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#CureFSHD: The Inspiring Stories Behind the Campaign — In 2014, researchers discovered that facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) affects more individuals than previously thought. This disease causes a progressive loss of all skeletal muscle, where weakness is usually noticeable across facial, back and upper arm muscles. The prevalence of this rare and incurable disease, FSHD, is now 1 in 8,333 people.

Make Golf Easier — Can you name a sport where the practice isn't more grueling than the competition? Wrestlers train hours for bouts that last six minutes. A few sets of downs is nothing to a football team that works out twice a day.

Undercover Tour Pro — I watch a lot of golf on TV. Every locker room on tour has big, comfy leather chairs and flat-screens. Having a quiet place to chill out away from the crowds and media is nice, but more important, I can learn things that make me more money that week.

You Say You Want A Revolution? : Golf Digest — The French City Pro Tour recently converged on Nice for the Nissa StreetGolf Pro Championship, or Nissa Street Golf Contest, depending whom you ask. Jerseys were stitched, the name of one team won't be printed in this publication, many bières followed cheers, and in the end, Le 19ème Trou (The 19th Hole) captured the trophy.

Undercover Tour Pro — I'm 29. I'm in good shape but too skinny to be any ideal of male beauty. Back in college, at bars, I never felt like a magnet for attention. Walking down a beach with my shirt off, the only reason females ever look twice is to marvel at the severity of my golf tan.

The Short Game Explained — To most golfers the short game is a mystery. Whenever we take a significant break from playing, it's these little shots that usually acquire the most rust. Figuring them out again is tough, because there are so many ways to experiment with technique.

Think Young, Play Hard : Golf Digest — We grew up in a nice neighborhood. My family belongs to Guadalajara Country Club, which had golf, tennis, horses, swimming, soccer, everything. I had a tight group of friends and we'd go seven days a week. I saw her rise to No. 1 from both sides, winning on TV and working out at our club at 6 a.m.

'We Double Dog Dare You' — So you have a dog. You know you're a real bastard each time you leave for a four-hour round after a 10-minute walk (or even no walk), but hey, that's golf. With most starters you'd have better luck wearing Borat's bathing suit and playing out of your friend's bag than getting permission to bring your pooch along.

Undercover Tour Pro — Fans might be surprised how businesslike the vibe is on the PGA Tour. Guys with families rent homes and leave the course like it's the office. A lot of single guys go to dinner almost exclusively with their coach, caddie or agent. Each player is like the CEO of his small company.

Swag On Tour : Golf Digest — There was all the free stuff back when I was playing mini-tours? This portable speaker would've made a nice replacement for the blown ones in my old Nissan, but now I fly first-class to tournaments, sometimes private. Often I'm not home for three- and four-week stretches, and so the boxes pile up: iTunes gift cards, iPads, picture frames, random electronics.
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Mar 25, 2015

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"The Secret Life of Cart Girls." Fantastic investigative journalism by our own @kalevins

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"Under the Midnight Sun" is about playing in Iceland. Funny story by @Oliver_Horovitz with jaw-dropping photos.

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How wearing a blindfold, jumping up and down and other crazy antics will actually make golf EASIER.

Feb 04, 2015

Super model RT @Cheyenne_Woods: Fun photo shoot on the track, they had me sweating out there today!! #Golfdigest

Feb 03, 2015

This golf course has had less than 1000 rounds in 7 years, and now anyone can play it.

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