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Can those wearing a niqab vote in an election where the niqab's a hot issue?

macleans.ca — Alongside some questions about what partisan scrutineers can and cannot do, part of Election Canada's online "frequently asked questions" about behaviour at polling stations reads like something ripped from a "First World problems" webpage. Can I use my smartphone? (Yes, but don't be disruptive.) May I share a photo of my ballot?
Oct 07, 2015

CPC has made niqabs and voting an issue before, tho curiously not in #elxn42. Women can vote dressed as they wish macleans.ca/politics/ottaw…

Price of admission: The true cost of running for election

macleans.ca — A federal campaign has rolled into its ninth full week for its first time since the 1970s, en route to the longest campaign since the 1870s. A multi-partisan array of candidates have quit or been pushed out because their past remarks or actions spurred micro-tempests for parties that didn't need larger storms. But last week was the first case where one tapped out mid-race because of burnout.
Oct 03, 2015

Price of admission: to make a serious run in this election, you'd likely have to forgo 1/5 of your 2015 income. macleans.ca/politics/ottaw…

Oct 05, 2015

The long run, and its toll: How many #elxn42 candidates can afford to go without income for 1/5 of the year? macleans.ca/politics/ottaw…

Oct 06, 2015

RT @MacleansMag: Being a candidate is a full-time job that, increasingly, takes an enormous personal and financial toll: ow.ly/T0kV9

Tom Mulcair's awkward Alberta problem

macleans.ca — As much as NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has tried to prevent the mythical Angry Tom character from emerging in leaders debates, Snarky Tom has shown up a few times. His Munk Debates quip against Justin Trudeau-"I leave the pomp to you, Justin"-not only got a goodly number of guffaws, but had the added benefit of largely overshadowing the Liberal attack that Mulcair was interrupting.

Guy talk: Why are the Conservatives' latest ads so male-dominated?

macleans.ca — "Of course I worry about the economy," a middle-aged woman says. Then, the men take over the Conservative party ad. An elderly man with an Irish lilt calls the cost of NDP promises, "huge." A younger man worries about following the downward slide of other countries.

The summer's over for Alberta's NDP. How about the honeymoon?

macleans.ca — As her black SUV approached the festival gates, Premier Rachel Notley was nervous. The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is her favourite weekend of the year-four largely distraction-free days of music, family and conversations with friends in the beer garden or on low-slung lawn chairs.
Sep 23, 2015

RT @justinCgio: "These new guys don’t really golf." @markusoff on Notley's NDP as the summer ends and governing awaits macleans.ca/news/canada/th… #abelg

Sep 23, 2015

.@markusoff really knows how to set the stage for a story. Is the honeymoon over for Alberta's NDP? macleans.ca/news/canada/th…

Sep 24, 2015

New, from me: How much will Notley's NDP change Alberta and how much will Alberta change them? macleans.ca/news/canada/th…

Sep 25, 2015

RT @justinCgio: "These new guys don’t really golf." @markusoff on Notley's NDP as the summer ends and governing awaits macleans.ca/news/canada/th… #abelg

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Prince Albert: Canada's political city of champions

macleans.ca — As MPs went around the table for introductions at the last Parliament's first Finance committee meeting, Randy Hoback indulged in a little name-dropping."My name is Randy Hoback. I'm the member for the great riding of Prince Albert, home of John G. Diefenbaker and a few other prime ministers," the Saskatchewan Conservative said.
Sep 21, 2015

Was told Prince Albert CPC candidate was willing to talk for this election feature: but only after the election. macleans.ca/politics/ottaw…

A debate on the economy, etc.

macleans.ca — This was a debate on the economy, and pipelines, and refugees, and anti-terrorism laws, and the appropriateness of pot jokes that contribute imperceptibly little to Canada's gross domestic product. And amid all the Globe and Mail debate's flurry of topics and ventures off-topic, the leaders also had 85 precious minutes to repeat as many attack points as they could against their two rivals.

Stephen Harper returns home. But is Calgary still where the heart is?

macleans.ca — It's hard not to blame Stephen Harper for having exhausted himself, and everyone else in Canadian politics, by Day 44 of this election campaign, his prerogative and fault that it stretches 34 days longer.
Sep 16, 2015

RT @markusoff: Harper was in Calgary in July, and predicted CPC majority. He's back, scrapping to survive: macleans.ca/politics/ottaw… pic.twitter.com/jMme2Sf6NI

Sep 17, 2015

The new guy @markusoff on Harper in Calgary: "Whatever comes, Harper’s approaching it with balled fists." macleans.ca/politics/ottaw…

Sep 17, 2015

RT @InklessPW: The new guy @markusoff on Harper in Calgary: "Whatever comes, Harper’s approaching it with balled fists." macleans.ca/politics/ottaw…

Sep 17, 2015

RT @InklessPW: The new guy @markusoff on Harper in Calgary: "Whatever comes, Harper’s approaching it with balled fists." macleans.ca/politics/ottaw…

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The end of MacKay days in Nova Scotia

macleans.ca — After so many years of exodus, the young men and women are coming back this year to Pictou, Guysborough and Antigonish Counties. They're coming home because the oil jobs have dried up in Alberta. "Now they're coming back, and it's nice to see them back.
Sep 12, 2015

RT @MacleansMag: The end of MacKay days: A family’s 44-year political dynasty comes to an end in Central Nova: ow.ly/S8bBR pic.twitter.com/sgsgHw2Bma

A tale of two Alberta rallies

macleans.ca — To give Tom Mulcair's rally speech that little extra contemporary zing on Thursday night, his speechwriters sprinkled in a quip about the Conservative leader's whereabouts. "I noticed Stephen Harper was in Prince Edward Island today. Apparently he was looking for Mike Duffy's residence," he told the Edmonton crowd.
Sep 11, 2015

Two rallies, one city: Justin Trudeau in Edmonton, and why Alberta's orange wave may not be Mulcair's to ride. macleans.ca/uncategorized/…

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Oct 09, 2015

RT @TelegramJames: Series sure is shaping up to be a helluva Cinderella story for the Rangers tho, eh?

Oct 09, 2015

RT @Lazin_Ryder: Now a citizen, Ishaq removes her veil to reveal she was Breathless Mahoney the whole time

Oct 09, 2015

The Jays are leading the playoffs in almost-HRs. What Donaldson said.

Oct 09, 2015

Passed by 6 or 7 people standing at window of downtown restaurant, watching Jays on big screen. In Calgary. #cometogether

Oct 09, 2015

My goodness, someone asked Notley if she would run for Mulcair's job if he loses. Then he asks if she's having turkey for Thanksgiving?

Oct 09, 2015

Notley: I've learned that if you have a message, you have to repeat it not twice but many times. Little new in her Chamber speech.

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