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Another Little Piece of My Heart: My Life of Rock and Revolution in the '60s by Richard Goldstein, review: 'a curate's egg'

telegraph.co.uk — The Monterey Pop Festival in California, 1967 (PHOTO: Time and Life Pictures) Goldstein's press pass gave him unparalleled access to the important events and actors of the period. He writes interestingly about the Monterey Festival and San Francisco's summer of love. But his encounters with rock's aristocracy are invariably disappointing.

Matthias Schoenaerts interview: 'I think cautious is boring. I want to be bad'

telegraph.co.uk — Tough-guy roles softened by a vein of bruised, clumsy gentleness, in both Bullhead and Rust and Bone, signalled a formidable physical presence, an actor who used his body as an instrument. For Bullhead he bulked up his usual 14st 2lb to 16st 4lb with intense weightlifting and copious amounts of fast food.

Living goddesses: Isabella Tree on the young Nepali girls believed to embody a deity

telegraph.co.uk — 'At night you could see her,' Tree says, 'this little figure, running past her windows in a red dress. And then you hear the stories - that she can see into the past and future and everything that goes on in the present; that she has the power to cure illnesses, but if she looks at you and smiles you'll die within the day.

The Old Etonian who rolled with the Stones

telegraph.co.uk — Works by all of these artists and more are included in A Strong, Sweet Smell of Incense, a new exhibition at the Pace Gallery in Burlington Gardens, London, celebrating Fraser's place in the art world.

Whiplash: the cult of the drummer

telegraph.co.uk — His hero is Buddy Rich, by general consensus not only one of the greatest drummers in the history of jazz, but also the most ill-tempered. Rich had a reputation for splenetic temper tantrums, one of which was once captured by a member of his band on a widely circulated tape.

Luise Rainer on Hollywood's golden era

telegraph.co.uk — Photographs of Luise Rainer as a Hollywood star show a gamin beauty, with soulful eyes and rosebud lips - a face to stop hearts. "I was nobody to make a pass to," she says. "I was very thin like a boy and I was very un-sexy." But this is dissembling.

Angelina Jolie: 'Many times I haven't wanted to watch my movies at all'

telegraph.co.uk — In 1943 another plane in which he was flying crashed into the sea. Eight members of the crew died. Zamperini was trapped underwater in the wreckage, but somehow floated free.

Bhopal gas disaster: the legacy lives on

telegraph.co.uk — Twenty-five years since lethal gas escaped from the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, killing thousands and injuring hundreds of thousands, the poison still lingers. Mick Brown travelled to India to meet the victims of the world’s worst industrial accident who have not given up the fight for compensation, justice and their lives.

Nick Drake: the fragile genius

telegraph.co.uk — Not long before his death, Drake went into a recording studio. Such was his condition, his lack of equilibrium, that he was able to record only four songs. Heard now, they have the ethereal quality of the last breath of a dying person captured on glass.

Manson: the Life and Times of Charles Manson, by Jeff Guinn, review

telegraph.co.uk — Manson was 5ft 4in and softly spoken, but prison had given him the skills to manipulate people, and an uncanny knack for nosing out the vulnerable. Using a pitch cobbled together from Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People ("Begin in a friendly way..."), half-digested scraps of Scientology and the hippie platitudes of the day, he began to gather a following, scavenging food out of rubbish dumps and living on drug deals.
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Mar 28, 2015

Another Little Piece of My Heart: My Life of Rock and Revolution in the '60s by Richard Goldstein, via @Telegraph telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/…

Mar 25, 2015

@stanyanfan49 Not a promise honoured, I'd guess. Want to see the Diebenkorn - like the images I've seen, but not familiar with his work

Mar 25, 2015

@stanyanfan49 @mickbrownwriter Yes, the art was great, but the ephemera was very evocative. Fascinating to explore the connections

Mar 23, 2015

RT @Buddhism_Now: Take a trip back to 1865 Japan with these marvellous Buddhist photographs wp.me/pFy3u-2it

Mar 20, 2015

@stanyanfan49 is fascinating on that era. Some Cammell ephemera on show there

Mar 20, 2015

@stanyanfan49 Yeah, Cammell's a sorry tale all round, really. Don't know if you live in London, but the Robert Fraser show at Pace Gallery..

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