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UberPuppy is exactly why cab companies are getting crushed — Sure, there's a long and rather obvious list of reasons Uber is the runaway supernova of "disruptive" startups: the ridiculous convenience, the easy-to-use app, the freedom from having to carry cash or credit cards, the easy price tiers, the unlimited number of potential drivers on duty at a given moment, the fact that the cars (and the drivers) generally don't smell like rotting squirrels and the seats aren't mysteriously sticky and the vehicles are generally not driven by sullen, embittered gnomes who are about as happy to see you as an sledgehammer to the kneecaps.
Feb 02, 2016

UberPuppy is exactly why cab companies are getting crushed

Kanye vs. Trump: Who tweeted it best? — Sexism! Racism! Bigotry! Pot acronyms! Baby daddies! Strippers! Misogyny! Titanic egos! Slut-shaming, celeb-bashing, opponent-trolling! Also: shameless lying, false contrition, calling everyone 'lazy' and 'stupid' and a 'loser' and a 'bimbo,' and then chuckling, or sneering, or shrugging it off and basking in the collective recoil. Anal play! Can you tell them apart?

The abject horror of Mark Zuckerberg’s closet — Warning: The images and logic exposed herein are as chilling as they are heartbreaking. Take care. Shop wisely. That billionaire supergeek Mark Zuckerberg dresses like a neglected doorknob, is not news.

19 rejected slogans for Coca-Cola’s new global ad campaign — From AdvertisingAge: Coke Replaces 'Open Happiness' With 'Taste the Feeling' in Major Strategic Shift Global CMO Marcos de Quinto Ushers in New Era, Explains Why Long-Running Campaign Is Over Not mentioned in article: The 19 other slogans Coke's marketing team rejected in favor of the oddly creepy synethesia that is "Taste the Feeling."
Jan 20, 2016

“Like Marlboros for your small intestine,” and the 18 OTHER rejected slogans for Coca-Cola’s new global ad campaign…

Music review: Variations on Elizabethan themes - well played by a consort of viols — The Arcadia Viols performed a concert of 17th-century music Sunday at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Hadley before an audience that filled the church. The consort of viols, which is associated with Arcadia Players, consists of five viol players, supplemented by Christopher Kendall, lutenist; Ian Watson, harpsichordist; and Mary Hubbell, soprano.

Congratulations! You just won the Powerball jackpot! Here’s 25 things to buy — After a rather massive tax bite, that record $1.5 billion Powerball prize will net you about $500 million, give or take (and mostly take). What could you possibly spend it on? How about:
Jan 13, 2016

Congratulations! You just won the $1.5B Powerball jackpot! Here’s 25 things to buy

Jan 13, 2016

150 tons of cocaine? 250,000 human skulls? 25,000 contested divorces? What will YOU buy w/ your Powerball winnings?…

Forbes endorses LSD: Is the end near? — Is this how we know? Is this a sign that the Great Shift is nigh, that a glimmering New Age of feral creativity and unquenchable universal love is finally upon us? Probably not.

Read a book! Smart people live longer — Sort of obvious, right? Not exactly breaking news? Makes perfect sense, this new report from the World Health Organization? Of course it does.

The smartest thing you’ll read this year — No, really - this has become one of the must-reads of the year, every year since its inception back in 2000, not merely for the digiterati, but for anyone interested in (profoundly wary, but also) ferociously erudite, blessedly troll-free discussions of technology, current events and social megatrends as they affect, inspire and decimate this, the endlessly doomed/furiously hopeful human experiment.

Music review: Berkshire Bach achieves sheer perfection in concert — Berkshire Bach celebrated its 25th season with a concert of 18th-century music Saturday at the Academy of Music in Northampton. The group is professional, and every one of its members could be a soloist if called upon, as many were in this concert. Kenneth Cooper directed from the harpsichord.
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Feb 07, 2016

Farewell and good riddance from SF, Super Bowl bloat and garish spectacle, with your Homeland Security assault...

Feb 05, 2016

What has more calories, fat and sodium than a McDonald’s Double Big Mac? A McDonald’s “healthy” salad, of course…

Feb 05, 2016

Bernie Sanders earns coveted “spastic bass player who’s also named after an insect” endorsement.…

Feb 05, 2016

Wages are up, unemployment at 8-year low, 13 mil now have health insurance. I blame Obama.

Feb 04, 2016

@clarajeffery Clara? Calling HearstCo a “taste-maker” is like calling Monsanto a “flavor innovator.”

Feb 02, 2016

And thus did Iowa fall back to its normal position as the 2,927,054th most interesting thing on anyone’s mind at any given time.

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