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Picking One’s Battles — Assertive behavior is positively associated with trait extraversion and negatively associated with trait agreeableness. Are introverted and agreeable people simply unable to be highly assertive? Global assertiveness is, we argue, influenced by more than one interpersonal ability; it is affected by the ability to show high assertion but also by the ability to show low assertion.

Regine Francois Chooses Columbia After 11 Ivy League College Acceptances : — Megan McCarthy/The Guadalupe Center 05/04/2015 AT 10:15 AM EDT Growing up as a Haitian emigree in Immokalee, Florida - one of the poorest communities in Florida - Regine Francois was determined to make a life for herself through her education.
May 04, 2015

#SWFL girl accepted at 11 colleges including three Ivy League schools. She's going to Columbia:… #Impressive

May 20, 2015

Immokalee High School student accepted to 11 Colleges – Including 3 Ivy Leagues… via @People @509HopeCircle

May 20, 2015

RT @NDN_PFisher: Immokalee High School student accepted to 11 Colleges – Including 3 Ivy Leagues… via @People @509HopeCircle

Low gas prices could bring high December auto sales — December U.S. auto sales - spurred by discounting, low gasoline prices and rising consumer optimism - are expected to cap a strong 2014 and serve as a springboard for another year of robust sales in 2015.

The smart car gets even smarter — Like Oz in the Emerald City, engineers at Nvidia , based in Santa Clara, Calif., are working to give the next generation of automobiles a brain capable of understanding the world around it.

Drones to speed up construction — Christian Sanz isn't shy about the impact his drone company could have on the construction industry. "We can take in $2 billion from just the construction industry alone," he says. "One job site could cost a company a few billion dollars. If you can shave a few days off their costs, it's huge."

Cable-less elevators — Here's an elevator pitch: What if we could rethink the way we travel between floors of a building? ThyssenKrupp bills its Multi concept as the most radical industry shift since elevators' debut in 1854. Instead of cables, magnetic levitation technology helps shuttle people from place to place, allowing for multiple carriages in the same shaft and the ability for carriages to move horizontally, not just vertically.
Jan 03, 2015

RT @FortuneMagazine: What if we could rethink the way we travel between floors? Presenting cable-less elevators

A tiny technology to brighten skyscrapers — The technology that makes for a brighter display on your smartphone is primed for a revolution in the next five years-one that will also make it cheaper and more practical for businesses to illuminate their commercial office buildings. There's one problem, though. Fixtures using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology cost thousands of dollars each.

Shape the Future: Wave energy — The WITT energy harvesting unit (short for Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer) shows that even in our digital age, there's room for improvement in old-fashioned mechanics. WITT devices operate on the same principle as a self-winding watch-but instead of a single pendulum, their twin sickle-shaped weights swing horizontally, rotate vertically, and twist around an axis, sending energy through a central gearbox into a linear flywheel.

John Carmack sees all — It's been a banner year for Oculus VR thanks to Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of the virtual-reality company. CTO John Carmack, best known for programming the iconic videogames Doom and Quake, joined just in time for the rush. We spoke to him about what's next for the immersive technology.
Dec 29, 2014

We interviewed John Carmack, the DOOM legend and Oculus VR CTO, in the January 2015 issue of Fortune. Heck yes:…

The new news cycle — Step 3: The website writes the story. The "reporter" may even call around and speak to a few additional quote monkeys who catch her drift and know that they must play along with the premise if they want to be quoted in this widely tweeted digital extrusion.
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Dec 01, 2015

@ProfJeffJarvis can't wait until Elon Musk's hyperhover loopboard comes on the market.

Dec 01, 2015

Yes, it's normal for radiators in old NYC buildings make noise, but _why_ do they make these clanking sounds? What process causes it?

Nov 29, 2015

RT @buzz: New HGTV show idea: "How the Hell Did These People Make Their Money?"

Nov 28, 2015

The most brilliant detail of The Man in the High Castle are all the monorails.

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