U.S. Special Forces captured her during a raid in Syria.

U.S. and Turkey want "safe zone" in northwest Syria along border but US still rejects formal no-fly zone — WASHINGTON -- The U.S. and Turkey are considering carving out a portion of northern Syria to become a haven or de facto safe zone for refugees and Western-backed rebels. However, the U.S. is adamant that any joint efforts will not include the imposition of a militarily enforced no-fly zone.
Jul 27, 2015

US & Turkey agree "safe-zone" needed in northern #Syria, @CBSNews rpts; more US involvement?:

Jul 27, 2015

Obama Admin definitively rules out imposing a no-fly zone in #Syria & leaves details of 'safe zone' murky #ISIS

What's in the Iran nuclear deal? — VIENNA, Austria -- Secretary of State John Kerry praised the agreement between six world powers and Iran on its nuclear program as "a lifetime deal" Tuesday. In an interview with CBS News, Kerry said that the deal has components that extend well beyond the decade-long freeze on its nuclear program.
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Oct 08, 2015

RT @John_Hudson: It's easy to forget that Syria isn't the only train & equip mission Obama authorized. US diplomat Victoria Nuland --> http…

Oct 08, 2015

RT @costareports: "But on Thursday, Boehner personally asked Ryan (R-Wis.) to run for speaker over two long phone conversations."

Oct 08, 2015

RT @costareports: Per R who spoke w/ Ryan today: "He understands what's necessary." Said he wasn't given a yes or no, but said Ryan sees "gravity" of moment

Oct 08, 2015

RT @costareports: "If it becomes clear to him as it is to so many others, that he's first among peers, he may do it." Bill Bennett, close Ryan friend, to WaPo

Oct 08, 2015

RT @JeffFager: President Obama questions Putin’s involvement in the Syrian conflict in Sunday’s @60Minutes interview

Oct 08, 2015

.@JohnKerry had a 30 min call today w/ Lavrov about US "concern" that "proponderance" of Russian missiles aren't directed at #ISIS in #Syria

Oct 08, 2015

RT @BarakRavid: Netanyahu: We need to work together (With Abu-Mazen) to calm down the situation and we would like to get the PA's cooperation for that

Oct 08, 2015

RT @WeTakeRefuge: Want to learn more about the #refugeescrisis? Panel w/ @syriacham, @margbrennan & more, 10/14. Register:…

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