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The Woman Not Called During the Clarence Thomas Hearings

rollcall.com — Angela Wright Shannon (Photo courtesy of Ms. Shannon) CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The political theater that put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, and Anita Hill and the issue of sexual harassment in the national conversation happened in 1991, but the recent HBO movie "Confirmation" rehashed those debates.

Life Before and After Getting Tossed from Trump Rally

rollcall.com — Rose Hamid, who was ejected from a Trump rally. (Photo by Mary C. Curtis.) CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On a recent afternoon, Rose Hamid sat at a table at one of the busiest business intersections in the city's center, sharing information about her faith and handing out copies of the Koran in English and Spanish.

Even Hillary May Not Find Bill Clinton So Charming Anymore

rollcall.com — When President Bill Clinton was winning two elections and presiding over economic boom times, his "Slick Willie" nickname highlighted a penchant for wanting to play all sides to stay on top.

In North Carolina, LGBT Bill is Political and Personal

rollcall.com — CHARLOTTE, N.C. - It doesn't take much to re-brand a state. Ask North Carolina. Here's the formula: Have the general assembly call a special session to pass a law that revokes an LGBT-anti-discrimination ordinance approved by the state's largest city - plus throw a few other restrictive goodies into the package.

Christ Is Risen, But Campaign Discourse About Faith Has Fallen

rollcall.com — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Friday, March 4, 2016. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) Fewer Americans are flocking to religion, but you wouldn't know that from the current presidential election cycle. The politics of Washington are on pause for Easter break, but the campaign trail does not relent.

'Calm' Obama Weathers GOP Storm Over Terrorism

theroot.com — Sometimes, even when I suspect that he knows it will hurt him, President Barack Obama does not follow the script. The evening of the day when terrorists struck in Belgium, the president and his family attended a Major League Baseball exhibition game in Cuba.

North Carolina, Explained

rollcall.com — UNITED STATES - MARCH 10 - Attendees watch a video before Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes the stage at a campaign event at Hillside High School in Durham, N.C., Thursday, March 10, 2016. The North Carolina Primary vote is next Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

New York GOP Freshman Has Confidence In Trump

atr.rollcall.com — Some congressional Republicans are skittish about the idea of Donald Trump at the head of their ticket this fall, but not first-term New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin. Trump "would annihilate" Hillary Clinton in his suburban New York district if he's the GOP candidate and Clinton is his Democratic opponent this November, Zeldin said Tuesday.

How Will History View Those Who Would Erase Obama From the Books?

blogs.rollcall.com — Here's an easy prediction to make: The historic election and two-term presidency of Barack Obama will provide endless material to future academics, journalists and commentators. Many books will be written examining every aspect of the first African-American president's campaigns and years in the White House, with few agreeing on anything except the fact that President ...

Trump and Christie: A Brash Buddy Movie

blogs.rollcall.com — Whether the presidential race just got a lot more entertaining or frightening is the question. In true "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" fashion, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed New York billionaire Donald Trump in the race to be the Republican nominee, and Florida Sen.
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