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Credit Default Swaps: Weapons of Mass Disclosure

"Ooh, that’s a nice fish,...

michaelmaiello.tumblr.com — wtfevolution:"Ooh, that's a nice fish, evolution.""Oh, thanks! I'm pleased.""What is it called?""This one's a pearlfish.""Lovely. And what does it eat?""Little invertebrates, that kind of thing.""Delightful. And where does it live?""Inside the anus of a sea cucumber.""Oh, for Christ's sake.""What? It's a fine place.

Morality Tale Economics

dagblog.com — David Brooks and Ross Douthat are both singing the same tune about Robert Putnam's work on income inequality -- They believe that the tribulations of poorer Americans are caused as much by a breakdown in the culture as by a lack of money.

How WalMart Fooled The World

dagblog.com — We are going to see several southern states object to AP History courses in the public high schools. They are not happy with history that don't cover American exceptionalism and their version of history. This also ties in with the common core battle.

Walmart’s Wage Hike Still About Greed

thedailybeast.com — With much fanfare and platitudes like, "our people make the difference," WalMart has achieved a public relations coup by granting quite meager raises to its employees. The headlines make the $277 billion (market cap) company look quite generous as it has raised its starting hourly wage immediately to $9 an hour, which is 19% higher than the prevailing federal minimum wage.

god i love han solo so...

The Things We Leave Undone While We Sweat The Small Stuff

dagblog.com — In this country millions of children are going hungry. There are as many reasons as there are hungry children, but not a single one of them is the fault of the child. This year's count puts the homeless at nearly 600,000. Many of them are our veterans, come home from wars with wounds that won't heal.

Woody Allen's Progressive Legacy Is Worth Saving

dagblog.com — Allen's work typically is informed by psychology, sociology and philosophy. Broadly speaking, those all are aspects of politics, so while Allen is not an explicitly political filmmaker or writer, his work adds up to a political worldview that should appeal to secular progressives.

Woody Allen's Progressive Legacy Is Worth Saving

talkingpointsmemo.com — Woody Allen's critics see his continued achievements as an affront. The chorus calling for his banishment from social influence has grown louder since last year, when Dylan Farrow wrote publicly about her sexual abuse allegations just as Allen received a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes.

Bitcoin Could Make Zimbabwean Currency Look Like a Beacon of Stability

thedailybeast.com — The World Economic Forum in Davos is the new Time magazine of conferences, influential but always late to the party. If something was edgy, pressing or groundbreaking years ago, Davos is on it now. In 2013, our prophets of profits tackled systemic risk in complex, interconnected systems. Last year, the Masters of the Universe got hip to climate change.
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Mar 28, 2015

RT @nealpollack: Reasons my Jewish Boyfriend Is Like A Dog 1. He drinks water from a bowl. 2. He licks his balls in public. 3. He yells at the mailman.

Mar 28, 2015

RT @nealpollack: Reasons My Dog Is Like A Jewish Boyfriend: 1. He is lactose intolerant. 2. He's read "Raid On Entebbe." 3. He believes in the Jewish God.

Mar 27, 2015

“Hero Absorbs Major Damage” by Charles Yu, recommended by Electric Literature and Genius -... tmblr.co/ZeYGJy1gvRSBy

Mar 27, 2015

Can't wait for the first person to drop their phone in the toilet while tweeting on a watch.

Mar 26, 2015

RT @JRHavlan: the problem with people who have a shitty sense of humor is they all mistakenly believe they have a great sense of humor. #Conservatives

Mar 26, 2015

RT @IFCCenter: HENRY FOOL hasn't shown on 35mm in NYC in years. See it Tue w/ Hal Hartley, Thomas Jay Ryan & Parker Posey in person! http:/…

Mar 25, 2015

The Detective Novel That Convinced a Generation Richard III Wasn’t Evil newyorker.com/books/page-tur… via @newyorker

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