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Tiger Woods on How He Explains His Divorce to His Kids

gq.com — Tiger Woods is turning 40 later this week and to mark the occasion he opened up to Time about his injuries, his contemplation of retirement, how he measures himself versus Jack Nicklaus (not to mention up-and-comers like Jordan Spieth and Jason Day), and more. It's a juicy, satisfying read.
Dec 03, 2015

How Tiger Woods explains divorce to his kids: "Daddy made mistakes..." gq.com/story/tiger-wo…

New Dad Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Give Away 99 Percent of His Facebook Billions

gq.com — Young, first-time dads have a tendency to make big decisions like switching jobs or buying a new home. But if you're Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, what kind of big, life-changing move can you make? The answer, it turns out, is to pledge 99 percent of your wealth-some $45 billion according to today's market value-to charitable endeavors.
Dec 01, 2015

The Chan Zuckerbergs celebrate the birth of a daughter by pledging stock worth $45B to charity. gq.com/story/new-dad-…

The Most Effective Argument Against Gay Rights

gq.com — By all accounts, 2015 has been a watershed year for gay rights in America. In June, the Supreme Court affirmed a Constitutional right to marriage in a landmark 5-4 decision. Elsewhere, Caitlyn Jenner's very public coming out has placed the trans experience squarely in the national conversation-as have pop cultural milestones like the Amazon series Transparent and the forthcoming The Danish Girl starring Oscar incumbent Eddie Redmayne.
Nov 05, 2015

Now we know what shape the backlash against LGBT rights will take. bit.ly/1kdruB9

Nov 05, 2015

RT @mikehofman: Now we know what shape the backlash against LGBT rights will take. bit.ly/1kdruB9

The Best and Worst James Bond Ski Scenes

gq.com — In the new James Bond film Spectre, out November 6, Daniel Craig hits the slopes for the first time as Bond. Craig reportedly took skiing lessons to prepare for this, his fourth Bond film. Many of his predecessors also acted their way down slopes on skis-though few looked as menacing as Craig, whose cinder-block torso looks right at home in this fitted, midnight-blue ski suit.

Young Bill Gates Was an Angry Office Bully

gq.com — Microsoft founder Bill Gates turns 60 today and most of the coverage has focused on his ground-breaking work as a philanthropist, promoting public health and other important causes throughout the world. But the soft, cuddly Bill Gates of today hardly would be recognizable to veterans of the tech industry who either worked for-or competed against-Gates during his prime company-building years in the late 1980s and 1990s.
Oct 28, 2015

Bill Gates turns 60 today; here's a @spolsky anecdote on what it was like to work at MSFT during the glory years. gqm.ag/1GxMVXo

Oct 30, 2015

As A a Young Man @BillGates Who Turns 60 Today Was an Angry Office Bully gq.com/story/young-bi…

Olympic Skiing Champ Gus Kenworthy Comes Out

gq.com — U.S. Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy, who won a Silver Medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia in 2014, has come out as gay on the cover of ESPN. An aggressive competitor, he told the magazine that, after coming in second, he decided to go for the No.

Former Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld Auctions His Sun Valley Estate for At Least $20 Million

gq.com — For Dick Fuld, it's another example of the old motto "easy come, easy go." The former CEO of Lehman Brothers-widely credited as one of the architects of the financial collapse that led to the Great Recession-has sold off his Sun Valley, Idaho home for at least $20 million.
Sep 18, 2015

For sale: the $20 million summer home of the Lehman CEO behind the financial collapse, barely used gq.com/story/for-sale… via @mikehofman

Sep 18, 2015

See pix of the Sun Valley home Dick Fuld just auctioned for $20M gq.com/story/for-sale… via @GQMagazine

Serena Williams Demonstrates Why It's Not a Good Idea to Ask a Woman to Smile

gq.com — Here's a thing that men apparently do with some frequency, and that infuriates many women: We condescendingly ask them to smile or, relatedly, ask them why they are not currently smiling-or tell them they would look prettier if they smiled. Writers for The Atlantic , and xoJane have covered this topic in the past.
Sep 10, 2015

RT @GQMagazine: Something guys routinely say that (rightly) pisses women off every time they say it gqm.ag/1Ogi3vq pic.twitter.com/M412rSM47t

The Marketing of the War 2003

inc.com — Inc.'s former executive editor Jeff Seglin discusses 'selective marketing' in the context of Bush's use of discredited intelligence to sell the war in this NY Times...

'The Fall': The 'True Detective' Fix You Won't Get from 'True Detective'

gq.com — For the entirety of its short existence, True Detective has been an acquired taste. But just three weeks into its sophomore season, the show seems to be dividing even its most loyal viewers, if puzzled reactions on Twitter-and a score of 48 percent on Rotten Tomatoes-are to be believed.
Jul 14, 2015

My pick for what to watch if you're feeling like you need a new show: gq.com/story/true-det…

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RT @MattBellassai: honestly this is the biggest act of charity Beyoncé has ever performed what an angel

Feb 07, 2016

I see Chris Martin's style inspiration for today is Punky Brewster.

Feb 06, 2016

@ezramechaber Even if he were a *normal* rich person, it's fairly awful.

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