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Why Is Brookings Pushing Scammy Annuity Products?

dagblog.com — On Saturday morning, a Tweet from Brookings caught my eye. It suggested " Longevity Annuities " would be a great solution to the post-pension problem of longevity risk. This is such an unbelievably bad idea that my first thought was that some insurance company had corrupted Brookings.

Reclaiming a Feast of Family, Individualism and Creative Expression (And Finding Calm)

dagblog.com — October is a stressful month for both my husband Mike and me, as each of us is haunted by profound tragedies that occurred in our lives before we met. It doesn't get easier with each passing year, and as October creeps into our lives so do our separate legacies of loss.
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The End of QE and the Bret Easton Ellis Era of Monetary Policy

dagblog.com — Second, we now know that central banks are not limited by the zero bound on interest rates. Even as the Fed contemplated tapering its QE program (it began shrinking it in December 2013) the Bank of Japan embarked on its own, in concert with Japan's government.

Review: The Death of Klinghoffer

The Ebola Virus - Save yourself by being a Real American

dagblog.com — Or take vaccines. Today, Big Pharma and its band of paid science monkeys say that multiple diseases and ailments have been wiped out due to childhood vaccines. But important Hollywood people like Rob Schneider - who was in the movie "Jack & Jill" - have stated that vaccines cause autism, mind control and various other ailments.

The Nobel Committee Takes on Corporate Power

esquire.com — Lately, Jean Tirole has been working to connect the dots between large financial institutions and indebted countries during financial crises. Here's what he's found: A negative feedback loop between bank balance sheets and the public coffers of their home countries has caused financial fragility.

Open Mikes: The Maiello-Orion Dialectic Strikes Again!

dagblog.com — Here is my latest dialectic with Michael Gural Maiello. I thought this one was a bit interesting because, unlike the others, we were in disagreement over something - this time being the debate between Ben Affleck and Bill Maher and Sam Harris over Islam, which got pretty heated.

shannybasar: Fine, Thanks by Kate Tempest

tumblr.com — shannybasar: Fine, Thanks by Kate Tempest - I have become addicted to her poetry since coming back to England. Can't wait for her new book

Telephony Data and Other Intelligence Failures| Michael Gural-Maiello

storyclubmagazine.com — Your iPhone always knows where it is, but you don't always. Your cellular service provider always knows where your iPhone is. But you don't always. The National Security Agency and various other...
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Nov 26, 2014

RT @mirandamuseum: @MichaelMaiello @joshtpm If he does quit the force, he can try for a job as a hack screenwriter for a direct-to-video production company.

Nov 26, 2014

RT @MauryCompson: To any of my followers who don't have a place to go tomorrow for thanksgiving I'll be spending mine with my beautiful family. My wife is hot

Nov 26, 2014

@joshtpm Great piece. The words Wilson puts in Brown's mouth remind me of the words Zimmerman put in Martin's. Hackneyed thug dialogue.

Nov 25, 2014

RT @NeilAWeinberg: 'FBI Files: Hedge Fund Analyst Made Millions on Tips From Insider' commenter's idea: email should be backed up by NSA bloom.bg/1xSkht1

Nov 25, 2014

If Ferguson were Syria, there would be very serious American commentators arguing for arming "carefully vetted" protesters.

Nov 24, 2014

RT @wordlust: Don’t bring Scrooge McDuck to a Howard the Duck fight.

Nov 24, 2014

@jayrosen_nyu I think requiring links is a step too far. The writer should have freedom to build the narrative experience, including links.

Nov 24, 2014

As I said at the time, Hagel never should been been appointed #SecDef. Obama blundered an opportunity to appoint an able Democrat.

Nov 23, 2014

RT @friedrichsays: A subject for a great poet would be God's boredom after the seventh day of creation.

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