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The Connor Brothers: An exclusive interview

telegraph.co.uk — The men behind the Connor Brothers, Mike Snelle, left, and James Golding PHOTO: Nigel Shafran Oddly, perhaps, none of the owners of the galleries where they have shown, or the buyers of their work, has had the opportunity to meet or talk with the Connor Brothers - at least, knowingly.

Joe Bonamassa remembers opening for BB King in 1989

telegraph.co.uk — This picture was taken the first time I met BB King, backstage at the Rochester Lilac Festival in upstate New York, where I'm from. I was booked as BB's opening act. It was the biggest crowd I'd ever played for up to that point - there were 4,000 to 5,000 people in the tent.

Peter Thiel: the billionaire tech entrepreneur on a mission to cheat death

telegraph.co.uk — Thiel, whose net worth is reported to be $2.2 billion, is Silicon Valley royalty, and a singular figure even in that rarefied world.

Leonard Cohen: 'For me to commit suicide or OD would be ... unbecoming'

theguardian.com — The poster outside Bristol's Colston Hall announced the appearance that evening of "The Poet of Rock and Roll". Inside a girl takes photographs of the road crew setting up equipment on stage - for an art project, she explains. She really wanted to photograph the concert, so she'd scrimped, saved, begged and borrowed enough to buy a couple of tickets.

Michael Palin remembers dressing up as Gumbys with his wife's neurosurgeon

telegraph.co.uk — I was in Sarawak in Borneo, and we'd been filming upriver, where the Iban people live. We got back to the hotel and there was a message to say that my wife, Helen, had rung, and could I ring back as soon as possible.

Pantanal: The activists fighting to preserve Brazil's pristine wetlands

linkis.com — Intensive farming, deforestation and pollution have left the vast Pantanal wetlands in Brazil under threat

Pantanal: The activists fighting to preserve Brazil's pristine wetlands

telegraph.co.uk — Jabiru storks swoop over the Pantanal, whose survival depends on an annual pulse of floodwater that submerges 80 per cent of the plains. PHOTO: Anastasia Taylor-Lind The Pantanal, which covers an area estimated at between 54,000 and 75,000 square miles, is located on the borders of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, with 80 per cent of its area falling within the central western Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.

Somerset Maugham and the guru

telegraph.co.uk — When in December 1937 Maugham set off for India, on the journey that would plant the seed of The Razor's Edge, he was furnished with introductions to wealthy maharajas from his Riviera neighbour the Aga Khan, but his steamer trunk was also laden with books on Hindu philosophy and L D Barnett's translation of the Upanishads.

Is it all over for the album?

telegraph.co.uk — The proliferation of music on the internet is a wonderful thing. There is more music of any type and period now available - and at the touch of a finger - than at any time in human history. Looking at my collection stored on my computer, I could press random play and listen to music for 13.5 days without interruption.

Victor and Lilian Hochhauser: exclusive interview

telegraph.co.uk — 'What do you mean "may be"?' Victor's voice is rising. 'We're gaining two now?' Lilian ignores the interruption. 'Great-grandchildren we have 22. They were twins, the last two.' She pauses. 'There may be 23.' 'Twenty-two, 23,' Victor says, shrugging. 'You shouldn't count children.' 'And why not?' 'Because they're all individuals...'
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Oct 18, 2014

@charlieparrish sympathies, Charlie. Horrible feeling we'll go down by the same with Hangeland playing

Oct 17, 2014

Sexual politics eats itself @edwest: Transgender Woman Can’t Be Diversity Officer Because She’s a White Man Now m.nationalreview.com/article/390425…

Oct 15, 2014

RT @mattkmoore: NUS rejects motion condemning ISIS on grounds that it's 'Islamophobic'. Beyond parody tab.co.uk/2014/10/14/nus… (via @Jamie_Merrill)

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