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Microsoft lays out its security plan for a mobile-first, cloud-first world

techrepublic.com — Information technology, through wireless networks and the Internet of Things (IoT), enables people, enterprises, and devices of all kinds to interconnect and communicate like never before. But that instantaneous communication also creates security vulnerabilities on a scale like we have never seen before. In a keynote speech at a security conference in Washington D.C.

Five key facts about how Windows 10 search works

techrepublic.com — The search box is a prominent feature in Microsoft Windows 10. It is that large rectangle in the lower-left corner of your Windows 10 Desktop. If you are an old guy set in his ways, like me, you may not use that search box much, but some users swear by it.

Free PowerPoint add-in offers integration with Facebook and Twitter

techrepublic.com — On November 5, 2015, the Wildfire group in Office announced the release of Social Share for PowerPoint. The add-in was developed as part of Microsoft's Garage program, which encourages developer innovation and outside-the-box thinking. Social Share allows you to share PowerPoint presentations with anyone and everyone using the common social media apps Facebook and Twitter.

Five Windows 10 privacy settings that have been falsely vilified

techrepublic.com — The headlines scream: " Microsoft's Windows 10 is a privacy nightmare," " Windows 10: Privacy Nightmare and Known Solutions." Even TechRepublic got in on the promotion of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) in the early going: " Windows 10 violates your privacy by default, here's how you can protect yourself."

Microsoft and Red Hat partnership: Flexibility for enterprise hybrid cloud solutions

techrepublic.com — On November 4, 2015, Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Microsoft, announced that Microsoft and Red Hat had formed a partnership that would bring more flexibility to hybrid cloud enterprise environments. Specifically, the partnership allows cloud products running under the Linux operating system to integrate with Microsoft Azure.

Surface Book: Microsoft just made the PC cool again

techrepublic.com — The latest line of Microsoft Surface personal computers is now available from both the virtual and the bricks-and-mortar Microsoft Store. By most accounts, the Surface Pro 4 and the flagship Surface Book offer impressive performance without sacrificing style or that illusive awe factor typically missing from PCs in general.

Google may be declaring war against Microsoft and Office 365

techrepublic.com — According to an August 2015 report, Microsoft Office 365 has surpassed Google Apps and now controls more than 25% of the enterprise market-triple the enterprise market share the company held just a year ago. That is some serious growth and it hasn't gone unnoticed by the folks at Alphabet (aka Google).

Windows 10 shares your files with the internet... here's how to turn it off

techrepublic.com — If you are one of the millions of users who have upgraded to Windows 10, you are likely to be very familiar with the Windows update process. Microsoft updates Windows 10 when it needs to be updated. It's part of Microsoft's master plan and is generally a good thing.

Microsoft buys Havok and looks to dominate a virtual reality future

techrepublic.com — On the outside chance that you haven't heard it from the rest of the technology press yet, let me be the first to tell you that the "next big thing" in technology is virtual reality. If you believe the hyperbole, this time next year we will all be wearing ridiculous VR headsets and living our lives inside a wondrous virtual reality universe.
Oct 21, 2015

Microsoft buys Havok and looks to dominate a virtual reality future tek.io/1GTKPLW via @techrepublic

Microsoft drops the ball: Access 2016 not included in Office 365

techrepublic.com — Microsoft believes we are living in a mobile first, cloud first world, which sounds good, I guess, but what does that really mean in a practical business setting? The answer may surprise you, especially if you rely on Microsoft Access and you fail to choose your Office 365 subscription very carefully.
Oct 14, 2015

Microsoft drops the ball: Access 2016 not included in Office 365 tek.io/1LNGhyh via @techrepublic

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