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Former Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld Auctions His Sun Valley Estate for At Least $20 Million

gq.com — For Dick Fuld, it's another example of the old motto "easy come, easy go." The former CEO of Lehman Brothers-widely credited as one of the architects of the financial collapse that led to the Great Recession-has sold off his Sun Valley, Idaho home for at least $20 million.
Sep 18, 2015

For sale: the $20 million summer home of the Lehman CEO behind the financial collapse, barely used gq.com/story/for-sale… via @mikehofman

Serena Williams Demonstrates Why It's Not a Good Idea to Ask a Woman to Smile

gq.com — Here's a thing that men apparently do with some frequency, and that infuriates many women: We condescendingly ask them to smile or, relatedly, ask them why they are not currently smiling-or tell them they would look prettier if they smiled. Writers for The Atlantic , and xoJane have covered this topic in the past.
Sep 10, 2015

RT @GQMagazine: Something guys routinely say that (rightly) pisses women off every time they say it gqm.ag/1Ogi3vq pic.twitter.com/M412rSM47t

The Marketing of the War 2003

inc.com — Inc.'s former executive editor Jeff Seglin discusses 'selective marketing' in the context of Bush's use of discredited intelligence to sell the war in this NY Times...

'The Fall': The 'True Detective' Fix You Won't Get from 'True Detective'

gq.com — For the entirety of its short existence, True Detective has been an acquired taste. But just three weeks into its sophomore season, the show seems to be dividing even its most loyal viewers, if puzzled reactions on Twitter-and a score of 48 percent on Rotten Tomatoes-are to be believed.
Jul 14, 2015

My pick for what to watch if you're feeling like you need a new show: gq.com/story/true-det…

The Most Batshit of the Mad Max Movies Turns 30 Today

gq.com — By now, you've probably seen Mad Max: Fury Road, the feminist, dystopian Tom Hardy-Charlize Theron romp that some are calling the best movie of the summer. But have you seen any installment of the original Mad Max trilogy? 1979's Mad Max, 1981's The Road Warrior, or-perhaps most importantly-1985's Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, which turns 30 today?

5 Ways GQ.com Just Got a Little More Handsome

gq.com — You know that feeling when you glance in the mirror the day after getting a haircut and think, Man, do I look good? GQ enjoyed the digital version of that vibe this morning.

A Slew of Happily Married Men Are Taking Over Your Facebook Page

Jun 26, 2015

RT @GQMagazine: A slew of happily married men are taking over your Facebook feed—and it's a beautiful thing gqm.ag/1e8RdXD pic.twitter.com/8e7j2hoZBy

That One Time I Almost Lost a Super Bowl Ring

gq.com — An odd piece of trivia: Members of both of this year's Super Bowl teams have had a hard time keeping their hands on their Super Bowl rings. (Or should I reverse that and say they have a hard time keeping their rings on their hands?)
Jan 30, 2015

That one time @GQmagazine's @MikeHofman almost lost another man's Super Bowl ring gq.com/blogs/the-feed…

Oct 09, 2015

"Now relax your hips." That's right: It's Friday night at GQHQ and @samschube is coaching staffers on how to hoverboard.

Oct 09, 2015

The part of the Venn diagram where @GQmagazine overlaps with @FoxNews is bigger than you may think! gqm.ag/1Qej0n2 via @drewmagary

Oct 07, 2015

A lot of dead beefcake in ep 1 of #AHSHotel. Promising start, I guess?

Oct 07, 2015

The woman in front of me at Starbucks is named Felicia and the barista ladies are queening out saying Bye to her.

Oct 06, 2015

I was at a meeting and missed a GQHQ visit from @jacelumley, who was apparently having an especially good hair day. Sadness.

Oct 05, 2015

RT @nxthompson: What the hell happened in the Texas biker-gang shootout? Seems no one really knows. #longreads ow.ly/2bvA0a

Oct 05, 2015

This act of journalism is both enterprising and kind of a millennial nightmare scenario. bit.ly/1VzNKpf

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